Humble Choice monthly - What Are You Choosing and Why?



Cool. Will talk to ye on Steam.


Just wanted to give everyone a heads up, the choice bill date is the 25th so if you have not yet decided whether to skip this month or not you might want to get to it before the holiday starts.


Ever since they changed the subscription model, does it seem to anyone else that the list of games is steadily getting worse or repeated?

That’s definitely what’s going on. lol


you are definitely not the only one with that thought.
IGN acquisition bundle quality drop aside, since that was a thing some people also raised, the last year of humble choice hasn’t exactly appeared to be as much “choice” pickings.
Not that there haven’t been good games or nice stuff sprinkled in, but it definitely seems like there is a buuunch of fillers and lower tier stuff, compared to what Humble Monthly “once were”… but then again nothing ever lasts or stays the same :disappointed:

it sorta reminds me a little about early humble weekly bundles, where you got all these small games, possibly even “unknown” indies, which makes it great for library filler/“discovery” - but does seem to make it less appealing "value"wise to when you got like 5 slamming titles (and for less money, if you aren’t on classic - which makes me wonder when they are gonna strip classic price from us :grimacing:)


so… aaany other “loyal” subscribers, classic/premium, feeling a little shafted right now? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


No the coupon is available to you as well if you want to sign up for it. I didn’t see anything about having to be a new sub to use it when I ignored the 3rd mail about it.


oh i clicked it, fast, and it said i couldn’t use it because i was already subscribed (which wouldn’t be the first time such an offer didn’t apply to current cubs)
-in fact “returning” now, the “ad”/banner is completely disappeared from their site (for me, while logged in, it returns on “clean” browser)


Weird, I wonder why they’d bother sending out those emails to me and presumably others to whom the coupon does not apply. You don’t have an already active yearly sub or something right?

Didn’t look into it closer earlier and I don’t have the emails anymore nor does the coupon appear to be in my account as I expected it to be. Well whatever.


no i’m month to month now since they stopped offering benefits for long term subs


wow, that’s 33% cheaper than their Black Friday promo for a full year even


yea, it kinda “pisses” me off humble continues this trend of giving continuous subscribers the finger - but heck i’d take the deal even if it stipulated that you couldn’t pause
50% off is not shabby as a Classic sub, :neutral_face:
and i can’t imagine how much more annoying it must be for existing "premium"subs to see they can’t use this offer… 70% off 20$ x6 kinda begins entering “not peanuts” territory…


Considering I only want 3-4 bundles a year paying half price for 6 consecutive ones does not seem like a great deal to me.


I get this view, but on the other hand, some people judge the value of the games against the 12$ (or 20 if not on classic). So even a bundle that is not worth 12$ can still be worth for the 6 you pay now.
At least that is how I see it for myself :slight_smile:


There is no doubt in my mind that by plain value the choice bundle is a steal damn near ever month, for $6 even more so. But it needs to contain a game I really want to play pretty much right away for it to be worth anything to me at all. 12 more games in my backlog is less than worthless to me, it is in fact of negative value. I have far more important things $36 needs to go towards.


It appears they are only targeting people that pause often with this offer. @Gnuffi and I never pause so we did not get this offer :frowning:


Like me. I pause the heck out of Humble. I did get the email.


it’s not only that i didn’t get this offer via mail, it’s that it was temporarily available on their site, then “disappearing” when clicked(gonna guess some cookie snafu not signaling them i was signed in?) -and then the offer only being available on the store when not signed in; meaning "not for current subs"
which i feel is kinda shafting people that shows continuous “support” :unamused:


It is weird. Maybe that got some extra planned for regulars?


doubt it, it’s been a regular trend for Humble the past couple of years (and far from uncommon general business practice either)