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Hollow Knight: Gods & Glory release date announced. (or the general Hollow Knight discussion thread)


you know how things are, some are easier than others :wink:


well, i kept reading and encountered this a few posts below:

After some toying I’ve found that killing 12 Hoppers in the area directly below the Colosseum of Fools (sweeping from top left to bottom right, to kill 6, leaving and re-entering the area on the right and sweeping back from bottom right to top left) nets you 276 Geo in only around 35 seconds (assuming Greed, Dashmaster, Sprintmaster, Nailmaster’s Glory, Gathering Swarm and decent timing on your dash-slashes; I suck so I sometimes miss a slash and take 40 seconds) for about 7000 Geo in 15 minutes.

so i think i’ll do this instead :smiley:




mission accomplished

I guess i’m gonna pay the Hollow Knight another visit soon


well, the Hollow Knight is no more


or is he?

@Gnuffi the kicker is that i went back in there as soon as i relaunched the game to see if anything would be different, and ofc the fight starts, and i beat him vry vry vry easily the second time, like stupid ez

i’m not rly sure what it all means though, i mean:


it’s kinda Dark Soulsy isn’t it, link the fire and all that? but i would have preferred that beating him would lead to a change in the world beyond his death [though ofc i guess i should now go check out that mirror in Kingdom’s Edge @Fraggles?], and that rly isn’t the case cuz when u load up he’s still there, that’s kind of overwhelming to me, i get that "we’re the hollow knight now, and we keep this world alive in some fashion, i think, but only if u stop playing actually, i would have preferred to actually play as the hollow knight now, or simply have beaten him and obtained something from it which i can use to keep playing, but i guess to each their own…


you’re not done :wink:

yea so did i, but if you read carefully you’ll see it actually “requires” endgame stuff to match up to, imo i found the other method easier, even if the hopper farming did prove more efficient -once had full upgrades lol, since if you don’t have the nail +charms to beat them down in seconds you lose the way you can with the worms quick bench reset, but yea they both work for sure (hope you get your unbreakable charms going


So, on fighting the Hollow Knight you can see he’s a little deranged, driven insane by the infection that infests Hallownest. Perhaps there’s a cause for that and something else you could try as that battle reaches it’s conclusion?


the game lets you go on, because not only is there "more"
but if you notice in the black egg you get a % tablet, that keeps track of your progress
so if you blazed through the game missing 70% stuff, they then let you keep going and get everything you missed, hint 100% is not “100%” in Hollow Knight :wink:
not just stuff to collect/charms etc, but potentially missed bosses, “tasks”, challenges, story/background lore stuff and so on, maybe even a possible small chain of slightly hidden hoppin around or npc interaction, like the devs had a thing for shrooms with all the stuff they put in for you to do :smile:
you know all that sort of various stuff that’s in some games, that might even twist a potential given ending? :thinking:

anyways, i’ll let you to it and see what you find/decide :+1: :hugs:
oh, and ofc don’t forget to at least have a taste of the Godmaster’s offerings :blush:


like what? ask him out on a date?

that mirror thing in Kingdom’s Edge is still doing nothing at all wtf


I don’t think he’s progressed the other requisite parts along enough to even get the option yet.


Actually, you’re probably spot on there…


perhaps “unrelated” to Hollow Knight himself, and maybe, like other things in Hallowsnest, it could require the right charm to interact with. Like with the fart charm and certain NPC’s, and other times it helps to pretend to be a toadstool when “talking to a wall” :smile:

and unrelated to above, don’t forget to follow the hansel and gretel trail of breadcrumbs Hornet might be a part of laying out for you :relaxed:


I just dealt with Gretel, i guess i’m missing a charm which allows me to become a toadstool


can this give me something? i know that the old guy complains about it, but i never use it generally, so it’s not something i’ll likely discover ever


hmm yea maybe, just noticed your old screenshot you didn’t even have it there…
well you might want to explore parts of Shroomville(aka Fungal Wastes) you haven’t dug through

it lowers your price on fragile charms and their repairs from that hermit blind bug guy, and gives you different dialogue with couple other NPC’s, doesn’t reward you anything special beyond that
imo dialogue changes is some of the little charm of Hollow Knight, it’s why i also enjoyed (and recommend) dream nailing everything you can, just to see what they might say :blush:


y i love that too, well, just got smoke dash (or whatever it’s called), so now there’s 3 places i know i should go too


shadow dash/“Shade Cloak”, and yup, couple of places just opened, up definitely recommend
btw, that’s the skill i mentioned that made Hollow Knight even easier, so if you thought he was easy the 2nd time around, just you try him again :smile:
and oh, there is a charm to go along with that new dash move you might want to remember to grab, can be pretty useful (maybe even on Grimm :wink:) even if you don’t decide to use it everywhere, still nice to have at least


the one that allows u to dash more often? does it also allow u to shadow dash more often then?


nope, dashmaster don’t affect shadow dash, that one is only for regualr dash
one i mean is a charm specifically only for Shade Cloak (even think its hardgated off until after you acquire the shade)
what it does, like i think Xist mentioned, is add dmg to your dash, and make the distance longer
however, caveat, you might have noticed it’s as if you’re not shadow dashing all the time if you spam it
it’s because it actually has a cooldown, so you shadow dash and regular dash “in between”, and dashmaster only affects regular dash, and Sharp Shadow only affects shadow dash


omg the game that keeps on giving, finished exploring Deepnest and got that shade damage charm (which reminds me i should equip it too), also got the shroom charm and met mr mushroom and did the first colosseum challenge, met the big Zote knight boss whatever his name is, the fabulous, the magnificent, … rofl, (couldn’t beat him though in the few tries i attempted, also found a boss and dream warrior in Deepnest but only tried each once) and now i found a whole new area to the right of the palace grounds and within it another thing called the hive, which i’ll explore next, and then the rest of the area it lies in


Okay, so I hate you all. :stuck_out_tongue: I decided to finally fire up Hollow Knight for the first time last night and am quite enjoying myself. I played for about 5 hours and after killing a boss in the first area and greenleaf am now utterly lost. :cry: I have found two more areas, fog canyon and fungal wastes, but cannot find maps, viable paths to progress or bosses for them. Can anyone give me a hint on where I should go? Trying not to spoil myself with walkthroughs and the such.