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Humble Monthly Becomes Humble Choice


So I did just that, and according to the page I am currently paused and not “unsubscribed” despite the fact that I basically am. I hit resubscribe and did not pay, yet it showed everything like the screenshot for the locked in classic membership. I have now hit pause and it is showing an active yet paused membership for the month, so I guess I’ll see what happens then? its just showing me an “unpause” option instead of the rest like the screenshot.


Hmm, so if we click “Pause Month” right now, would we keep the Classic Subscription, or would it default to the $14 option after we Continue?


The way it reads we keep the classic subscription. But there’s no guarantee at this point.


Well since I have proven I am inept at pausing at the correct times twice this year, 12 dollars(which right now is 17.25CA):rofl:


I wonder if the “10 games” includes the Humble Original, in which case it’s only nine more games than the Lite plan, since all originals are in the Trove anyway.

I probably won’t have a problem pausing all the time, so this should be a better deal for me, but it kinda sucks for people who do or new subscribers.

They’d better start adding a lot more games to the trove every month to make that Lite plan worth it for anybody.


Ditto - which isn’t a good thing >< However, I’ve started checking in tthe subscription to see the next charge date instead of “estimating”, heh. Think I won’t miss again.

Once Humble continues to allow pausing, it’s all good. If pause = keep Classic changes, then meh. I’m not short on games thanks to Chrono and Chronies. :heart:

Only really tempting games would be long time wishlist stuff, and of course Sekiro and Overwatch (which they already bundled).

Also also, the other plans don’t look fair to me at all, or worth it for the price. shrug


Well, i think this months humble monthly was my last one i bought. I used to like some of their offerings but this price will be the point where i wont waste my time because its not worth to me like this.

i dont have the means to have my subscription constantly on and im not sure i feel comfortable supporting these kind of practices at the long run that they are trying to pull off with the monthly.


Let me know when you get that, I’m still looking for people to play with!


@Vindace indace Will let you know the moment it happens! :heart:


I just got this email:

On December 6, 2019 at 10:00 am PT, Humble Monthly will become Humble Choice.

As long as you are actively subscribed to Humble Monthly, your subscription will roll over to the Classic plan.

A few common questions for the switch to Choice

How will I know if I’m getting the Classic plan?
Keep your subscription active before December 6 at 10:00 am Pacific time and you will get the Classic plan. We’ll email you before December 6 to confirm you are still eligible for the Classic plan.

How will I get my December Monthly content?
On December 6 at 10:00 am Pacific time, you will receive an email with a link to all of your December Monthly games. You will also receive a link to check out games for Humble Choice’s first month. All games for Choice are revealed upfront!

Are there any changes to billing?
Just like with Humble Monthly, you will be billed on the last Friday of the month. You can also pay early to unlock your games immediately.

Can I pause and keep my Classic plan?
Yes. The only way a subscriber will lose access to the Classic plan is to cancel. A subscriber may pause at any time.


I think I’m gonna get fffff here. Though I’ve got gifted subscription running till August 2021, that doesn’t count as an active subscription, and it doesn’t say anywhere what this will mean for me. Will i get thrown in basic and only get 3 games a month? or what?

actually, scratch that:


thank God :crazy_face:

and then thank you-know-who-you-are for helping me out


Well, my mind is made up - defo. want to get Kiwami and friends. Hm. December 6th, should be an interesting day, no matter what the up front games end up being.

shrug I sense an imminent saltiness in the force.

Edit: @M00 Glad you’re not going to get messed up by the change to Choice. ^^


So with this “monthly choice” BS I figured I’d just swear off humble entirely, as per my previous reasoning. But MAYBE just one more month before I leave.Capture
What’s the catch humble?


Just who is that offer open to? New people? O_O


Oh, gee. And i already paid for it…while I had the money…LOL


Well I think the catch is that it doesn’t work, can’t find a way to apply a $33 off coupon to the subscription. The link does nothing and I don’t see anything but the usual sub options. I’ve sent in a support request about it, I’ll let you know if I get an answer.


I’m still paused and it’s a $12 charge for me still.


I assume it’s usually $12 for you? What kind of a discount is that? I sometimes get 3 dollar discounts, could this be some strange error?


Yea I have gotten the 3.00 discount before but never anything like 33.00 off.

I paid 12US with exchange was almost 18CA.


i still wonder why you keep getting the best/weirdest humble discounts, :smile:
think i recieved 3$ discount, once, whenever i cancel/pause i just had to pay full price again :weary:
where is the love :notes: Humble?