Humble Choice monthly - What Are You Choosing and Why?

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Looks like there’s 14 games this time around and classic subs still get all of them, I think.
Indivisible, Zwei and Shining resonance are all games that have been on my radar at some point or another. The rest I don’t really know anything about, but wasn’t Children of Morta in a monthly already?


don’t think so, but it was in some other bundle a while ago i think


It has never been bundled before but it is on gamepass.


Looking closer at this bundle out of the games I already knew about only Children of Mortia still holds a strong interest for me. I will very likely end up passing on this one.


For me, about half of these are ones that I would probably keep.

The interest I have is in Children of Morta and One Step from Eden.

Indivisible seems like it’ll be an alright addition.

I would really like to play Shining Resonance Refrain, but until SEGA removes Denuvo, I’ll refrain from activating it.

ZWEI might be interesting just to try out, and Path of Giants looks like it could be interesting.

Tabletop Playground just looks like a reskin of Tabletop Simulator.

I love Overcooked, but naturally I already have it, so that would need to find a home (cough @YQMaoski cough)

The rest are things to hand out.


LOL! I am likely to keep this month as well. I am interested in ZWEI games and of course I am going to grab Overcooked from here. :slight_smile: I was waiting for a good sale on the Gourmet bundle, but I guess this is just as good. :slight_smile:


All good haha. I wouldn’t have been able to do it at the time anyway. I was at an appointment to get a biosculpture over one of my nails after splitting my nail in half last night :sweat_smile::upside_down_face:


So you’re saying you’ll… Shining Resonance Refrain from activating it?

…I’ll see myself out


This is literally the first bundle since Choice started that I am likely going to get. Morta, One Step from Eden and Indivisible are on my Wishlist, and Overcooked 2 is a nice addition to boot. Still There and Path of Giants seem like things I could get in to, but the rest I will likely give to other people, but finally for me personally there is a Choice that is worth it for me to consider.


pleasantly surprised by Children of Morta i have to say; i personally dont rly like the art style (especially the colors, but even the theme, all vry gloomy) but i must say the gameplay loop is way more pleasant than i would have imagined it to be based on what i’ve seen from it, and there seems to be a pretty in-depth skill tree system in place with way more characters to play than i thought as well, and i’ll try and see if i can get my wife to play some coop as well XD

the frog detective thingies are kinda funny yet quite irrelevant, ok to spend an hour on i guess, and I think i’m gonna play Path of Giants, Still There, and Struggling (wtf is that O.O) quite soon as well


Children of Morta has cool power-ups that when you level up one person’s skill tree it directly benefits other characters. Different runes and stuff, really neat.

I, on the other hand, was totally blown away by the art style, because it’s such fine pixelation with so many shades of color that it was just breathtaking to look at… Haha, difference in opinions I guess.


I think it’s just the atmosphere; it’s quite “dark”; i prefer lighthearted themes and colors, lol, like Hades, for example, or more bright at least, let’s say

the art style is definitely beautiful, not arguing that, i more meant the atmosphere, i guess. Any idea if this has online coop btw? (I imagine it doesn’t)


I just checked, and they say they are working on adding online co-op!


swallows hard

Indivisible and Children of Morta. Feck eating. I want this month. O_O Like srsly though.

What’s Humble gonna get next? Bloodstained? (One can only hope)

OOh ooh! @PeteMcc My dear prince mentioned his WL. Shining Resonance has been on mine for a good while. Oh my gods and wee little fishes.

Beast Inside is a mega creepy horror too. Well nuts. O_O The :chipmunk: tail is all fluffed with excitement!


Hey guys. Anyone will to trade Overcooked 2? I have already have it. Looking to get a copy for a wee friend, since I’m not getting this month. An awesome personage gifted me Shining Resonance. :heart:

My wee buddum isn’t a Chronie, so I’d be a go between, at least until he and you can chat otherwise on Steam or whatever


I’ll have a spare when I get the bundle.