Humble Monthly Becomes Humble Choice

from what I understand, it screws you over unless you stay subscribed always and never pause, cuz once u do, u’ll get 1 less game per month AND will pay $20 instead of $12

the only advantage is you’ll know what you get straightaway each month, no more hidden games

and they claim yr getting more games for your $, but that doesn’t mean shit if yr getting shit games or 10 cheap games, for example, but i guess they know better than to drop quality, cuz then they’ll just lose subs


i think it was @xist that posted a similar leaked/plan table early some time back, seems they opted to go with that shit anyway, blame ign? :thinking:
then again it was bound to happen, there was way too much discount going on to make that a desirable business, not to mention the various bonus discounts here and there
even a a “bad” months games are still cheap, and when it’s a good month, it seems crazy devs/publishers are willing to make their games available for peanuts.
I mean, spyro and crash just released, and it’s tantamount to more than a 90% discount already.
12bucks aint much, and when people then get to trade up/down, after the maybe got a bundle for extra discounted 9$, it’s crazy value, for us, but i can’t imagine either humble or devs making much off monthly, as is. So guess it was bound to happen however disagreeable to those not signed up in perpetuity (i’d imagine we get the shaft some day too tho)


Haha this is fucking stupid holy shit.

And check it out guys, they now have a LITE plan for US4.99 which ONLY gives you access to the trove.

And basic is US14.99 which is even more expensive than the US12 they have now.

LMAO fuck that?

I never subscribed to HB so I won’t be missing it, but this is really shitty to all those who look forward to purchasing it every month.

The only good thing about this is revealing all games upfront – but even that might be debatable depending on how well they handle it.

To those of us in countries with shit economies, this further discourages us from purchasing. GG, HB.

@Gnuffi don’t take me the wrong way but: I don’t believe in things being “bound to happen”. They chose this path, they made this happen. For better or for worse, they are changing their business model because it’s more profitable to them. They could have decided to increase the price and leave it at that but they decided to further increase the profit margin.


i kinda doubt this this is a straight X00% in profit, which an extra 8$ certainly would be
i think there have been some dev negotiations going on, as they likely weren’t happy with the current cuts, and humble might have had trouble getting games to sign on from time to time, this move is probably “needed”, not just for their own profits, but likely to even keep games flowing/bundles on par with past quality (fluctuations)
^just a guess, but i seriously doubt any publisher seeing a product they are a part of increase price by 66% and not go “hey, we are still getting peanuts, what’s up bob?, we want extra too!”


ok I agree, this freaking sucks O_o
wasnt planning on geting my second month… if I dont then i’ll be the last time I ever did pay 12$ and not getting anything else from them ever again.
I think it’s because they see the sales amount going down every month less people get the subscribtion and bundles but also many people keep staying on it getting it every month so to cope with the sales going down they up the price for new guys and to avoid rage and hate they leave the people who already had it before on the same pay…

pretty terrible choice imo but maybe it’s gonna be beter for business :man_shrugging:
if not in a few months you see them sell out to someone and just put their whole website for sale :laughing:


Well, I just went ahead and plunked my $12 which turns out to be 17 CA… because of those 2 games. Now I don’t know what I am going to do. Going to have to sleep on this.:rage::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::scream:


thats a big bummer :hear_no_evil:
if you had just gifted those games… :sweat_smile: :wink:
for all we know next upcoming games will be crap and you wont care a all :smirk:



This major sucks. I have no interest in Spyro or Crash, despite how good they are, but wanted to see if I could pause, then resume next month for spooky scary Skeletons and what not.

Now, I’m screwed if DO pause my subscription. >.< Also, I’ll have to find somewhere to store the Trove games I liked, since my computer hasn’t enough space. Flash drive here are so not worth the money for the lame sizes you get.

What to do… maybe just forget Humble altogether. Start keeping that $12 a month to save up for my dear Sekiro. >> Peeved.


This maybe too late. But is your friend still traveling. They could pick up a 3 or 4 TB GW or Seagate External HDD for just over 100 if they look. maybe…


Yup. She’s in MI til November 2nd, so there’s time. :slight_smile:


How do I lose access to the Classic plan?

You will lose access to your Classic plan and benefits if you choose to cancel your subscription at any point after or prior to the release of Humble Choice. Pausing your subscription is fine, and you will not cause you to lose access to Classic for doing so.


You will just have to watch your email for WHEN Humble Choice begins. I think I have ALL of the trove but the last 9 or 12 games. Not sure. And what really sucks I am downloading twice…Win and Lin.

I could always send you stuff if you really need it.


Sweet! Then I can pause. Think they’d charge on the 25th. Fine to get nice games for trade bait, but meh. No more mystery games is the only part about the whole thing I like.


So the usual “businesses exist to make money” thing of course applies and changing your business strategies is entirely acceptable if what they were doing before didn’t work out. Where things start getting scummy is when you use psychological underhanded techniques to force people’s hands to make purchase decisions under duress.

Raising the price for your product is fine but offering a higher priced worse product by the side of their “classic” option that’s only available if you make your decision quickly and never stop paying them is a real shitty way to do it. Leveraging fear of missing out and urgency to act impulses in people to make them buy without thinking things through. There’s also no reason they couldn’t let the more expensive option get the same number of games, do they just plain not want any new customers ever? Because fuck anyone who comes along next month right?

This is by all likelihood me entirely done with humble monthly. $12 was too much most of the time and I have a hard time imagining they’ll manage to ever make it worth $20. I’m definitely not going to set myself up to have to manually pause the thing every month for the two or three month of the year that I did want to buy it.

If they needed to make more money because what they were doing previously didn’t work, that’d be fine. The way they decided to go about it however is not.


This is so lame -___- i mean I’ve never paused my sub since I missed out on slime rancher but wtf is what these prices? hopefully the games stay decent so I’ll wanted to stay at the grandfathered price but if I ever cancel I’m certainly never coming back


I actually like the whole reveal thing, I get the offer up front and I can choose to pause it whenever I wish. I like this a lot better than the whole mystery deals, and that was a lot of some months good, other months bad.

For me this is no different than keeping my sub going as I had been and just deciding to pause it if the plan price is really not worth the games that I would want from the whole bundle.

Getting the gambling part out is actually a significant boost for me.

Too bad about the price hike though… And the fact that you have to stay subbed at length to keep getting the bundles at the lower price.


can we see the games right away and then pause? like before it pays for the month?


Considering their bundles as of late have been pretty lackluster. I think once they have a disappointing month I’m out. I’m going to guess that will be December.


I mean if its the same thing just you can see what the games are that’s good. I would assume that the games are not going to go down in quality if anything maybe up in quality do to the price increase. I don’t totally understand why it is met so negatively but I feel like im missing something if anyone cares to explain please let me know.


Absolutely this.

@YQMaoski I’m glad this is a good deal for you and many others. I really am. However, it’s not good for new subscribers and even worse for new subscribers from developing countries. This change comes at a high cost to all those who aren’t already engaged in Humble and I’m gonna have a really hard time supporting them in any way any time soon because of it. Not just because of myself, but because this further increases the gap in making gaming available fairly globably.

Absolutely. I work with sales and I know how hard it is to get people to buy shit when there isn’t a fixed revenue. I really do. This new subscription plan does two things for HB:

  1. Makes revenue more predictable. – “Hey devs, this is how many people we currently have subscribed. Times X, -% of our cut, this is how much you’ll get for selling Spyro with us:”.

  2. Makes the number of available keys less likely to run out. Word on the street is COD for this month ran out. This is because they expected X subscribers and got more than X. If they have a fixed number of subscribers, they can better plan themselves in acquiring keys.

So obviously it’s not just about direct profit but also indirect profit and reducing customer complaints etc.

However, I’m 100% with Fraggles: the different monthly plans and holding people hostage fucks it up. However, if holding hostages is the main move in their new strat (as per 1 and 2 above) then I cant support it despite seeing their reasons.


It is pretty normal though for subscription services. Hulu and Netflix have both had grandfathered prices that you lost if you cancelled. Although with both of them you eventually lost your grandfathered price anyway. I am not saying that is is the right thing to do, only saying this is not the first service to do it.