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Hollow Knight: Gods & Glory release date announced. (or the general Hollow Knight discussion thread)


from his head ?? o.O
but, why, how? i mean…
press A to jump man! :smile:

from that description i could maybe get the feeling you might be sticking a bit too close to him :thinking:, since his shallow moveset, “fixed range”, and predictable counterability should all in all mean you “rarely” are close enough for him to hit you much less “bumping in to” that much


it usually happens while jumping actually, like for example i jump over him and go in for a hit and he suddenly turns around and contact is made with his huge head, rofl

i’m usually quite close to him y, to hit him, lol, i just try to jump over him to evade his dash and smash, lol


double jump should give you more than enough air to be out of his “body” hitbox
and remember, you can downward slash, which can be pretty handy on bosses where you’re jumping around a lot
but you don’t really have any “need” to stick close to him actually, given his 3 move-set (starter) and sorta fixed responses, it makes him really easy to “read”, hit, and run
he lunges, multi slash or “baits you” with a telegraphed parry,
all his other “evolving” attacks in later phases are all stationary (apart from the bounce) and ofc all much more highlighted telegraphed and easier to read/avoid/counter

but because he doesn’t go in the air with his melee attacks unlike the Broken Vessel, then you can pretty much, “easily” just avoid his melee attacks by keeping as much in the air(or just ground distance) as possible, while you wait for his moves and then puts in a counter, runs away again, until the next decent opening presents
with double jump or dash, there is not much of a way i can really see how you would “bump heads” like that :wink:


lol, oh y, now i remember i have double jump too…

hadn’t played in a few days and then today i did nothing except try and beat him a dozen times, and i never even double jumped today, rofl, didnt even think about that, but i think it’s more that i wouldn’t do that unless u now tell me cuz i would just stay quite close to him and continuously just try to jump over him and hit him, over and over again, with some ground slams and fireballs in between, but y i’d get hit too often while doing that too…

i’m rly bad at “implementing” as much moves as possible, just like i said in Bioshock Infinite I’d just electro shock the enemies and fill them with bullets over and over again, lol, this is probably the reason i wasn’t that impressed with Bulletstorm either, lol, just me not making usage of all the possible combos and shit but instead limiting myself to a few options all game long, lol

nevertheless, i get everything yr saying, but i do think it would be better to get at least one more upgrade just to make the fight last less long though, cuz it does take a while right now… i mean, i could potentially already have beaten him during those fights today with an extra upgrade

i also don’t “bump heads” btw, it’s more that he suddenly does a 180, and now his head suddenly is where before there was only open space behind his back, and his head is quite big and also goes pretty high up

[i wonder how many edits i can keep putting in which u have to keep answering too while yr already trying to answer]


bait his multi slash out, he has a sorta range where he thinks you are close enough for him to start that, but you can usually always dash out of his range once he begins it -and counter hit on his break
lunge, well that one should be easy enough get around, if you get a downward slash in, great, if not, no biggie, just wait for whatever next break/opening he gives you
parry, just ignore, don’t take the bait unless you are are well out of melee range and fire a spell, because his counterattack on parry can sometimes get you despite trying to dash from it

that’s pretty much it, it’s a more slow and methodic fight than others, where you are basically constantly “waiting” for his tiny breaks to get a safe/free slash in, rather than “constantly attacking back” (if you are going for the more safe/“try not to get hit” approach)
if you get his fight where he decides to do a lot of lunges, that’s actually very kind of him, due to how easy that attack is to avoid, and how safely you can get your free hits in if you get to make the downslash in time

(and then when he goes for his “evolved attacks” later you ofc get ton more free shots in)

"late game" upgrade spoiler

btw, i can’t state enough how much easier the fight gets if you get/use upgraded dash because of how it expands your reaction possibilities and subsequent counterattack opportunities here and there combined with his “fixed” moves and stationary/grounded attacks sets
tho it’s also true for other fights, (and while it’s not needed), i tried a straight up comparison with/without right after eachother and it almost completely makes light of some of his attacks/threats in this fight



i was like hm y, let me just go back in and implement all this advice and just avoid damage, but the guy is just destroying me over and over, lol


alrighty, i just checked, “jumping strat” definitely still works to avoid dmg, tho timing the dash to avoid his jump when he shifts position can be tricky sometimes depending on your/his location

but you can definitely jump all has melee moves if you don’t dash or straight up parry his multi slash, the kind fella give you lotta neat openings for to wear him down after his moves :+1:


y it’s not happening atm, like at all, i think i’m gonna go to deepnest and see what happens there, lol, not now though, lol, im done for today with this

i think i just dont have the damage output i need for this atm


Have you unlocked all the charm slots? Have you upgraded the Fragile charms to their unbreakable equivalents?

Longnail combined with Mark of Pride will give you excellent range for your attacks. If you want you can also implement Quick Slash for some extra hits.

Sharp Shadow not only does damage when you dash through enemies but also increases your dash distance…which is helpful if you’re dodging.

Personally I always favour Stalwart Shell and Quick Focus builds for added safety…I know I’ll make mistakes especially in the potentially long battle you’re in.

Grubsong is a nice one charm fill in charm as you probably won’t have slots for Soul Catcher.

Other than that my personal tactic was go nuts…take him down asap…but then again that’s the way I generally play…throw everything against the wall and see what sticks. If I can do it I know you can too.


you can do it without upgrades no worries :+1: (all it does is prolong the fight) :smile:

can only be used with shadow dash tho, which i’m guessing MOO doesn’t have yet


no to both yr questions, lol

i use 12 blue hearts for this fight, so almost all my slots are used just for that, i don’t want to heal, and i only have 7 whites, which is far from enough

i cant go nuts with him cuz my damage output isn’t even enough to take him down when i do everything i can to avoid his damage, so going nuts will only get me killed faster; i’m rly convinced that if i upgrade my nail just once more i will get him in a few tries, so i guess i must go explore to find a pale ore…


slight note on this fight if i may be so spoilerrific
it’s one of those boss fights where he gives you straight up free time to heal at certain intervals, so basically only have to survive the first stuff and then during the other phases he will give you some free heal opportunities, which i could recommend using, but blues don’t allow for that

might want to consider fragile strength/unbreakable strength too there then (if that wasn’t already with the lifeblood charms) :+1:


y but i only have 7 whites, and it would already take me 5 heals to get to 12 (like the blues) and make it semi-worth it, but half the time when i try to heal i do end up getting hit by whatever, so i think it’s not worth it

well, my crap broke in the beast’s den, and i always think that dude is too far away to justify fixing it for a boss fight, rofl, but i guess i should give it at least one shot for this fight once i get a few warm up tries in…, so maybe i’ll do that first then before abandoning this


you only get hit if you heal mid combat, bosses that give you free heals are exactly that, 100% free time to heal up since it’s during brief moments of no combat, and ofc then depending on charm setup you can potentially even heal crazy

like @xist said you can upgrade it if you get tired of it breaking (it will cost ya ofc :money_mouth_face::wink:) which is not a bad idea for a non-steel soul playthrough
and the thing about the Strength charm, after your first upgrade, it’s the single highest melee upgrade (without strings attached since Fury of the Fallen is higher dmg but requires 1hp to activate)
since each upgrade gives you 4 extra dmg, but Strenght gives you 50%, meaning after first Nail upgrade(which adds +4) the charm adds +5, and after 2nd upgrade(+4) charm adds +7, and so on. So the charm is a “mighty boost” if you will.

but, since “everything” can be done without charms, upgrades, spells, heals etc, i suppose if you are losing that many masks that fast that you don’t even feel like heals during the free time would be enough/keep you alive during the fight,
-i’d probably overall suggest just practicing to read and avoid/counter his moves during the first half of the fight. Since once you can decently avoid his damage from being too overwhelming for you, you should be able to quickly find the openings and dispatch him steadily over time
"practice makes pierogis" and all that :smile:


what?!?!? i didnt get that at all, where?

lol, i sometimes read to fast i guess

ok, so where can i do this??

pretty sure i might be able to get in heals now maybe, i mean, i haven’t tried anymore; after the first few attempts i just switched to blue hearts and didn’t go back to the others, but i consistently perform better than before now…


first you gotta “explore” and activate the Grimm Troupe dlc, which enables a new NPC this npc will then, in a not at all weird way, offer to upgrade your fragile charms (totally wont bankrupt you -and then some)


pretty sure i activated this dlc already, i mean, based on the name alone i figure this must be where all those goofy weird-looking doofuses who run around in king station etc came from; i also met some weird chick in a door with a secret passage to royal waterways, but she just chatters about the others thinking she’s weird or whatever

and i also found a “love” key or “heart” key or something like that and no idea where to use it


hmm i don’t think they added anything to kingstation, it does, noticeably, add something to the town of Dirtmouth tho

"general area" spoiler

the dlc might be unlocked somewhere in the mountains north west of the town, Howling Cliffs
press 2 for danish, press 3 for more detailed location spoiler, press 4 for eggplants


hm, i already went to howling cliffs and learned a skill there if i remember right (i think now all i can do is meditate with the guy if i remember right as well), i also beat a dream warrior there and collected essence from a tree

i also do vaguely remember suddenly and unexpectedly being back in howling cliffs very recently (maybe after the beast’s den?); though i dont rly remember why or how that happened and what i saw then

i definitely need to do this then for sure, those charms (more life and more strength) make a huge difference…

so y, what did i miss?