Humble Choice monthly - What Are You Choosing and Why?

They’ve been sending me emails about that these past few months and I’ve turned down all of them so far. I would have probably gone for some of the past ones if some of the games I was interested in had been keys for Steam and not Origin (looking at you Mass Effect LE and Star Wars Squadrons), but the chances of that happening are next to nothing.

I don’t think I’ve ever heard about any of this month’s games besides Necromunda: Hired Gun (which has been in my Discovery Queue a few times, plus it’s caught my attention during a few sales elsewhere), so I’m not sure if I should resub.


Well humble won’t get me this month. Already paused.

Time to go take a nap in the corner and hope September is actually somewhat interesting.


Shall we wake you up when September ends?
Or would that be a little late?


Actually, to me, this is a pretty good bundle…The ascent, Hot wheels, A plague tale, In Sound Mind, and ONMO all on my WL. ONMO is a really pretty shiny thing done but ONE man…No team etc.


The September bundle releases September 6th. Waking me up at the end of September would see me gotten charged for it. Probably a bit late.

The ascent, hot wheels, and omno are nice to have for me. They just aren’t interesting enough to me to buy the bundle. I would probably not get around to playing them for a long while.


That is super impressive. Gotta gander at In Sound Mind. Name familiar. Edit: It on WL (which needs serious trimming).

Hm, if anyone willing to trade In Sound Mind with a spooky squirrel, that would be cool.

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This is the first bundle I’ve considered getting.

I can definitely recommend this one. I played it on game pass. It’s short, but fun.

If you plan on playing this one solo, I can recommend it. If you plan to play co-op, it’s still fun, but you will be dealing with a TON of bugs, crashes, and glitches. The devs don’t seem to know how to program for multiplayer and are not making any efforts to fix.

Even though I already have 2 of the games I still considered it, but Hot Wheels only being the base game was a huge turn off for me. That game has an absurd amount of DLC, so much so that I may never get it unless the full package goes on sale for like $20

A Plague Tale looks really good, it’s one of those games I would play, but only if I got it for super cheap. I may play it on game pass if I ever find the time.


I really want The Ascent, but has not such value for me to resume my subscription. Every month since this year started each month I can only find 1 or 2 games that are in my interest.
Comparing the previous Humbly Monthly till november 2019 it was way way better than the recent Humble Choice.
Back then only the headline games were completely worth it. Or am I mistaken?

Back in beginning of 2020 I paid for the whole year, yet I still have 4 months prepaid (and its august 2022). Skipped so many months. And found bundles more attractive than the Choice alone.


It’d be kinda cool if at some point they did a “Best of Humble Choice” bundle.

I dunno though, a lot of people might get mad at that idea.


I only own Hot Wheels, but I just can’t be arsed with the rest. Paused


@EyeQue waves hi! <3

So it’s Humans, Bah Humbug, and also, Humble: Bah Humbug. Myrr.

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