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Hollow Knight: Gods & Glory release date announced. (or the general Hollow Knight discussion thread)


I guess u must be talking about the door all the way to the right? There’s a guy in there but the only thing he does is tell me i dont have any regrets yet or something


If you die and don’t want to go to retrieve your body essentially and get your Geo back, you can spend a rancid egg to get your geo back that way. Of course if you choose to go in after your own body/ghost and die in the process of getting there, you will get your geo back…

I unlocked that guy fairly early on, but I didn’t know you could buy rancid eggs… lol… I thought you could only find them…


omg man, i unlocked that guy ages ago too, but all he ever says is i dont seem to have any regrets or whatever; i felt at some time in the game i would incur some type of “sin” or something and then he would be able to free me from it, so as soon as i killed that first watcher i went to go see him, for example, as i felt this would be the thing to finally trigger whatever it was needed triggering…

there’s just no way i would ever discover this on my own; the only thing i ever do when losing geo is going straight back to try and get it back; i think i’ve only once been unable to actually do so, but it was a pretty fair amount, >2k,

lol, had i known this i wouldnt have spent any geo on these stupid eggs ever, rofl, dude i bought like 50 now, which adds up to close to 5k, OMG :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::confounded::confounded::confounded::confounded::confounded::confounded:


You’ve lost far more Geo to eggs than I ever did to death. : )


well y, me too, lol; i guess it’s not rly a problem though given that there’s nothing to spend them on anyway atm, lol

and then there’s this banker dude who made off with 4.5k, but u guys already spoiled here that i should be meeting him again later on, though i’m not sure what will happen when i do, lol

[so since u guys spoiled that, at first i wouldn’t leave my geo with him, but once i got 5k i was like f that, might as well give it to him in the hope that we will meet again instead of risking to just lose it]


i, i, how, but, i… :thinking:
you took the giant detour round?!? :dizzy_face:
-i wont even comment on what’s clearly an egg obsession of yours, :no_mouth: maybe someone’s professional couch that can help with such serious shopaholic disorder :wink:

aaand this is why this game is beautiful, the vast plethora of options (once the initial mandatory stuff is out of the way) leading people astray into strange far off paths :yum:

it is big, it has secrets, good lore, breakable walls and best of all; there is totally not scary monsters hiding in the dark waiting to eat you
i urge you to spend hours and hours discovering everything, i promise much more splendid challenges (and fights) awaits all little bugs with adventurous hearts :hugs:

PS, don’t worry about the wasted geo, totally not like there was super expensive charms for you to buy instead anyway :smile:



It wasn’t a detour to me, lol, it was da wae

Didn’t i tell u i only just discovered the royal waterways recently? lol


yea that’s the beauty of all the exploring, and every area having multiple entry points, there isn’t one fixed route, and everyone finds their own
the funny part is the game actually tries to “lead” you in a certain direction, (which is a bit easier done since the first parts are mandatory), so after you’ve been to Greenpath and gets tossed down into Shroomville, there is actually a couple of “suggestions” for you to enter the City of Tears from that direction
But since the path is blocked a bit way through you’re then “made” to find your way through the waterways and Dung defender to get over to the other side you needed to be.
What you did was, well, ignore all the cues and make your own way by wanting to explore other areas first that then led round to where you needed to go still.
But, since there are aaaall dose paths, “you can lead a cow to grass but you can’t force it to make milkshake”:thinking: aeh, or something :grimacing:
:smile: :+1:


well, i just met the hollow knight, he kicked my ass, but i only tried once

so y, i found the dreamer in deepnest and the one in queen’s garden, was all cool, the beast’s den was a bit hard to get through/out, but all good, haven’t explored all of deepnest yet though, but i first wanted to see what would happen now that i killed all 3 dreamers; i’ll see about beating the hollow knight next time i get some gameplay in, if it’s not too hard; still haven’t found another pale ore for another upgrade…


yea you might need some further exploring for that (scream if you want general location hints)
but some, as you might have learned, aren’t just “explore & loot”, they require a “task” to be done maybe

total amounts of Pale Ores available



y im not sure but i think one was dropped by a boss, though i might remember that wrong, marmaduke kicked my ass hard btw, not going back to him atm, though i think i could maybe cheese him with the charm that spawns those fly thingies


depends on the charm, since glowing womb drains your mana per spawn, so once you run out you still need to hit (at the least to get more mana)
and they don’t do all that much dmg per hit (like maybe 1upgraded nail swing worth’s of dmg i think)


y maybe but i though more in the sense that they could keep the spawns of my back or something, lol


spawns? hmm think you might be on a diff boss than i thought? you mean flukemarm in the sewers?
don’t sweat him, might appear daunting, but if you take 5seconds to check him out you will quickly realize he is far from as scary as maybe you think :+1:


looool, y i guess that might be his name, in my mind i call him fat bastard, lol

how the hell did i go from flukemarm to marmaduke rofl


the hollow knight is kicking my ass too much, though i think i got him close a few times…

anyway, i think i’m gonna go back to deepnest to see if i find any ores or anything else of value


he is not totally complicated, and should provide plenty of openings in between frantic flailing and bouncing
in fact depending on the upgrades you’ve acquired he could perhaps be considered borderline "easy"
tho ofc without, your dmg output and total move-set available might be lower, to where it will take a few more deaths/trial and error attempts, to get a hold of his somewhat set routines


and best of luck exploring deepsnest, “don’t let the bedbugs bite” :smile:


I fought him with max upgrades after having explored everything else, finished all the stuff I cared to finish. I wouldn’t say he was easy, but I think he took fewer tries than the mantis lords when I first tried them. Then of course I had to do it again for that… other thing.


honestly until now i haven’t had trouble exploring deepnest at all, except for the beast’s nest, where some enemies just completely block the paths and are kinda shit to deal with


that’s funny cuz i beat the mantis lords in a few tries only

i feel i have a good grasp of this fight too, but i just end up dying before him cuz i end up getting hit too much even though i feel i shouldnt get hit so much; my main problem with him is i take too much damage from his head, rofl, while that is the one thing he doesnt try to hit me with, but it’s so big and anytime u touch it u take damage and he sometimes just simply does 180’s and contact is made…