Humble Choice monthly - What Are You Choosing and Why?



@pegasusz It’s ironic since I refunded April >> Hitman 2 might be good for trading, but I’m not hyped for most of the titles. >>


Well, I can tell that they just couldn’t let their most valued customer go :wink:

Yeah, I know they are not the craziest titles for me (except HITMAN), but still have some decent ones in there.

E.g. I have heard of THE BARD’S TALE series all the time and now might be a time to get it (as IV comes with the trilogy this time).

Gris seems to have the potential to offer quite an experience for me. Plus the OPUS MAGNUM which got my interest as well.

So overall, I’m pretty happy to get it with $3 off the normal price :yum:


I see that’s what I’ll be singing the rest of the day now.


@M00 I have wrapped up with two games this morning ( Blasphemous and Pillars of Eternity , both amazing games btw, try them out everyone ! ) and i can finally install Hitman 2 without much guilt, so excited!

TBH i cant remember last time i was excited about starting a new game at all… am getting old.


I gotta get through Rage 2 and Odyssey first. Rage 2 shouldnt take too long (i guess DLCs shouldnt be too long) but Odyssey will probably take me a month or 2 to finish (or more, again with DLC) cuz these days I only rly have time to play during the weekends. I do have a week off coming towards the end of this month though.

I’d love to play PoE one day, have it, but…


April Mystery Game

Actually quite happy about the mystery game as I loved the first one. The May Choice bundle is actually quite decent but sad they didnt include War of the Chosen with Xcom 2 :frowning:


Nothing this month interests me that I don’t already own, except maybe MO:Astray. XCOM 2 is definitely worth it, but don’t get too excited when you see that there’s 2 DLC.


lotta weird stuff this month, i mean; it’s probably not gonna keep me from letting it roll on through/getting it :blush: i just feel kinda bad if i have to leave XCOM 2 sit there and be ditched for something else, despite owning it :slightly_smiling_face:

that would make May absolutely nuts if they included WoC heh :sweat_smile: -even if it was avail as a separate choice too imo, way too much quality to handle there then :grin:


Yeah would have been nice if you could substitute the base game for WoC for all monthly subscribers that already had it. Most people complaining right now about this bundle is the fact that this is the first game to be re-bundled in their monthly service, not counting Rise of the Tomb Raider as that was a choice to get that one. So it would have been quite nice with that option. Oh well, on the trade list it goes :slight_smile:


Warsaw looks cool!

P.S if anyone has a copy for trade let me know.


uh-oh, starting to understand why they switched to a “choice” system then; we can’t complain cuz we don’t have to “choose” the same game twice

that’s a bit worrying


That is a very good point, and yes very worrisome, but it would be hard not to pick that as one of your choices. Especially with most people having Horace already from Epic and Swords of Ditto from Twitch.


I still have keys floating around from humble monthlies from 3 years ago, so there’s not really a time limit to redeeming them. Of course, there’s no guarantee that they’ll honor it forever.


Finally, Jurassic World is in a bundle. But I don’t know if anything else but it is good, and worth $15. :sweat: I miss the old subscription system so bad.


did they raise the price, or you not on Classic plan? :no_mouth:


I’m not on classic, and it is $14.99, and that’s for basic. Lite doesn’t even get you the monthly games and the last tier is $19.99.


phew, “good”, thought they done did a switcheroo on us :sweat:, i couldn’t find the price on my shown page, perhaps not unless i press “pay” :thinking:


well, Jurassic World is only 7 GB, so ofc I’m installing it :man_facepalming: as if I’ll ever get around to that


very happy with rise of industries in this bundle. Also Mo Astray was on my wl.


Dig the mystery game, not too hyped for the others.