Humble Choice monthly - What Are You Choosing and Why?



Got $2 off for not pausing woot may still pause


Just because of Planetfall is it worth buying and there are next 8+1 games available to pick besides Planetfall and mentioned Void Bastards. Im surprised that there was a great game I was interested in.

Void Bastards is a great game aswell. Demanded by many players and steam friends aswell. Wasnt on huge discount yet, only in bundle like @M00 says.


They offered me $4. Still paused. At this first, I’ll be looking forward to Halloween, lol. sigh


Well obviously i was talking about myself there as i’m not that interested in Planetfall.


well, looks like they are probably not selling too many new subscriptions, thus they are lower the price to the original every other month. (for new subscribers only)

With this happening this month and also the month before last, it wouldn’t surprise me if they basically get close to no new subs during the full price months.


I’m not even surprised, by creating the legacy level they pretty much alienated any potential new customers. Pay more, get less! It’s the apple way.
Fortunately it doesn’t work on most customer bases. I get they wanted to incentivize their long term customers to stick around but they had to find a way to do that without penalizing newcomers to this extent.


I’m grandfathered in at the old monthly price and they just sent me an offer to unpause… WHICH IS MORE EXPENSIVE THAN WHAT I PAY LOL

Yup, we know we can count on IGN for its reliability of one task:

to screw things up


I think i’ll pass on the offer of paying 2$ more a month lol. More than 2$ actually since my actual prices are in CAD


I remember someone here getting an offer previously where they got a 2 month discount for, maybe $2 I don’t remember. The contention to it was that it would only work if you didn’t cancel/pause the sub during those 2 months. It was only for 2 consecutive months and not for 2 months of your choice.

If that’s the deal you also had then by passing a month you’ve lost that perk and now you’ll have to pay 12 if you resume.


I literally showed you what my next bill is though


I don’t fully understand why you’re getting billed AND have the option to reactivate simultaneously. One would seem to be exclusive to the other, thus I figured those two screenshots were taken at different points in time one before and one after you had paused.


My next bill is in August when it auto resubs :upside_down_face:


You have a +tax tacked on there. I’m assuming that comes up to $12 in the end then. Looking at the reactivation “offer” it does not specify tax and since everyone I know also grandfathered into the classic system pays 12. I’m going to go ahead and call this mystery solved.


No it says 12$ before tax in the body of the email. I just copied the e-mail subject :upside_down_face:


Well I guess they just want to screw you over personally then.


More likely a softwaregore issue where they forgot about people grandfathered into the old price. It says previous choice and monthly users are the only ones who are applicable for the offer, but they probably forgot that classic runs at a lower price. Generally only premium and basic are available, and getting premium for 12$ a month is less than 19.99 a month (or 14.99 for basic). So yeah. I chalk this one up to an oversight. I was just laughing at the oversight. Geeze.


I actually quite like it, I know it isn’t great for business and acquiring new customers, to many other companies majorly penalize loyal existing customers so it is a nice change.


I know what you mean. I feel like the gap in this case was a bit too much though and ended up dissuading a lot of new people from being interested at all. Like why would anyone pay 20USD for less than what people are paying 12USD for? They probably shouldn’t have had the gap so great. I also feel like it strong-armed a lot of people on the old monthly plan into keeping their subs running because they absolutely didn’t want to have to pay the new high price when things switched to choice.


Nothing compared to things like my internet, paying over double what new customers get which is a $60 a month difference, quite ridiculous. Actually this conversation got me looking into their prices and I am going to contact them because even after New Customer promotional period, I am paying way more than their non-promotional non-bundle price.