Hope its cool to publish my streak here

streak here is mine


heh, the beginning of a rivaling streak thread it would seem :wink:
"You are not prepared!" :smiling_imp:

cough*(ps, some users’ streak don’t count, don’t let them fool you otherwise)cough*
lol i don’t think that one is ever gonna grow old on me :smirk:

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At what point does this get merged with the official statistics on streaks thread?

Preferably directly after the first post was made as it obviously belonged in that thread.

Edit: and thus to answer the original question: No. :angry:

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it was my first comment here btw.

Yeah, I noticed. Welcome to the forum.

Not criticizing you or anything, just saying that someone needs to merge this with the other thread, as has been done in the past. It’s silly to have two similar threads competing with each other :wink:


can we just take a moment of silence, please?

my streak died the other day and…

I still…

I’m sorry, it’s just… so hard to see such tiny numbers.

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Yo waddup? Trying to take away my thread’s turf.


(that’s not how i remember Highlander)