Humble Choice monthly - What Are You Choosing and Why?



Oh no :frowning: for me we are back to non interesting deals again. I can understand the appeal of something like PC Building Simulator for some people, but when that is the indicated as one of the headliners for the bundle… yeesh :confused:… am I missing something?


Pretty disappointing imo


Unfortunately nothing of interest :frowning: Reallyyyyy looking for something new to play and then this -.-
(welp, gotta admit the horror games looks good, but I can’t possibly play that by myself haha :scream:)


omg wtf r they doing?


They’ve got a bunch of suckers who just paid $36 for 6 months of filler crap. That’s what they’re doing.


1 game from my wishlist, and several games I know I probably won’t play.

Wishlisted game is:

Games I would play are:

Ancestors: The Humandkind Odyssey
Vampire: The Masquerade - Shadows of New York
The Ambassador: Fractured Timelines

As @CrazR mentioned, the horror games look good, but typically not my cup of tea… I get too jumpy. I try them from time to time but step away for months at a time.

Am trying to decide if Tales + the ones I listed I would pay $13 for…


Mildly interested in PC Building Sim,Chaos Bane and Pathologic 2 but other than that this is a very easy skip for me.


Anyone know about Song of Horror “complete” edition? I think they gave the first ep. free. My Steam Library says I own the “Complete Edition”. That means all 5 eps.?



Yes, you can check if you own the others through here (bundle of the other episodes):


@YQMaoski Yah. I looked at that and it says not. So I wondering what exactly the one listed in Humble contains. :thinking:


I think Complete is all 5 episodes.

Are you checking your library or are you checking your key/license page?

Look here:

And do a Ctrl + F search for “Song of Horror” and see what it actually says.

If you are looking in your client library, because the individual episodes don’t have separate entries, I am assuming it displays that you have the “complete” edition even though you don’t.


I won’t name any names, but you know who you are… 30 minutes after I say I am interested in a few of the games, my inbox is filling up with offers of keys and gifts… I feel completely spoiled, and thank you all for being kind and generous. I am happy to be part of this community.

Thank you!


Sure enough, only Ep 1 is listed. I’m thinking that there is a glitch in the name on Steam then. That ‘complete edition’ is actually Ep 1, which rarely makes me hope that it’s 1 to 5 in Humble. Herm.


Indeed… just to avoid any potential confusion/question, I went ahead and bought the bundle and activated my key:

And this is what shows up in my game library:



gotta admit, had i been able to take advantage of that offer i would have gladly been one of those suckers with that massive discount - even if the expectation of them lowering bundle quality hadn’t occurred if they snatched enough subs :thinking:
what can i say, it would have been a cheap +10 game count for 6 months at least :laughing:


There’s a few games here that I wouldn’t mind having. Ancestors looks like it could possibly be interesting, Minoria is one that’s been on my radar for a while and maybe the “tales of the neon sea”, which is how they really should spell it on their steam banner/icon.

When the auto correction algorithm in my brain saw “Neonsea” it read Neo- as a prefix and then just jumped to the most logical 4 letter word beginning with N… and that wasn’t the right title.

I have no doubt those 3 games would be worth $6 at all. Just not sure they’re worth it to me, right now.

Minoria is probably the one I’d play the soonest. However there’s some shenanigans going on with their publisher Dangen Entertainment in that they appear to have a record of not actually sharing due revenue with the developers after all is said and done. Documentation of the issue:

Many of the original articles and posts are removed for one reason or another, but the archived links remain so feel free to read it all and form your own opinion.



woa, you can get a post removed from Medium ? @_@


Publishers and developers can remove forum posts and threads. Sometimes I have seen them delete whole threads of criticism, whether it’s constructive or not, just because they want to not have people see some people have to say about the game. I know someone who got flagged for “inappropriate behavior” when all he did was write a thread with issues he had with the game, his thread got deleted, and he couldn’t post on forums for 2-3 days as a result.

The one thing they have no control over is your reviews. You can write a positive review, a negative review, a neutral review, or a scathing review, and they can comment on it (even if you turn off comments) but they cannot delete those…


was more a joke in the sense that sometimes it “seems” like Medium just allows any “article” to be created there :sweat_smile: