Humble Choice monthly - What Are You Choosing and Why?




yaiks, i actually can’t seem to find much appealing this time :grimacing: - will this be the month i finally pause ? :thinking:

probably not … :no_mouth:


Super hard pass this month. Very disappointed in what’s on offer. I’ve paused already

I really like Shadows Awakening, but I already own it, of course :wink:


I would like the Sunless bundle and Autonauts but the rest…UGH! Once I get what I want out of the Trove…Will probably pause…


This will be the 6th month in a row I pause, I find them pretty disappointing lately tbh.


Yeah I have had my sub going since Dec 2016 and this is the first month I am actually thinking of pausing, but yeah probably won’t lol.


I did. Never thought I will ever pause HB but this bundle is just awful. Already owning 2 good games (Goat of Duty - WAS FREE and THE UNCERTAIN: LAST QUIET DAY) I can get Shadows: Awekening cheaper from Fanatical with a far better bundle… and the others are not my kind of games

Last HB CHOICE was a diisapoitment but this is ever more and I think im not the only one who pauses


This month seems awful, but then again, I’m certain there are people who…like it.


This is one of those bundles with only one or two games I’d like and a handful of games I wouldn’t mind trying out but completely lacking any big ticket items that really makes me want to buy it. Had this been a fanatical pick & mix I would probably have been happy to pick 3 for $5 or something, which amusingly would be paying more per title than 10 for $12.

Only game I can fully and completely recommend here is the Sunless bundle, two great games even if the 2nd one kind of renders the first obsolete. Fae tactics is one that’s been on my wishlist for some time and looks pretty good and the Tropico games always tend to be pretty good, though I tend to run into some issue or bother sooner rather than later that tends to kill my enthusiasm for it.

Autonauts looks like it could be fun, though I fear the graphical style might wind up grating rather quickly.

Not likely to let my sub reactivate this month.


Was going to write out all my thoughts, but that would be too much effort. Which appears to be the same thought process HB put into their selection. Most are meh at best. A couple appear decent. Sunless bundle is probably the best quality here.

Also it appears they are doing the full 12 for classic and premium again. Probably because they know they were just rifling through the bin this month.

I wonder if I should put “have you tried better games?” for why I’m pausing. If it wasn’t for the case of CRS in August, this would be the 6th month in a row of pausing for me as well.

Edit: derp


it’s been out for 4 years, frequently discounted to like 1€ and currently in a fanatical bundle pick 3 for 2€ - 7for 4€
^it’s the first one not the sequel


I don’t have the humble choice, but the only ones that drew my attention were Basement and The sunless bundle, give them a try if you have the choice


I did not read the title close enough nor paid enough attention to the steam search. That is correct, I was looking at the sequel.


the reason i knew was because i already had it from previous bundles :laughing: (it’s been in so many bundles) - hence that title was part of my disappointment for this month “yay a <1€ game” :unamused:
(not saying it’s a bad game just that it’s not exactly great “value”… and probably just a filler to boost sequel awareness or something)


Iron danger was bundled previously, but its a pretty neat strategy game with an unique time manipulation gimmick.


I was pretty happy with Tropico 6 and the suicide of Rachel Foster :sunflower: My significant other and I spent the day playing Tropico… and it made me crave Tropica sooooo bad. :face_with_monocle:


Finally Humble is doing promotions for their patrons XD


I got one offering me $9 for 6 months if I signed up. When I canceled this monthly they offered me $4 off if I didn’t cancel. So that price gone up a dollar, but you’ve gotten a half off offer.

Either way, while for sure endless skies would be worth $8 alone, I just have too many games and I don’t care about so many of these ones.


Imma gonna pause after I snag a few Trove thingies. Seriously, I have a ton of free games to play and the ones I liked here, were already owned or gotten by splitting with a Stem Friend.

Sorry, Humble, gimme Sekiro or Bloodstained, hee hee. (Nevah gonna happen).


You never know! they did put DS3 in there.