I Don't Know What I'm Doing Giveaway (Steam Keys from Coin Shop)

Update: Giveaway has concluded. Thanks for the good times Coin Shop! It was a good run!

With the final Coin Shop games released, and us chaotically flooding the site like Walmart on a Black Friday, we grabbed our games and poured out our bags of Chrono coins.

Except for me, the next question is… Now what? I’ve been freeloading for a while, and taking advantage of all sorts of freebies from the community and from Chrono.gg. So, I figured I could try doing a giveaway myself. Problem is, I have no idea how to do a good one, so I’ve decided to do a cringeworthy job and take cover after the made up on the spot contest ends.

From the Coin Shop I am offering the following games:

  • Potatoman Seeks the Troof
  • Robin Hood: The Legend of Sherwood
  • Death Fungeon
  • Glorkian Warrior: The Trials Of Glork
  • Rex: Another Island
  • Uurnog Uurnlimited
  • X-Morph: Defense
  • 8-Bit Hordes (Not from the Super Send-Off 'Stravaganza, but I should probably sweeten the pot a bit, so this is added.)

No Moon Hunters, because I claimed it myself as a selfish jerk.

So the way I’m going to fail at this would involve the following complicated rules:

  1. Post here and say something nice to anyone from Chrono.gg. A compliment or thanks to anyone who is employed at Chrono Inc. and try to be a little more meaningful instead of “Thanks bro gimme freebie.” Like why did you pick this person? This includes pets, but excludes advisors/investors. (Tom Hanks/Nate? Who in the whatnow? …)
    Chrono.gg - One game. One amazing deal. Every day at 9AM Pacific.
    I suggest you pick somebody who reads/posts in the forums so they can actually see it.

  2. Wait until… I don’t know? 2 weeks? 3 weeks? A month? 1 week? 57 hours? I’m too dumb to know how to set a good deadline so it’ll be whenever I feel like it, or believe there’s enough interest in here to bother closing off entries.

  3. When this mysterious day actually comes (probably never), I will randomly pick people (I’ll assign people a number and then use a random number generator). First winner gets first pick on the list, second winner gets the next pick, etc.
    (One key per winner. So the last winner is stuck with the final prize.)
    I’ll post here on who won and tag them in, and that’s when the winner will post here on their choice. Then I’ll PM the Steam key.

  4. The Steam key will be encrypted and will require you to contact me as I give you directions on where the Japanese American Ninja Warrior Rip-Off With A Slip & Slide TM obstacle course is.

  5. You are given 5 business days to arrive at the course, where I will be waiting for you. Upon your arrival, I will officiate your attempt to pass the course as referee. The first winner of the group of first winners to complete the obstacle course will be given a USB key.

  6. With that USB key, you are to use it on your computer, but you must contact me by Discord, where I will challenge you to Rock Paper Scissors (you must supply your own webcam and one for me as well by ordering online on Amazon to my PO Box).

  7. After 17 consecutive wins against me in Rock Paper Scissors, I will give you the password to unlock the locked USB key, which then has an app in the USB key to decrypt the Steam key for you to enjoy your prize.

  8. Ignore steps 4 through 7 as they have nothing to do with this giveaway and I successfully wasted your time making you read that wall of text trash.

  9. There isn’t a Step 9…

So… Hopefully this will end well. I have no idea and I’m already preparing my couch fort to take cover in, before the impending trainwreck with random dumpster fires arrives.


I like the final boss dog lol. Thank you for everything that you did for chrono Poeseph Arbuckle Reese! And thank you for the giveaway!


Not entering I have all those…BUT!!!


JK. If you need help, scream :scream:


This was awesome to read, greater than the prize itself.

Even if I told the story before, I want to thank Earnie because he was awesome to me. Long ago there was this “I am not a Monster: Complete Edition” game in the coin shop, and it turns out the dev split the game into base + DLC and I got the DLC without even having the base game to apply it on. I was sad because I spent all my coins at that time. Sent a support ticket with super low expectations, I ranted there, like I was entitled to the full game, even tho I shouldn’t have as it was free anyway. Earnie was such a comrade about this situation that he offered me to pick any game I wanted, even from older stocks. I did not deserve this, honestly. He was probably getting alot of tickets at the time, and still he went out of his way to please a freeloader. As sad and pissed as I was, Ernie’s reply reminded me that I must always aproach situations with humbleness. He gave me Sniper Ghost Warrior 2, a game way better than the one I got before. Like I said before, i’ll never forget that. @Ernin8t0r <3
Also I want to thank dusty, as he surprised me with a copy of Seven: Enhanced Edition, I was so glad I got that and probably he has access to any game he wants so I can’t repay him the same way, but man, I am super grateful for that gesture. You didn’t have to man, yet you did it. @dusty <3
Lastly, I want to thank the staff for making this coinshop possible, I got some pretty neat gamesies from it, for free, which in this day and age, even if its pixels, its not easy to come by. Much respect for y’all!

From the last batch, I missed X-Morph: Defense and Moon Hunters, so I’d like X-Morph: Defense :slight_smile: Thank you for this giveaway and for the fact that you thought about saving some games for others that missed the last batch. Cheers!


I will strongly consider this screaming offer. For now, I am still constructing my very unreliable yet cushy couch fort.


So, @delenn13 is not a Chrono employee? My world is shattered


I’m not entering, but i did want to mention some of the nice things ppl have done for me here:

  • one of the chrono staff (wouldn’t exactly call them “staff” though, but that’s all i’ll say about that) actually gifted me 3 months of Humble Monthlies back in the day when i expressed my frustration at Humble not accepting my payment possibilities for that. They did so anonymously so I’ll keep it that way. Till this day I cannot express how insanely awesome that was, and I still hardly can believe someone would do something like that.
  • chrono has at least twice gifted me a game for free when i was unable to buy it “cuz something broke” (not even talking about coin shop games here but actual daily deals)
  • someone advised me regarding my CV and helped me “adapt it for modern times”; i got a job relatively soon afterwards
  • countless ppl have gifted me games here, some publicly, some anonymously, some for me, some for my kids
  • someone here bought me a whole year of Humble Choice, allowing me to repay them with steam games over the long term, while immediately granting me forgiveness in case i would be unable to repay them for whatever possible reason just to put my mind at ease
  • someone here bought minecraft for my kids allowing me to repay them in Steam games
  • etc. there’s probably a bunch of other stuff i forgot about

No. I annoy ALL for free :star_struck::sunglasses::heart_eyes:


As much as I’d like to finger someone, I don’t really know them that well…
So, as entering is out of the question, I’ll just keep my ChronoLove inside :purple_heart:


Entering for 8-Bit Hordes.

I guess I’m relatively new here in the forum to be connected with the stuff and I haven’t had a single issue that needs me to contact one, which says how amazing this platform is.:yum:

Given what I have experienced, I can see @Ernin8t0r posting daily deals with funny “stories” (thank you @FacianeA) from time to time. So I would say thank you for the posts.:laughing:

After all, I would like to express my gratitude to all the staffs that made this platform available as we got not only freebies from the coin shop but also a lovely community here.:grinning:

My bad, how could I forget about saying thank you to @K16 for hosting this giveaway as well.:joy:


I’m not entering, but I’d like to thank the Chrono community, in general, for being such a great community. Seriously. You guys are legit nice and I was very shocked when I found y’all.

Secondly, to all the giveaways people are always doing. I haven’t seen any consumer-based community that hosts giveaways so often. You are so generous!

Then, I just want to thank the members who have gifted me games just because they thought I’d enjoy it, or it was on my wishlist. I will keep you anonymous in case you don’t want to be called out. It is such a thoughtful gesture, and a surprise like that would make anyone’s day. I think it’s amazing not for the game but the thought and that a stranger would give something away like that.

I love this place :sunflower:


Alex (@FacianeA) does the “funny stories”; @Ernin8t0r is in charge of posting the info.


Me neither, that’s why I thanked the dog. I think that was the only way to enter for me haha


I will Finger someone so @SeekerSupreme can enter.(if that’s OK?)

I always get a laugh out of those little game snippets/stories that @FacianeA writes. @Ernin8t0r has helped a few friends…just lately @sewcraftyme so she could gift me a game :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I know @RaccoonV, @lonin, @frst, and @dusty have given me games and other stuff. Plus the staff sent me flowers when Mr. Delenn was in the hospital. And they have provided us(the forum) a nice safe playground to be in while the world is on fire at the moment. A big thanks to ALL for that. Plus I have been given many a games “just because” from so many of the members of this forum. It’s amazing what we have here. I approve this post :heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation:


Mom has spoken. You must ALL approve this post. (hee hee)


Guys… to be honest, I mostly just wanted to be a part of this delightful thread and add to the appreciation, but I guess If you venture into a nice place, nice things are bound to happen:D

Thank you @delenn13 :heavy_heart_exclamation:


Just updated my post. Thanks Delenn :beers:


Ah, sure, why not, I’ll give it a go, hueueueueue…

A kind thank-you to @KittiBear for giving me a Steam key to one of my wishlisted games (sadly it won’t run but that’s how things go).


Thanks to cronnies here that gave me awesome stuff’s like @Danacscott and @RaccoonV Thank you for the gifts! And thanks to this awesome communaty for letting me stay here! Can’t wait what will happen next with chrono!


Damn it… Fine…

As SeekerSupreme is cheating with delenn13’s help, I am DOUBLE DISQUALIFYING SeekerSupreme’s entry… Which means I disqualified the disqualification, therefore no disqualification happened, meaning SeekerSupreme is allowed and entered the contest as per delenn13’s BS regulations that suddenly existed somewhere in my list of confusing rules (don’t bother looking for it, just assume it’s there somewhere).