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Humble Monthly Becomes Humble Choice


This is what the email says. Doesn’t really give light. But it’s called Humble Choice, which makes me think it should be.


oh yea, i don’t agree with this at all, never said it was a good thing, just that it seemed like bound to happen.
Tencore’s mention of other subscription services taking the same step, or recent decline in weekly bundles. That alone taken into account made it seem like “Humble wasn’t working like it used to”, so something was going to be shaking things around
Not something i like, but can’t really do much else but shrug my shoulders in expectation, “every business changes their service eventually” or something
All i hope is i don’t get screwed over anytime soon, but i’m still expecting them to change the service even for loyal people/“legacy” subs, at some point. Because “screw you give me money” image


If you pause AFTER the Humble Choice is in effect, you lose the 12.00 Classic then you go to the premium and pay 20.00 plus you only get 9 games instead of the 10.


great, since im on a “gifted” subscription, which i did pay for through a friend, with still almost a year to go, I’m considered having “cancelled” my subscription, so once it does run out, next year in august or whatever, then I’ll no longer have the option to stay on classic, even if i get my friend to gift me again


That’s not true they’ve clearly stated you can pause without issue and keep the grandfathered price.


So they are removing the mystery. Obviously because the mystery games were mostly bad and nobody wanted them. So people only subscribed when at least the view-able games were worth it and the mystery games were a bonus.

They want to “lock in” current subscribers and make future subscribers pay more. This has several red flags for me because this means several things and it has happened a lot in gaming.

  • They want to take stock of how many people will actually lock-in their classic subscription. With a big dose of manipulation, this is so that they can show their boss the projected baseline profits for the next few quarters. They intentionally made the other deals look bad to seal you in and get that number.
  • After a year or 2, because of how obviously bad the subscription prices are, the classic price will definitely stay the same. But they will adjust the other pricings. The defense will be, “We didn’t change your subscription price. We just wanted to give customers more options!” And it’s hard to complain when the classic subscription price isn’t changed. Complaining probably will have you called entitled and other childish name-calling. What eventually happens is that the classic subscription price becomes the standard subscription price.
  • They finally realized that releasing new games every month is a bad idea. As far as I know, humble bundle doesn’t do repeats. Of course they can’t because a subscriber definitely wouldn’t want the same game twice in two months. So with this “choose several games” thing, they can finally be lazy and put in a few repeat games every month for years and years.
  • Since it is a new subscription model. They definitely have the next several months of games prepared. And those games will be great! It’s to please the people that joined classic after all. So expect new releases that are in high demand to be in there. It’s to be expected with black Friday and Christmas coming anyway. This is the best time of year for humble bundle to do this. Then after a few quarters, they can start toning it down to realistic levels.

Also. I don’t know how Humble Monthly isn’t making any profits. They are basically a third party digital goods seller whose shtick is they give 5% to charity. They go around contacting developers making deals, every employee can literally work from home. They aren’t creating anything and everything is electronic. This should have been the most profitable business if it weren’t for their silly mystery bundles.


I st err…Sit corrected. Sorry :heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation:


Yup, agreed. Fuck this indeed, what the actual hell is Humble thinking??? This is greeding way too much, and having to STAY subscribed indefinitely just to keep Classic??? This is forcing us to pay a sub either way, it’s such BS I’m probably gonna be done with HB Monthlies then


HumbleBundle: "NO MORE MYSTERY"
me: :sob::sob::sob:

i know many people prefer to see what they can get, but i kinda enjoyed the holiday mystery feeling.


Instead of canceling, you just need a way to continue the subscription of your plan. If you have an active subscription, it will keep rolling over with the classic.


which is what i dont have, remember? Which is why i needed my friend to gift it to me. The only thing i have is a Payoneer account (next to my local one, which ofc doesnt work online :roll_eyes:), and while they do accept payments for games and other bundles from it, they don’t accept it for the monthly… so i cant even gift myself, nor can i set up recurring payments


Hmm I suppose it makes sense for humble at least as after a while you accumulate such a big library of games you don’t want random games each month. And to keep those ppl who might stop subscribing otherwise, u change it to having a choice and losing the cheaper subscription price. Plus they can throw in repeats now. Seems like less motivation for newcomers though.



After the change…no more $12 a month? Am I understanding this right? It’ll be $14 for 3 games or $19 for 9 games? And instead of getting them all, which is a far better deal, you are going to get to pick from a larger selection of utter trash for a price that is not worth it? And if you do not keep your subscription going forward now, you won’t get to keep a classic sub?

This is absolutely terrible!


Ok so can someone clarify for me? If I buy this month’s bundle, then before the next month “pause” it (not canceling), I am eligible for the classic plan of the same price?

The whole fact that I have to figure all of this out is nightmarish. Sheesh someone should have told them this was a terrible idea.


I can only second the opinion that while i understand that 12$/month was probably too cheap to be viable for much longer i would have just raised the price a bit without changing the model in such a strange way.

Personally i just bought a month when i saw early unlocks i would like to play ( KCD was the last month i bought ) now on the otherhand i wont even do that because 20$ will be too steep. So effectively they lost occasional 12$ from me and gained nothing .


yes, from what i understand, yes, and then you keep that as long as u never cancel (it needs to stay active though, regardless of whether you pause or not)


If you go to your subscriptions page and it says that you have a month-to-month plan, as long as you don’t cancel your subscription from this point out, you will keep the plan and have it price-locked at the original 12$/month.

If you go to and see a Resubscribe button, that means that you are not locked into the price for the classic plan:

These are examples that Humble gave, so I am just doing screenshots.

As far as I can tell, basically keeping an active subscriber payment plan active and not canceling enrolls you automatically.

And while I will not be the first to try this, when the new plans comes into effect, I am sure people are going to wonder about whether or not pausing is okay.

So far from how I read into it, it’ll stay at the same price, and I can keep on pausing as usual, as long as I don’t cancel the subscription all together.

You should be okay, but definitely a good idea to check.


I was considering buying this month’s monthly anyways, so putting it on pause every month to guarantee myself any future bundles might be worth it.


that definitely seems like the sensible thing to do, cuz what does one have to lose that way?


Sleep, peace of mind, sanity and time worrying about whether or not you paused this month, It’s putting yourself on a leash for them to yank at every month. It’s you setting yourself up to be the active party consistently asking them to NOT charge you unnecessarily when any reasonable business interaction should be the other way around. It’s a power shift within the customer/business relationship that I find rather distasteful.

I wonder though if it’s possible to reactivate your subscription and pause this month or does one have to pay for your “first” month of a sub?