Hope its cool to publish my streak here

hey, first post here
hope its cool to publish my streak here…

are there even people with higher streaks then mine?


Welcome to the forums :grinning:
You’ve got a little way to go for now but good job so far…maybe tomorrow you’ll get to spend some hard earned coins.

Thats cool, I’ll take a look over this thread later, tnx :smiley:

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Are they going to bring new games to the coin shop tomorrow?

if the “schedule” is on track then yea
for a while Chrono have been pretty spot on with Shop games every other friday around sale reset (give or take an hour or two sometimes)
so tomorrow around 9am pacific time, maybe, if “as usual”
(of course now that i’ve said that Chrono is gonna do everything to mess with my statement’s accuracy) :wink:

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:scream_cat: Oh no, dow you’ve done it, you’ve jinxed us all… :joy_cat:

I’m still trying to save up coins for the last games added to the shop…at this rate I will never have a stockpile of coins :confused:

People could have 200+ streaks atm

Currently I’m on a 81 day streak after losing my 114 day streak more than 3 months ago.

The current streak is 226 days right now (highest possible) … I’m at 222 'cuz I don’t check TB videos fast enough :smiley:

Every time I check the coin shop I see that number and just getting lazy to even calculate how long its going to take.

Yea, I feel you, I lost my last one 2 days before the 30 days mark.

Aw, damn, thats impressive
I guess we are all lacking a bit of life all together to be near a PC to click on a button over the internet…

btw, I’m not sure how to collect my replays all together under 1 msg sorry if its consider spam.
I looked for some + button or something to collect it together. I might be blind

There’s an Edit button on bottom right of your own posts and you can combine everything there. Btw, 'cuz I need to travel a lot I used my phone a bit to keep the streak going… with today technology nothing is impossible :slight_smile:

How dare you publish your streak here. You will be banned (cuz I totes have authority over that) and sentenced to death Sunday afternoon.

(im kidding dont hurt me)


So I click on the edit button → and click replay on the next msg? Going to try it right now on this one.
edit: nvm i failed.

s-sorry senpai
please not the belt


Boku No Belt


I started day one but I also kept screwing up my streaks xD I’m on about the same as you are.

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yeah sorry

Too many.

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