Humble Choice monthly - What Are You Choosing and Why?



And for those that bought last months bundle just for Void Bastards… xD


What’s your point here?


I just find it funny they dropped the price the day the bundle swapped, that’s all.


Oh, new historical low btw. Still good value for the bundle though.


Yeah for sure still a good deal.


That Genesis game makes it worth it…but alas…! Too much for little me. Fantastic monthly, though, they did pretty dang good.


Already have Vampyr and I’m only interested in Call of Cthulhu so I’ll have to pass :pensive:


The ones I’m interested in are Wargroove, Automachef, American Fugitive, and maybe Santa Elf sim (Little Big Workshop).

Not interested enough to really purchase the whole bundle though.


You can have that one if I get it. More likely to if they give me $4 off again, heh.


Maybe someone from the community regulars are looking for the split?


I’d be up for a split, but I suspect we would all want the same items.


Probably. Though i would be happy with just taking Vampyr and Chulthu and leaving the rest ,but yeah, i get what you mean :smiley:


Went to pause the monthly for this month today and they finally offered me that $4 off coupon. So I ended up taking it, here’s hoping I don’t run into the same issues with Vampyr that @DontBeSilly has. A couple of other games are reasonably interesting as well so for 8€ it seemed alright.

But as I went to claim the games I got to wonder

Is that Gift to friends button just entrapment? Click it and get banned? How does the button discern how friendly I am with the recipient?

Are humble still banning people for trading keys?


I’d just use get game and send the friend the key, as i’ve been doing since the start. that way there’s no risk involved at all


Send them keys directly, do not use the friend gift link. That is the only way they can track you. They would need to get Steam to tell them about the direct keys, and that won’t happen. All HB can do is restrict access to their website, they cannot legally restrict you from using your keys.


I think I’ll pause and stay paused. The game are good, but idk, I might end up trying to trade most of them or give them away.


Let me know how’s performance for you once you get around to playing it. I’m really curious is it just me being unlucky.


To celebrate we’re offering 75% off Humble Choice premium for new customers, use the coupon code gamescom2020 valid until 11:59 p.m. PDT, September 1.




some nice games overall, but not a single rly big one