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How Did You First Hear About Chrono?


Just curious, I learned about the site through my dad who discovered it by watching the local news. It kind of made me feel like I owe something to the company and the site as well just because I live like not even an hour away from them. Also, I’m glad to see a gaming related company instead of a generic tech company around here.

How did you find Chrono?
How did you find out about
How did you find Chrono?

I heard about it through Total Biscuit’s promotion of the site. I was intrigued by his willingness to give them high praise. So I clicked through around a month ago and have been here every day but one, ever since.

Nice wee place, ain’t it? I got a FREE game last week and some people seemed to like my shitey jokes, so it’s win/win for me. Now if only I could apply that to my physical existence, I wouldn’t be such a miserable old codger… Maybe.

Two out of three isn’t so bad. :thumbsup:


I heard about it while watching AGDQ/SGDQ.
Speedrunning and cheap games, what’s not to love? :slight_smile:


Through Gothika_47


I first heard about it through the GameDeals reddit, my one and only source for “cheap” games, but only ever took a quick glimpse at the deals. Then, 30 days ago, despite rarely watching his videos anymore, YouTube recommended TotalBiscuit’s video on the Chrono Coins to me. I watched it, and now since 30 days I have a daily look at the deals and the community :slight_smile:


Also from Total Biscuit


I heard it from this spanish youtuber


Well, I heard about it from a friend when he said he wanted a game from here for Christmas :stuck_out_tongue:
Since I bought the game for him I kept getting emails from Chrono, and yeah… Accidentally bought some games for myself along the way… :smiley: And I’m loving the coin feature btw.:heart_eyes:


Total Biscuit !


TB and NL


When we said the name in @frst’s living room.


TB hands down. (Also worship the golden throne as he would say)


Tee Bee


I came here for a Jalopy sale about a month ago. Great deal. Then I was getting e-mails, but really didn’t think much about them. When Total Biscuit did his spiel I decided to look at it closer. I really like this site.


AGDQ. Not too much into Youtube… rather play games than watch them.


I knew id get a cheeky response out of you


I got here due to TB


I mugged frst and noticed his business card inside his wallet that I stole. Either that or AGDQ. I don’t remember.




Heard about it through word of mouth from a friend.