Humble Choice monthly - What Are You Choosing and Why?



My May bundle thoughts:


I went ahead and paused. Unless next month is exciting, I may not unpause til the birthday in July… maybe not then either.


theres several games on this month’s that I think are interesting like Chess Ultra (that one’s actually on my WL), Niche, Neoverse, and Mo-Astray, but nothing worth pulling the trigger for overall. Too many good free games I’m still playing. Definitely another pause.


Doubt I’ll be grabbing this one, but I’m going to take a moment and think about it. I would probably have taken it If I didn’t already have Xcom 2, that would be a title worth picking up a bunch of random weird stuff alongside. But now it’s mostly just all the random weird stuff.

I would love to grab that Train Valley 2 key off of someone who doesn’t want it though.


You and me both, lol.

Chess Ultra would be nice and all, but for the whole bundle… nah.


For me it’s Rise of Industry that stands out as the one thing I think I’d really like in this bundle.

MO:Astray might be interesting enough and of course I’ve heard good things about Horace too, but none of them really tickling my desire to play them right away. Gladius and Jurassic World could be interesting but not really feeling them at the moment.


MO:Astray must be awesome, Warsaw is a good addition to my wishlist… and that’s about it. Chess Ultra looks great, but if you’re passionate about chess, you’re going to divide your time between Chessmaster and FIDE; this one is just a nice accessory.

This might be a good bundle, it’s just not my cup of tea.


Exactly… it’s not they’re bad games, I just already have stuff so shiny that I’d rather play when I can. Got Grandmaster Chess and a few other chess themed games.

Things I’d really like that are pretty as Mo Astray would be Operancia and Omensight.

Jurrassic World could be interesting, since my T-rex phobia is gone, lol. I still have to play Jurassic Park: The Game - it runs but weirdly on my system.

So yes, great stuff, just not bundle time, you know? If I got Train Valley 2 and maybe even Chess Ultra in a split, I’d likely go with those.


I hope the next bundle includes Northgard. I would buy it for that alone. :grin:


where were you last year/in april 2019? :thinking:;/filter:id/7098
suppose if they did that it would be another monthly "not monthly because “choice” now"repeats then :sweat_smile:


Either I didn’t see it or I saw it, and didn’t have the money. I can’t believe I missed such a deal. :frowning:


I dont know what does that tell about April’s selection but it seems to be pretty much untradable . Noone wants anything from that selection lol.


I have an extra copy of Northgard from a last humble bundle or monthly. I don’t know if you have spare keys of anything but I would be down to trade it :slight_smile:


I am SOOOO in!

Looks at @Danacscott :eye::eye: Didn’t you get Aprils because you forgot to pause??? If so, That train game is in your account…


@delenn13 I forgot to pause, it’s true, but then! I got a refund. ^^


I don’t know how feasible it might be but I wonder if anyone’s willing to go halfies or split this monthly 3 ways? The more I look at it the more I really want Rise of Industry though it seems most of us would end up fighting for Mo:Astray as a 2nd pick.

Is there anyone who doesn’t have Xcom 2 yet and wants it?
@DontBeSilly I don’t have a lot of insight into trading but I believe recently bundled things drop in value something fierce and it rarely seems wise to buy a bundle hoping to do much in trade with it. You’ll be in a better position trying to hawk those titles in a couple of months I believe.


Yes… apparently, on Barter esp., bundled games are automatically worth less, regardless of Steam retail value. A supply and demand thing maybe?

Hitman 2 would have been okay for trade - as part thereof, depending on what you want, esp. so if the game you want has been on sale, but never been bundled.

I learned a few things trying to trade for Final Fanatasy X/X2 on Barter. Ended up with a successful trade for Nier Automata but had to offer Two Point Hospital and 2 other games.


PM sent, enjoy and have fun :slight_smile:


I am at a loss for words for how amazingly generous so many people around here are. Thank you so much.


I don’t really have anything but the ability to get shop games, but out of the newest monthly, is there a game in there you’d want for it?


Replied to ya. :slight_smile:


This community is so very kind, it is incredible. The people are the best. <33