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I Don't Know What I'm Doing Giveaway (Steam Keys from Coin Shop)


I would be betting on fishing line spools, but I am not a fashion expert.



I don’t even know if any of them will run, but I’ll take Death Fungeon.


@delenn13 That is pure nightmare fuel… But you’re not wrong.

@Amyrakunejo PM has been sent. Have fun punching your monitor and maybe some drywall as you play.

Ok let’s see who’s next in being forcefully recruited to repair and renovate my couch fort…

@SensaHuMuR Your entry has granted you a choice of a single prize from whatever’s remaining on the list shown in the opening post! How will you be fixing the plumbing in my fo… I mean what game do you want?


Lol, are those eyeballs real? They can’t be :joy:


I am deeply honoured by your letter assignment @K16 and promise to take good care of it as long as I live… so which one was it!?

I’ll pick Potatoman Seeks the Troof pleef. Thanks for one final Coin Shop game!

Oh, and I’d gladly check out your plumbing - just say the word! XD

P.S.: You used that letter, didn’t you?


That’[] fine. Turn[] out my couch fort doe[]n’t actually have plumbing di[]appointingly enough.

I did indeed a[][]ign you a letter, and a[] []uch, I am unable to u[]e it anymore. It didn’t have anything to do with the giveaway, but I incorporated letter[] anyway for the purpo[]e[] of making di[]qualified people feel involved, yet later UNdi[]qualify because my rule[] are incredibly broken. And I’m pretty []ure UNdi[]qualify i[] a word…

Anyway []en[]aHuMuR, a PM has been sent to you with your prize. Congratulation[] again and enjoy!

Ok []o now who i[] nex… Oh crap. Nobody’[] left.

I got Glorkian Warrior: The Trial[] Of Glork and Rex: Another I[]land. @delenn13 you want them for your[]elf or to add to your exi[]ting giveaway? Or @M00 you want them becau[]e cow[] rule moooooo?


Glorkian Warrior was actually the last Coin Shop game I picked up with my leftover coins (one of only 2 choices remaining at the time in a suddenly depleted Coin Shop after you emptied it out :wink:) but I don’t have Rex: Another Island, so I’d be happy to give it a good home.

And if you aren’t going to tell me what my letter was, just []ay []o!


:smiley: ty @K16 but I’ll pass atm; rly appreciate it though

i don’t know what to do with my backlog as is, and ever since @Gnuffi gave me American Truck Sim in his last giveaway I haven’t been able to play anything else at all, which doesn’t even make sense cuz that game rly feels like yr working, but apparently somehow i rly would’ve loved to become a trucker and build out a trucking empire cuz i rly can’t help myself and actually have to control myself to not go trucking instead of actually doing my frikkin irl job :sweat:


My exi[]ting giveaway i[] over. You took the la[]t key. []orry


Uh oh… Now I’m REALLY screwed.

Hmm… Okay, SUDDEN DEATH!!!

…Uh… Hmm… Erm… @delenn13 pick somebody in here to auto-win. I’m okay with repeat winners, but you pick. I see one is already interested in a key. But you determine everyone’s fate now. Because I said so. Also you get the liability of upsetting those who don’t win as well. Woohoo!

Also I seem to have repaired my keyboard. I don’t know what you’re all doing with those square brackets. And now back to my nap in my comfy not at all safe couch fort.


Apologies for the double post, but @delenn13 has contacted me, and now I have an idea as to what SUDDEN DEATH will actually be! … It will be nothing that @delenn13 suggested, because I’m a mean person.

First off, Glorkian Warrior: The Trials Of Glork will be tossed into the Game Hole, into the vacuum of confusing memes. Also it will be used by somebody at the other end of said Game Hole.

As for Rex: Another Island? Two of you want it (one requested by PM), so I’ll be cruel to you both! Also I’m bored.

WE’RE PLAYING MASTERMIND! (oddly delisted on

To the two candidates, I will private message you both to forcibly participate. What you will do is play it under Hard difficulty, and you will play until your FIRST victory (I have a set of tools to determine if you’ve done repeat playthroughs.*)

Take a screenshot (I suggest the Snipping Tool/Snip & Sketch), and upload it into your private message to me (Discourse is awesome to allow image uploads here). I will reward the Steam key to whoever performed better. What am I looking for? That’s for me to know.

And with the two Steam keys privately resolved, I will be ending this giveaway. Thank you everyone for thanking the staff, and farewell Coin Shop! Enjoy the rest of your day.

*No I don’t.


You are a very wicked, evil man.You want me to install FLASH on this laptop???

I am A NOID!!! Very A Noid!



Yessum. Also be glad I’m not forcing you two to play Avoid The Noid for DOS. That game requires prior knowledge or a strategy guide to win.




Fine, the final Steam key goes to @SensaHuMuR, but because this fine member of the community is also a glutton for punishment, I have given an encrypted Steam key that can’t be used until I PM a decoder.

To get this decoder, @SensaHuMuR must play The MasterMind Game (because I really want this game played) until the fewest possible # of tries/shortest time has been attained (try as much as you want). Once you think you have something you’re happy with, post here with a screenshot. I will have two tries to do better and will post both attempts.

From there @delenn13 will judge whether @SensaHuMuR will get the decoder or not, because I hate her for giving me nightmare fuel so I’m forcing a mod to do this, and clearly ignoring where I really belong in the pecking order. If anyone else tries to beat @SensaHuMuR, you will win a bonus prize of absolutely nothing, because the giveaway ended some time ago and you somehow forgot.



Challenge accepted! The objective is a bit fuzzy to me though - am I aiming for least tries or shortest time or do I get to choose one of the two?


Never mind - I got lucky. This looks good on both fronts!!
If you beat this in 2 tries, you can offer the key up as a prize to have other gladiators face off for your twisted pleasure!


Tried it for fun and this was my first try lol, time would have been a lot shorter except i kept messing up the controls

First round: 2 right in right position, 2 right in wrong position
Second round: (switched 2) 4 right in wrong position
from there the solution was obvious
Can i get my absolutely nothing please @K16?


Ugh… no matter how lucky I get, there’s always someone luckier! Oh well, as long as it’s not an opponent who’s the lucky one, I suppose I should be thankful.
And yeah, those controls take a while to get used to.


Oh I was being vague on purpose, because that’s for delenn13 to decide muahahahah! I’ll give my 2 attempts to beat you in a questionably unclear fashion soon (I’m thinking this weekend).


Damn it shipping is HOW MUCH?! … Fine, a rewarded prize is a rewarded prize.