Humble Choice monthly - What Are You Choosing and Why?



I already have Hellblade and The Messenger and the rest doesn’t really grab my attention.

It’s a pause for me.


I think I am getting it…have to :thinking:

I already have Supraland. …Thanks to Chrono.



What are you choosing and why? :stuck_out_tongue:



I don’t know. that’s why I am :thinking:. I know I want Barotrauma(been on my WL for a while) and The Messenger…I don’t know…I gottta go through them.


There’s a couple of fairly easy strikes in this bundle, if you don’t like racing games then Grid is an easy pick to leave, if you don’t want RTS then Men of War 2. But if you actually like every genre on offer then by my judgment and looking at the reception of titles the two weakest games on their own merits is probably Stillness of the Wind and maybe Stygian or King’s Bird.


Kings’ Bird is in that bundle


Well neat then you can skip two birds in one bush and eat it too!


Game Master got jokes! :heart:

As for Stygian, tis horror, good or bad, I’m gonna nuzz when compy is up. (sigh shipping)


I’ll probably pause again this month. The game i’m most interested in is Yuppie Psycho.

Alright, I might need some coffee now...

Void bastards in cover? Seriously?

I still remember it was 90%+ off in Humble Store a while back.:eyes:


euh, no, that never happened. you’re dreaming

it was in one charity bundle maybe (the Australia one), but that was a special case

in fact, best deal it ever got by itself is the 40% off it has right now in steam sales

now i feel so conflicted about just having received it from @GeekInUndies

great game btw, absolutely love it


You must be thinking of something else.

Void Bastards does look really sweet. Worth picking whole month for it? Probably not.


Initial reaction upon first glance is that this looks awful. Age of Wonders plantetfall would be the one title I recognize. Earthlock might be worth a 2nd look and maybe the BSG game. Pretty sure this’ll be another pass.


Paused. Not even hesitating and I picked up Earthlock already - slow start, but it’s lovely lovely art. I haven’t played it since the last external drive conked out.


dude, you don’t recognize void bastards? check it out, if u like, get in touch


As I said very first glance, I was playing armello and just alt tabbed out to post, and right now I’m in the middle of getting ready to head out. Of course I recognise Void Bastards, you’ve been going on about it for the past couple of weeks now. : )


I think it’s better to get Age of Wonders: Planetfall Premium Edition than this one in the Monthly, considering the cost of all those dlcs…


I’d argue I’m someone who gets bored of games really quickly and even I logged 10h+ in this.



yeah, i dont mean now; i’ve been playing chicken with this deadline i’m on for the past 2 hours, and the balance has definitely changed towards me losing, so i need to close this browser and get my head out of my *** and get this job done

i can be such an idiot sometime. i was cruising, 40 min ahead of schedule, but then im like, oh, i have time to check out chrono or watch lirik play this new game a bit, and now im 30 min behind :scream:


I haven’t decided yet…but it’s probably gonna be a pass for me too.

Weren’t we supposed to get an EXTRA game this current month??? I don’t remember when it’s supposed to drop though…

Yep…Just got Boundless…