Humble Choice monthly - What Are You Choosing and Why?



If they start giving us good games, people would subscribe again. lol they ain’t ever gonna learn.


ok, but if they just have mediocre bundles, aren’t those ppl also not just going to pause their subscription and hold out for better options the months after? if ppl keep pausing cuz they offer not great bundles then that doesn’t rly help them make more money either


I think the people on those $36/6 month plans don’t have a pause function… is my guess.

Confirmed, pausing makes you lose the promo rate.

You will go back to whatever your regular plan month would cost if you pause and unpause.


The offer is still there it seems, but yea only people not sub can get it but it seems people that have sub before but not right now + new people can both get the deal. So i personally like to think of it as tempting people to cancel, classic xD


Yup the one big condition is that you can’t pause at all or the price goes back to normal full amount.


Wow, you can’t even pause? HB went from one of the best places to shop for games to sharply dropping over the ledge into a cess pool.


Can still pause if you are paying the full amount on default plan, those being the basic, premium and classic plans, but not for any of their monthly limited time deals. like the one above.


Ah I know just the spot for this bundle


Well it was in cards after IGN acquisition i guess. It was just matter of how long will it take for HB to drop in quality.


Anyway. By a chance anyone has Pc Building Sim copy up for trade?


I am trying to secure you a copy of the game on SteamTrades right now, I will send you the key in Steam if I can get the deal to go through.


What do you want in return? “Nothing” doesnt work here … :smiley:


Just a simple thanks is enough. :slight_smile: But please wait until you have the key and have confirmed that it works… I am waiting to hear back on my offer right now.


The only redeeming factor for this month (to me at least) was that I managed to get rid of my leftovers rather fast through bartering.

December was ho-hum, this one (with the exception of Chaosbane and Song of Horror) was a dud, and im frankly scared to see what they have planned for us in February’s Choice.

I got the 6 month plan, im gonna cancel it after the fact either way, since I refuse to give my money further when these are the offerings on the table.

Like, i dont expect constant triple A releases but even sthg like a Vampire The Masquerade: Bloodlines would have been better instead of this…VN spinoff?

I dont know what the hell is going at HB but they really need to up their competition, this is weaksauce.


Nothing for me again :man_shrugging:

The only game I care about is Pathologic 2, which I already have.