Humble Choice monthly - What Are You Choosing and Why?



Strongly recommending Evoland here, it’s an absolutely brilliant little gem of a game. Catherine is a great game too but there’s a new version on the horizon so I’m not sure the classic is worth it, if you really wanted to play that game you probably already have it or you should probably wait for Full body to be released on PC. Or get it on the consoles.

Generation Zero is a bit of a so-so co-op shooter primarily interesting because it’s set in 1980’s Sweden and it’s a very true to nature creation of the place and time.


Forager is a really good time, I spent an entire weekend almost nonstop playing it when I originally started. The issue is that the save files don’t seem to carry over when they do major updates, so I remember running around to 100% the game and then an update later, the save was no longer there, and I just haven’t had time to restart it.

I have actually been eyeing Catherine and haven’t plopped down money to buy it yet, so when it comes in a bundle like this, I am pretty happy.

Agreed with @Fraggles about Evoland, really good set of games.


Only game I’d recommend is Evoland. I do have the Generation game and it is…okay, but there’s not alot to do and it gets boring without friends.


Huge dissapoitment.


Oh no… oh no … oh no … oh no…

I see 2 very likely: Catherine and Shapeshifting Detective (must dblchk). Catherine’s story is a mondo weird, but the gameplay with the blocks and such - it’s almost like 3D-Sokoban. Hm.

Know @YQMaoski was addicted to Forager, so it has to be good. Dang. I might have to try to get this.

Research needed. I’d get $4 off if I do.


Nothing for me, unfortunately.


Yooka Laylee and the Impossible Lair is a great game, but it was free on Epic some months ago so you may have it already.


I’m interested in Catherine too. Watched an introduction long time ago and it feels kinda erotic (in a good way). I hope the new edition will come to PC one day :yum:


Did we get bored of posting in the HB thread?

Also, this month is featuring the full 12 games again:


Yooka Laylee does look very nice indeed but not going to buy whole bundle just for that . So a pass from me.


Got the bundle, about to try some games.

Was on the fence, but HB offered 4$ discount so I naturally picked it up at a ridiculous 8$ lol

Probably got some of it for trade, gotta look through it all first haha

Sooo at least ATM I haven’t used the keys for

Golf w F
Lethal League Blaze
Gen 0
The Occupation
Shapeshifting Detective
Fun w Ragdolls

feel free to hmu if someone wants to trade, prob gon use Fun w Ragdolls myself tho :o


Hey guys, its John.


Seriously, Strange Brigade, Catherine, Fun with Ragdolls, The Occupation and Generation Zero are ones I’d prefer to keep if anyone wants to split. Would be on the fence about Forager (cute, but likely grindy and I’d prioritise Portia) and Evoland which is adorable but there’s also a second game.

Shapeshifting Dectective - good premise but the voice acting is making my ears bleed. It seems to be in a bundle with The Bunker and Night Shift on Steam, which I know @NICK9X9 has played before. ^^


I got Shapeshifting Detective as well yesterday from a friend so now I own all 3 from that bundle. :slight_smile:
I’ll give it a go one day to see how it is.


It contains both games in the series.:nerd_face:


There’s a new bundle, and it’s got a Norse themed game. Y’all need to go and get it ASAP. lol


what bundle? the only new one i’m seeing is the unity asset bundle


I’m sorry, turns out I was referencing the newest one and it wasn’t a “new” one just added. My bad. :frowning:


I got that email from HB as well XD


Key for forager


Missing “D” at the end


Already taken by Ninjas.