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Humble Monthly Becomes Humble Choice


$33 off?! How long have you been subbing? I’d imagine that is available as a special offer to long time subbers, people who do yearly stuff. That is good. The catch though, I bet, is to convince you to keep subbing to a sub-par gaming plan. More money, less games. They’re trying to convince you it is a better deal simply because you can pick which games you want, but it is locked behind tiers and not only that, most of the games will be terrible and rehashes most subbers already received.


It might be possible to click Subscribe now and then use the Pause option on this month’s bundle (I think everyone is billed monthly on the 29th) to lock in the discounted rate for Humble Choice.

When this thread first appeared I tried to get one of the discount offers from Humble by abandoning the checkout process at the last step. I panicked for a moment when I hit Subscribe expecting a checkout process to begin only instead the next page that loaded said I was enrolled in Monthly and there was my PayPal info visible at the bottom of the page. I was immediately charged for the Monthly bundle after a single click !?!? After checking PayPal and my Humble Keys page for any of that month’s titles I noticed the billing date was still a week or two away. :relieved: I was already on the fence with (last) month’s bundle but decided to get over with it and buy it. Of course, the second after I paid I recalled that the Pause option had appeared to have been an active page element and that I may actually have just been able to “Subscribe” to Humble Choice’s reduced rate for free by continuing to Pause each month instead. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

It may require having a billing method already saved to be able Subscribe and instantly use the Pause option (I had previously subscribed to get one Monthly bundle)… Or it may not work at all and I got things all mixed up because Humble Bundle is worse than a used car salesman when it comes to pressuring you into subscribing, I wanted the assurance I’d get the discount for Humble Choice and didn’t really want to worry about it anymore by then. But if you were about to bite the bullet and pay for this month’s bundle just to get into Humble Choice it might be worthwhile to see if you can Pause immediately so you’re “subscribed” and able to get the discounted rate when Humble Choice arrives without having to pay anything upfront now. :kissing_smiling_eyes:


I have the usual 3$ bucks off offer.


No, sadly the emails and explanation pages say you have to stay subscribed with the Classic option to keep it. You can’t pause it/cancel it.


no, u can pause but u cant cancel



The @M00 cow is correct …again :heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation:


PSA for everyone who was at one time subscribed, you can resubscribe and then pause without paying. That’s what I did. I cancelled my membership last year, then resubscribed and paused it for this month (though I May unpause). Humble now says that I’ve been subscribed since some time in early 2018 despite that I’ve only been subscribed a number of those months.


Ahhhh! Well then! :laughing:


So, Humblebundle is now banning people for giving away keys (especially keys given away through gift links). Accounts with thousands of dollars are being terminated and support will not answer them.

This is absolutely unacceptable. If I buy something, I can give away whatever I buy to whomever I want. This is the most ridiculous and disgusting practice I have seen from a company in a long time.

Humble Choice was indeed the start of a terrible downfall.



If you go to the HB reddit, you can see so many people being banned off accounts with hundreds of unclaimed games–whilst still being charged and emailed.

If they try to ban me, I will sue them to kingdom come. These people need to not take this lying down. HB needs to pay.


I don’t use the gift links…lets see what happens…:eye::eye:


I have some unredeemed gift links from a while ago, and being redeeming them slowly. Sigh, it’s dumb to crucify everyone for the re-sellers’ foolishness.