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I Don't Know What I'm Doing Giveaway (Steam Keys from Coin Shop)


When I read that my mind immediately went to this scene …

Fingers crossed your giveaway fares better! :smiley:


Well that just makes me double feel bad… which means I feel bad about feeling bad about it …thus I feel good, I think^^

All this joyful banter has made me remember something which has completely slipped my mind, because of the time that passed since it happened.

Years back - not long after TotalBiscuit brought me here - I had an unidentified issue using the Shop. I wrote to Chono Support, not really expecting I would get any response at all, but sure enough, a wild Zak has appeared and solved the issue straight away.
Now, I don’t know if it’s the same Zak listed on About Us (the emails I received back then were signed with a full name, which I won’t disclose, as I don’t know if this person would mind), but it only shows how great Chrono is as a Team.

…I also want to use this chance to remember John Peter Bain. I truly miss him; I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for him. And just saying this made me cry.


During that time, it’s more than likely lonin given how small their team was at the time. I believe it would’ve been the era where they had their first expansion with two additional hires? So the odds of there being anyone with a similar name are slim.


This means that one of the founding fathers answered my call for help :star_struck:
Even more impressive :purple_heart:


All right I got 5 eligible participants, 1 participant who is grateful to a member of the community, 1 person who is in shock that a certain person isn’t employed by Chrono Inc., and 4 people who didn’t enter, but one of them ordered me to qualify a participant which made it 5 eligible participants instead of 4. I have 8 keys to give out… Oh crap. I live in this couch fort now, because this giveaway is now horrendously screwed.

Anyway… I’ve assigned 5 of you numbers based on whoever entered first to whoever entered last. And then I assigned the remaining 6 of you letters of the alphabet, because I got drunk and thought it was a good idea at the time. I’m running these numbers through a sequence generator from RANDOM.ORG, while those of you with letters of the alphabet will… Chat amongst yourselves I guess, because I don’t have anything further to do with them.

The numbers are as follows:

  1. FacuBlues
  2. skunkz0r
  3. SeekerSupreme
  4. pegasusz
  5. ascherwedel

Ok let’s give this dumpster fire a spin and see who gets the first choice!

That means I will be bugging each of you for a choice in the following order (I’ll re-ask two of you if the key you wanted is claimed already):

  1. SeekerSupreme
  2. skunkz0r
  3. FacuBlues
  4. ascherwedel
  5. pegasusz

For those of you who intended to enter, do not panic. Due to a horrible oversight on my part, I still have 3 keys remaining after this. So I fully intend on proceeding after the first 5 claim their prizes. I have a questionably suspicious backup plan to deal with the remaining 3 keys and your names are still on my list to potentially reward. I also wish to stay in the couch fort for my own personal unreliable, but plushy protection.

So anyway, @SeekerSupreme , what is your game of choice from the list of 8 you see in the opening post? Just yell into the dark void of my couch fortress and I might hear you.


great choices have been made.

Cheers for the GA, I made my great choice already.


Congrats to the winners.

Successful giveaways are when you sucessfully giveaway.

PS: You should drink more. :clinking_glasses:


The fortune Fire of The Dumpster has graced me with its light^^ Thank you, @K16 <3

I would definiteli like to see those 8-Bit Hordes bashing at each other, please.

Young Superman: Mom, I want a fortress of solitude
Mom: We have fortress of solitude at home
fortress of solitude at home:


Bit late to the party and not sure if this qualifies as an entry but it’s worth saying anyway.
I’ve never needed to interact with any Chrono employee because both my daily coin spins and odd purchase have gone as smoothly as can be but I’d like to thank whichever Chrono emplloyee came up with the idea of the coin spin because it entertained my 5 year old son for a minute a day for well over a year and probably improved his counting skills as he closely monitored how many spins remained for the next chest!
That golden coin will be missed…


WHO THE **** WOKE ME UP?! I WAS NAPPING IN MY… Oh wait I asked SeekerSupreme to yell into the fort. Never mind. Prize has been delivered by PM. Enjoy!

Ok who’s the next person… Oh right, it’s @skunkz0r . Please yell into the voi… Wait what? You PREORDERED YOUR CHOICE?! WHO THE HECK GAVE YOU THAT RIGHT?! IT’S NOT IN THE RULES! I AM DOUBLE DISQUALIFYING YOU! GET OUT!.. Oh wait I double did it, so that negates it… Damn it!

PM sent with your prize of X-Morph: Defense as well.

Ok two down, three to go…

Ok @FacuBlues , entertain me with a hilarious post like SeekerSupr… I mean, gimme a choice with the remaining keys (I update the opening post with whatever’s leftover). Imma take a nap so yell into the void of my cushy structure that’ll topple pretty soon but at least it’s well air conditioned because I waste money like that.

SensaHuMuR, as you’ve entered after my very arbitrary cut-off, I am assigning you a letter. Don’t ask what that means, but do know I have a backup plan that probably won’t work (I assure you, the letter will not be used at all).


Robin hood please. Sorry I don’t have anything funny to say :joy:


I got the key and it worked like magic. Dark magic, summoning an evil army to wage war on my command! ]:>

Once again, thank you, @K16, for this wholesome giveaway :purple_heart:




You WHAT?! YOU GOT NOTHING?! You can’t pull off anything remotely witty?! Not even a fraction of the frightening hilarity @SeekerSupreme and @delenn13 just did?! I AM DOUBLE BANNING YOU… Damn it why do I keep doubling my punishments if they keep cancelling out?! Gosh I’m a moron!

Anyway, check your PM FacuBlues. Steam key heading your way once the realization sets in that I’m supposed to write the PM first and then the forum reply ah crap excuse me while I run off to do that but let me grab some chips first nom nom yum.

Ok who’s the next vict…-winner?

Ah, it’s @ascherwedel congratulations! Choose your destiny!.. Based on whatever’s remaining.


i will take Uurnog Uurnlimited! :smiley:


Destiny has been chosen and the PM has been sent!

Ok now that my couch fort is starting to reek of manchild body odor and Doritos, who am I bothering next…

Ah, it’s the Winged Horse @pegasusz ! Bad news, 8-Bit Hordes got taken as per the rules. Good news, you still win a key based on your new choice of available games listed in the opening post, Please choose your prize! Also, do the feathers from your wings make good pillows? Just asking for a fort of mine.


Well, I used my wings to help the heroes bringing peace to the world. I guess a nice pillow would be peaceful in a way?:joy:

As for the prize, I would like to award it back to the King of the Couch Fort so that he can be better prepared for his next backup plan whenever it arrives.:wink:


Oh crap… But but but that wasn’t part of the rules! The rules state I need to give a prize! WHAT DO I DO?! WHAT DO IT DO??? PANIC PANIC PANIC!

Damn it I’ll just pick a game and send it to you whether you like it or not!


Ok, now that I’ve permanently silenced a flying horse with kindness and bullets (I needed more pillows and maybe glue to reinforce the stupid fort), ON TO THE BACKUP PLAN.

I still have keys remaining (even more thanks to pegasusz), and I have people who entered the giveaway in rather unexpected ways. So my backup plan is to give it to them in the order that they entered in. And any further remaining keys will go to’s Fun Sister because I’m probably going to use that scream for help and then let her deal with it while I bugger off (hopefully not actually necessary). Hmm… Or maybe I should pass it to’s Cow because moo.

… Sure.

So uh, @Amyrakunejo in the list of remaining keys in the opening post (the list is indeed up to date, don’t ask what the silent horse got), how shall I embarass mysel- I mean what game would you like?




Is she using ribbon rolls as earrings…?