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How Did You First Hear About Chrono?


Totalbiscuit. I started checking via his link nearly everyday since he announced his partnership. I’ve gotten a couple of games and now play the meta-game of coin hoarding. (On my way toward a 3rd legendary streak)


TotalBiscuit. I think I found out through his Steam Curator page, which I follow.


Totalbiscuit as well, been visiting the site on and off since then, now I visit daily since the introduction of coins :slight_smile:


a Steam group from admin ;


Same, I am happy that I actually listened to one of the promotions this time.


I discovered this awesome site by the deal you made of Lastfight. Indeed, this game come from a French comic called Lastman, and it kick asses, it’s an awesome comic. By the way, they even made a animated serie of Lastman that will come in English in some time :wink: I advise you all to watch it since it’s so great!


I heard about it through Total Biscuit’s promotion of the site.I liked the idea so I checked it. And i do not regret it.


Like many other people here it was TotalBiscuit’s promotion of the site and I kept an eye on it from time to time. I believe his first video was about a year or so ago. It wasn’t until his second video about the coins I finally decided to join up. :slight_smile:


I first heard about ChronoGG from Caddicarus, but I quickly forgot about it. I only decided to check it out after TotalBiscuit praised it in one of his videos.




I think I register after a GDQ thing, I’m not sure. But I came back when TB mentioned it I think… God my memory is bad.


Chronicon Discussion Board, a topic talking about ZiggyD’s video featuring Chronicon and promo on the game.


I was reading messages on SteamGifts Discord server and someody simply wrote “” to remind others to get their coins. He did this everyday so eventually I checked on google what was. And here I am ! :smiley:


The man with the totalist biscuitrinos


I subscribe to nerdcubed on patron and he is thinking of setting up a deal with Chrono so he let his patron followers have a say. And i liked the idea of a different game on sale each day so now i’m here


Welcome! :slight_smile:




i honestly can’t remember, you expect me to be able to remember that far back, :confused:
i can barely recall what pants i had for breakfast or which leg i put in my oatmeal first this morning :dizzy_face:

possibly Cynical Tophat Biscuit British Halibut McBain, can’t say for sure :thinking:

wait, -why are there footstep shaped oatmeal splodges on my floor?!


It’s really sad what happens to gnomes when they get old, can’t even tell the difference between pants and oatmeal. Sad!


Total Biscuit

Seems that having a big name promote one’s site gets one users… I’m flabbergasted :slight_smile:

Edit: although to be fair, that’s not entirely accurate, the interest is piqued, but one keeps the users by being a good site with a good community. Yay, well done Chrono!