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Hollow Knight: Gods & Glory release date announced. (or the general Hollow Knight discussion thread)


you might (remember) see a tree, and you might want to inspect some walls close by that dream root tree thingy

(just let me know if you want more detailed location/description when the time comes @M00) :+1:


ok, i might want to check that out next time i play then

so should i first get them fixed, or can i take them while they’re broken there? and i guess i better go sell all my stuff to the collector then, cuz i lost all my geo after buying literally dozens of rancy eggs, lol


yea don’t buy more eggs, sry, can’t make omelettes in this game :wink:

and yes you do need them repaired first before can get upgraded, and you definitely need a ton of geo to pay for the upgrades, but remember, if you run around with lots of geo you might also lose it :wink:
(sometimes/some people like to save the relics cash in for right before they actually use the geo)


y that’s what i’ve been doing for a good while now, so i should have some cash available when i go collect

k rly need to go sleep now, lol, since an hour or so


now i remember; it’s cuz i found the Stag nest, so at least now i have a quick way out there for next time i launch the game


ok, so, I finally found a pale ore, somewhere in the ancient basin, so i will try to beat the Hollow Knight again next session; also, there’s obviously a part of the map under the palace grounds or something, but i dont know how to access it

the reason i went there is cuz i now accessed the grimm group dlc (thanks @Gnuffi), which was pretty cool, and so i did the first level of the charm and started the second level, but to do the second level i need to go to Kingdom’s Edge (i guess it’s no coincidence that i could suddenly buy this map today), but i cant access it cuz i need some type of pass for the door to open, or for a ride i guess

I now feel the game is trolling me hard though; i met the npc who obviously can upgrade the fragile charms cuz she kept asking about a smell, so first i put on the stinky charm, lol, but she didn’t like that and her hints showed me she wanted something precious and fragile, so i gathered she wanted the fragile charms, and since she wanted something precious i also felt it might be the greed related one, which coincidentally was the only intact one i had since i dont ever use it cuz who cares, and now ofc she won’t frikkin accept any other one until i first upgrade this one so wtf is the point though? i wont be able to afford all this seeing the price of just this one, which i cant afford either, having frikkin spent 5k geo on stupid worthless eggs… OMG


no worries wayward M00moo :cow:, you don’t “need” the pass, if you’ve paid a little attention before, areas usually have more than 1 way in, Kingdoms Edge is no different, In fact i’d venture you’ve practically all but been there and just missed the sneaky “obvious” entrance at 9¾ :wink:

you can upgrade the charms in whichever order you want to, you just have to have the not broken, and “give” the right one to her that you wish(you “give” by wearing the one you want)
and since you spent so much money on your “all you can eat eggs bonanza”:

"Secret Alchemy, turning bugs into Geo" (and slight spoiler):
  • banker gives you 2500 when you find that devious thieving bug the 2nd time
  • you can also get decent money in the arena, but might depend on your stamina, tenacity, speed and prowess
  • ^but, ignoring all that i’ve just said; on 2nd playthrough i found this to probably be one of the better strats for non-speedrun farming


to me the obvious entrance would be right from the very large elevator shaft above king station, but i’ve been there twice already and haven’t been able to do anything…

then maybe the issue is that i was wearing both strength and life? i should only equip strength then?

well, i do hope that is on top of the 4500 i gave him???

k, thx dude, i’ll look into this once i need to


yup, just make sure it’s not broken :+1:


right area, wrong direction, think more harry potter, it’s kinda in King’s Station, (the lift could be argued is outside), just maybe on a diff platform, a bit obscured maybe, (like at King’s Cross 9¾ :smile:)… don’t be affraid to get your bug feet wet


there’s no water there rofl


lets see if you stand firm on that point after your next session :wink:


ok just so i’m getting this right, water in king station? i dont know dude, i mean, i think the lowest i’ve seen was a broken stag station, and then lower than that is the royal waterways i think

but sure, y, i’ll check it out :smiley:


@Gnuffi dude, i think maybe u misunderstood, but yr actually wrong, i cant give her any charm even when i equip only one fragile one, the only option she gives me is to pay for the one i already gave her :frowning:


it’s almost too much awesomeness, if you know what I mean…


i dont know what u mean, all i know is the game cucked me cuz now the only charm i’ll be able to upgrade first is the one i dont want to use :frowning:

and now i broke both other charms on the hollow knight, lol, and even with my upgraded weapon i still cant take him, lol, though i did get closer this time

but yes @yitzilitt it is rly rly awesome regardless :smiley:


omg dude wtf, u can go under the wall somehow??? not gonna lie i ended up googling it man, lol


I think you’re meant to find that path from the other direction, at least I did.


well, Kingdom’s Edge is quite beautiful i have to say, but now Hornet is completely kicking my ass, lol, i’m done with this right now, too salty, lol

I did get quick slash now, and i also picked up the Unn charm today, though that doesn’t look like something i might actually use


Just beat watcher knights after 10+ tries, but I still don’t like the fight at all.


:rofl: yea
We had a little talk about “water”, because at some pointed i mentioned how surprised i was that water didn’t kill us in this game, like in others, -especially since “liquids” had killed us earlier, sorta halfway conditioning us to be weary of fluids. I can’t remember if it was @Fraggles or @xist that pointed out, that just because water kills you in other platforms didn’t mean it would so here, -especially since if one had paid a little attention, one would notice a stark difference between the liquids encountered. The first one clearly being acid/bubbly and steaming.
So after that moment i went diving in all water, and later the acid ofc after getting my sewer reward. I wanted to see if couldn’t swim either down or just in places to break an otherwise “unreachable” wall(if one couldn’t touch liquids that is).
So that’s how i found the kingdom’s edge entrance, and others, -adventurous swimming enthusiasm :joy:

maybe, i did sorta mean one at a time (hadn’t clearly registered to me you weren’t on your way to get greed back yet). But yea, 1 charm at a time, so give her Strength next, tho unbreakable Heart can also be neat (especially the way it can stack with other charms for “long” practice fights). And grinding to get all 3 aint bad, (now that you already handed in greed), since Heart and Strength could maybe be suggested to be a standard loadout

:smile: greed can come in handy for the time you farm geo for the other 2 charms anyway :+1:



no worries, it’s all about practice so don’t get discouraged, upgrades will help too ofc
and regarding the Hornet fight round 2, she is “only” deceptively difficult, since she has the same moveset as the first fight, and just +the scary obstacles, with a bit more hp than first time… you can basically learn to ignore her spike balls, or deal with them easily using spells ofc, (using scream to clear spikes while she jumps over is pretty nifty). And if you can line them up decently a fireball ofc can clear the field. And don’t forget the down smash/desolate dive you find her openings to pound on her instead of just nail arts maybe(assuming you have a couple of this point)
keep at her :+1:
(also what upgrade(s) are you on, just asking so i have an idea of your potential dmg output)

well, some charms work great on their own, others work best in combination with another or more :wink: (and ofc depending on the situation/boss)

indeed, and should never be afraid nor forget to aspire to new heights :wink:
and sometimes it’s good coming at something from more than just 1 side :wink:

hope your explorations takes you round, and that you find all the areas, things, stuff, and have an awesome journey and great time as you get farther in the game and complete it :+1: :hugs: