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How Did You First Hear About Chrono?


Like many others, Totalbiscuit.


Pazos64 and Lynx Reviewer




I heard from this very obscure you tuber. No on really knows him for his movie reviews. His name is CompleteCookie and he recomended this and I don’t regret checking this website out


I heard about it through someone complaining about it on SG, and others telling him that it was a good, so I checked it out, and here I am.


found it out during a long conversation with my cousin about games


While serving with my fellow guardsmen in Catachan, I was on a quest to slay a creature far mightier than the local, fiersome Catachan Devil! After 32 long days and nights in constant battle, picking away at its chitinous hide and avoiding its deathly rocket launcher stinger, the Oobly Goobly’s heart had been pierced by my blunted bayonet. Still it would not die. I had no choice but to force my head into its chest cavity and rip it out with my teeth. Had it not been for my sheer will to live, the boiling substance it bled would have surely killed me, but I wasn’t going to let something like hot water stay me from my course! The Oobly Goobly, the greatest foe the Imperium has ever faced, ushered one last word before it fell… “Chrono”. And so I searched on one of the few last computers with a decent internet explorer that wouldn’t just search for Imperium sites and found it.

OK, it wasn’t that dramatic. I just saw it through TotalBiscuit and still use his promo link to this day!


I found about this site through the wonderful brit named Caddicarus, and his sponsor link



Simple as that


Pazos64 :3


Like many people here, I heard about it from TotalBiscuit. I bought RogueLegacy here as well, which I really enjoyed so I’ve been visiting the site regularly since then.


heard from good ol TB


I heard about this site was from Caddy


Oddly enough, I learned about this site just a little bit ago, when looking at the connection options for, which includes a connection for I have no idea what connecting the two actually do, but I have done so. I guess I’ll find out eventually. In the meantime, I guess I can get some games. :smiley:


Same here. GDQ is the only thing I truly look forward to every year. Advertising there probably made Chrono the company it is today.


I believe it was Steamgifts, their discussion always full with update news from members.


I saw it in CheapShark, with its single entry down, at the bottom. It was a really good deal, though for a title I was not interested in (I can’t remember which one though), so I kept checking back.




I think it was in a TB’s video, but I’m not sure. Then reddit.


Also from TB