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Hollow Knight: Gods & Glory release date announced. (or the general Hollow Knight discussion thread)


For the record I ended up in Kingdom’s Edge after Deepnest, utilising vehicular transport to go from A to B. There’s some good stuff for you to find still though which will help buff your strength further.

And as far as Shape of Unn goes…people swear by it but I could never get used to using it or felt that it helped me.


yea i think it’s highly situational, and probably individual too
i never really got to utilize the “height advantage”, so i can’t even speak for that
but it was definitely the charm(combo) that helped me beat nightmare king grimm before i got used to his stuff, tho other fights i found there to maybe be “better” ways around the issues i might have had
and i definitely recommend to use it with Baldur shell and Spore Shroom if just for a minute once for the giggles :smile:


Oh, hey, look, now Troupe Master Grimm is kicking my ass too, omg, my character is rly starting to feel like a little depressed shit fly atm…

ok, i’m just gonna check out the Kingdom’s Edge right now, pretty sure that’s an arena at the top of my map where it says Colosseum of Fools, pretty sure i can go and get my ass kicked there too, and then there’s still Deepnest too…

yo @Gnuffi @xist @Fraggles what do u guys think about this Grimmchild charm? It seems to do about half a nail hit of damage from what i’ve seen, which seems fine to me given that it helps in dealing with the riffraff and also deals damage to bosses over time


Yeah Grimm is really end game content. I gave up on the grim troupe thing myself eventually and that was with full upgrades and 45h in the game or something.

I couldn’t find a slot for it in my setup, which I liked too much to go messing with for it. Also generally dislike having AI companions making decisions about what and when to fight, I like to engage things on my terms.


IMO it’s a waste of a charm slot…never used the thing.

If you’re finding the Troupe Master tough…well, let’s just say that a Nightmare awaits! :grimacing:


y i gave it 3 tries and then i was like gtfoh


i usually just kill everything i encounter … or get killed by a boss, lol


Nightmare King Grimm took me about 90 minutes to 2 hours (possibly more! My memory is hazy…) of continuous practice, over and over learning his patterns. He’s just so fast in comparison to everything else you’ve faced. Die, rinse, repeat. It’s funny, once you get to the Nightmare variety the regular Troupe Master is a doddle!


i found this mirror-like thing all the way south-east in Kingdom’s Edge, it looks like the others which usually give some type of text when interacting with them, but this one i can’t interact with, which is pretty weird


huh… yeah that IS pretty weird.

it’s a metroidvania, if you’ve reached something you think you can’t engage with now there just might be something elsewhere to explore first that’ll help you out.


y, that’s why i left a pin on my map there, lol, but i feared it might have been bugged or something

pretty funny too that one feels drawn to the Colosseum of Fools, if yr drawn to something of fools, what does that make u?

and now i’m tickling some creature’s ass, omg, and i haven’t even met the rest of him (her? it?)… the least one could say about that is that it’s rather impolite


i mean, if we go by prison rules … I’ll say no more i feel sick already, sry my character is a filthy bug


use the love key? why do i get the sensation that once i step in there it will be like taking a shower in prison? i think i’ll go and look at that Colosseum first…


then on second thought, the fact that it keeps raining bodies from up there is not greatly appealing either


imo, Grimm, (well at least his Nightmare fight) was the hardest boss in the game -before Godmaster dlc decided to ramp things up :smile:
there is absolutely nothing wrong with you getting all other stuff cleared out the way or collected before you go at him,
-while he does have a fairly reliable move-set, it’s one of the harder to get adjusted to and react well and in time to, full upgrades can easily be recommended

regarding GrimmChild charm, until it’s fully upgraded (which will require you to beat Grimm twice) it’s not worth a slot except for very weird charm combos where you attempt to kill a boss with “adds” mainly -which all deal low dmg btw
i think, don’t quote me, grimmchild is like 4dmg after first “quest”, 8 after beating Grimm, and 12 after Nightmare. So unless you get grimmchild early game, it’s a waste of 2 slots for only that low dmg, and you can easily replace with more efficient. Also, low rate of fire, and just… doesn’t really seem to target optimal on stuff with adds it feels sometimes.

Colosseum of Fools - highly recommend you attempt your meddle in the arena :+1:

the way i did it was clear a ton of the game, beat Grimm, clear whatever i hadn’t found, and do Nightmare Grimm at the end(like xist for about 2+ hours lol). And then totally breezed through the game’s final boss(es) like it was no big deal, -coming straight from that prior ordeal :laughing:

oh, and (imo), if you think regular Grimm is tough, you’re gonna love a couple of endgame bosses in Godmaster :wink:


is that yr way of telling me not to use that love key right now?

k going in the colosseum

also found a simple key which i got by killing Gollum; i remember putting a pin somewhere on my map for a suitable door, i think…

i know i used one to open the royal waterways, and i think there was one such door in king station? but there’s no pin on my map there, and i cant remember any other


love key is for something else, no worries, in fact i’d recommend you take a stroll there to check that venture out :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Godmaster i recommend doing after you cleared the entire main game (just because it makes bit better sense and progress that way) but no worries if you do enter you can just leave again to go back to the regular game stuff…

now a simple key you might be interested in using for a visit at the love den for some non-hostile relaxing visit for once (and around kings station is right, well City of Tears area, left of king station)

but love key is nothing to worry about, Godmaster requires a different key than that


well, found the banker :rofl::rofl::rofl: now is there rly no way to actually kill him?

and just got unbreakable greed, but the way in which i got it :confounded::confounded::confounded::confounded:


unfortunately not, she has a pretty hard shell apparently, but you can still get some pleasure out of whacking away at her even after she stops dropping your geo, (which might take a while if you gave her 5k +hers 2.5 lol)

now remember to hand her strength next, and get ready for some worm slaying action, aka “farming” :wink:
(don’t worry shouldn’t take long, think you can farm for both hearth and strength in like an hour -less if you have tons of relics ofc) :+1:


already done

hm, y, maybe i should do this first, i went back exploring but it might be better to get these two charms first, especially given that i tried the hollow knight again but with the same results, lol

now if only they all came as ez as the Collector…