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How Did You First Hear About Chrono?


My memory is fuzzy on this but it sounds familiar.


Actually heard about through TB first… But promptly forgot it for a day or two, until some kind soul at r/freegamefindings reminded reddit that this was a thing…

So far i gotta say that the quality of the games sold / given through coins here is top. notch.

I honestly wish chrono takes off to amazing heights, they certainly are working for it.

So kudos.


I discovered it through Caddicarus’ promotion of it.


TotalBiscuit like the first time months ago. And TB again when he made that video a couple of weeks about the free games/coins.


Total biscuit is the one to thank.


Like SketchyAme, I’m one of the few who heard about it from Caddy.




Same here! Caddy all the way <3


Pazos <3


Assuming I didn’t hear it from AGDQ, then I believe I robbed you by threatening to throw a heavy ceramic coffee mug at you really really hard, unless you surrendered your wallet. You did and ran away crying. Since then you would only drink coffee out of paper cups while you worked at the Chrono Inc. office. I’ve heard you would even use those cups from the water cooler if there were no more paper cups for coffee. Apparently you’ve been avoiding those coffee mugs in the office kitchen because a part of you remembered that day of the mugging. So… Whoops and sorry? We cool? I mean, I got a really nice watch out of whatever you had in your wallet, and you sure took a while to cancel your cards. I don’t really know why you had a post-it note on a stack of cash with the words “My gift to you one-legged Timmy. I promise I will adopt you and one-armed Annie when I pay off the mortgage and take you away from this horrible orphanage.” Oh well, I got a sweet watch out of that either way.




Reddit…Even though I don’t have an account there…I do check a thread or two there about gaming.


TB’s sponsored video about it.


I… idk.


Odd enough I found out about it though site. I am rather new here


Rev Scarecrow


I saw a giveaway for Broforce on Steamgifts and people on there rarely pay full price for games, so I asked the giveaway creator where he got it from. Being a Devolver fan I just had to know in case I didn’t win. He then told me it was from Unfortunately at the time Chrono didn’t accept PayPal. 'Member? I told him about it and tried to get someone with a creditcard to buy me the game. The giveaway creator then gave me a copy and the guy who already got me a copy using his creditcard got my key. It was a good day! Since then I check Chrono daily, although I haven’t bought much and I feel a bit shitty 'bout it. Support your local key seller!


Vinesauce Rev


Pazos64 brought me here.