Humble Choice monthly - What Are You Choosing and Why?



Oof yeah that’s insane. Do they have a monopoly in your area? Cause it sounds like you should find a new provider if they don’t try to make things more fair for you. Not sure how it goes with internet but I have a pretty decent discount on my phone plan and some free extra data from just bringing up this kind of stuff with customer service and telling them I’d take my business elsewhere if we couldn’t find a solution. They usually know they’re ripping you off but won’t remedy it unless you actually complain because why wouldn’t they want to take extra money if people will just accept it without questioning it. It’s shady af but they do it cause it works.


If you pause being on a Classic plan, they don’t remove any benefits, yeah? I want to double check xD


They don’t remove the classic plan status for you, but you do lose the store discount and trove access until you pay for a new month.


it’s cheaper to get the bundle solely for Void Bastards than its sale discount alone, so easy decision for me,
rest of the games were just gravy on top


Nice! ^^ Hope you can play and enjoy some of the other gravy. Beat Hazard 2 seems off the wall interesting, since you can use the music you already have/like with the game. I’d intrigue to see how people like that one.


What if I tell you that they are providing new subscriber $9 a month Premium for a whole year?:upside_down_face:


What was July’s bonus game?


We find out tomorrow


Shows how much I was paying attention to July’s bundle lol.


yeah me too. turns out i bought it because i apparently forgot to pause the month


I hope the next batch has some good titles in it. xD



Also this



August Bundle seems weak at first glance.


Not interested in the rest of the bundle, but I do recommend Automachef.


I played Call of Cthulhu back when it came out and absolutely loved it. 100% recommend if you like HP Lovecraft / Eldritch stuff and horror expoloration / walking sim puzzle games!


A case of distrust is a title I’ve had my eyes on for some time. It looks to be potentially very interesting. I would also be up for Vampyr and possible Call of Cthulhu, Mandalore released a review of it today as it happens. As is the case with most Cthulhu games they tend to be a mixed bag.

Other than that I don’t see much that piques my interest.


Both Vampyr and Call of Chtulhu… this is what i call a good monthly :o

If anyone will have them up for trades lemme know :slight_smile:


Agrees with mein sloth - those are the ones that would nudge me towards getting it.

The temptation increases KittyMyBearBear. :thinking: :heart: