Humble Choice monthly - What Are You Choosing and Why?



Hmm, did they add free copy Train Valley 2 for the last month?

EDIT: @Fraggles trading is never my end-goal . I mostly just pick 3 games option from choice ,get 1 or 2 games i’m interested in and trade or gift remaining ,but this time around 9 picks option was cheaper than 3 picks one so i just went with that :smiley: i think last month is very very weak games-wise that’s why noone really wants anything.


Indeed they did.


Glad to hear that you got the copy.:wink:

Personally I’d be happy to split with you if you hadn’t got it already.:joy:

The games all look nice but the ones I really want this month are XCOM 2, W40K:GLADIUS and NEOVERSE. So that seems to be no trouble between us.:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Now, I think I will add these games to my WL and wait for a deeper discount if no another ‘coupon’ is given for this month.:wink:


If you don’t want this month’s Humble Bundles, be sure to PAUSE. Tomorrow is the day :heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation:



Definitely a skippable month for me. I have some of them, and the others have been given away before. Though if no one has any of these games, Barotrauma is great. Hellblade is also great! :slight_smile:


Yeah the highlights here for me would be Hellblade and The Messenger and I own both. Hellblade on PC and a physical copy of The Messenger on Switch.


Oh ,baby…Hellblade…need to contemplate.


There’s a lot of games in this package I actually would like to try. The messenger and Supraland stands out on the top. Pretty much every other game except Grid and Men of War is something I’m curious about, just not anything here I think I’d see myself really delve into seriously and they’d all join the ever growing backlog of games I’d like to try… some day, just not right now.

If I didn’t have any games I think this would be a brilliant bundle.


supraland is very fun for what it is, much recommend from me


That’s 2 months in a row where a headliner was previously in Humble Monthly. Well, the good news is there’s another bonus game this month.

These bundles have become a much harder sale for me now that game pass for PC is a thing. It wouldn’t make much of a difference to people who want to own games, but I just like to finish a game and move on, and I believe 4 of these games are on game pass and Supraland will be in the future. And I have two of the others from Twitch Prime.

I did really like The Messenger though, and I’d like to play Supraland and maybe even Remnants.


I think this is one of the worst monthlies I have seen in awhile


I probably should make a new thread “Humble Choice for XX 2020-What would you like as repeats and why?”:wink:


Actually that’s why I don’t mind repeats - a second chance for shinies. The odd thing is that they’ve repeated not exactly near titles, but not like ones from years ago that people would have wanted. If they repeated Crash Bandicoot or Spyro, might not find too many detractors, hee hee. Idk.


Well I think top three games in the picture are pretty good: Shadow of War, Graveyard Keeper, 2PH. Admittedly the rest are pretty bad :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m afraid you’re looking at the wrong picture, the top post is not updated each month. You’ll find this month’s offerings here.


Ah I see. Hmm only one I recognize is Hellblade :sweat_smile:


Having played Hellblade, Messenger, and Stillness of the Wind on XGP, and having given them, respectively, maybe later, not for me, and got bored ratings, the remaining game that holds any interest is Supraland.

So pretty much a bad bundle for me.


Hey,guys, by a chance anyone got this month and is not interested in Hellblade? Strike me a P.M and maybe we can work out some sort of trade :slight_smile:

EDIT : A lovely forum lurker contacted me and gifted me a copy so big thanks to him/her :slight_smile:


I actually luvvvvvv this month’s bundle so much that I’m not sure what to throw away х_х got it beforehand even though i’m kinda low of money, but it has both Supraland and Hellblade. I’ve been looking at them for a whole lot. All the other games look nice, too.

So now I’m stuck. The war game goes away, because realistic war games make me kinda sad, even when they’re excellent, but what else? Any ideas, personal un-favorites?