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Hollow Knight: Gods & Glory release date announced. (or the general Hollow Knight discussion thread)


keyboard actually also works surprisingly okay in this game too (seen multiple speedrunners use it even) tried it a couple of places myself too, tho i overall totally prefer the sticks too (dpad is 100% useless on my x360 lol)
if you don’t go for magic bounce, you can always just stick to regular nail bounce, the overall point being this fight should never really have to put you in situations where you should get in such “buggy stick” motion -by being sorta always “moving” one way or another to avoid & attack
(unless it does that weird stick direction switch no matter the long motion you use, and not just on short turns/“stick flicks” ? -which would suck)

tiny fight spoiler?

if you try to notice, you should see a “starter” opening on all watchers, as they spawn in. Depending on your setup/approach this can actually be a rather huge window for you to use. And then take advantage of their individual movements, as they are rather slow to react/move -when not ball tumbling


nah it’s just when i suddenly let go of it, mostly during “flicks” as u put it, otherwise the thing would just be useless i guess, lol, and unusable in almost all games, but it’s only when i suddenly let go and only in Hollow Knight till now; i mean, if the issue were any bigger than that my car would at the very least ever so slightly veer to the left in Rocket League and Project Cars, but that doesn’t happen…

y but like i said, lol, all i would do is get 1-2 regular nail hits in during that time, but i guess i should try and use the ground slam as much as possible (i mean, at least start “actually using” it, rofl) from now on


depending on your charm setup and your stage of the fight, what i do is usually either use the opening to fill the mana full up with dream nail, if already full then nail spam or nail art for the dmg, and then spend the mana at an opportune moment, which sometimes can be their entry, but they are usually not a threat there ofc, and are easy to jump over when they start to wake up so nail spam seems just fine

and in case you didn’t know, the magic bounce/ground slam gives you iframes that’s why it can be good to use in those “tight spots” since it’s dmg+invulnerbility for a second meaning their bounce wont hurt you if they are rolling on you together or in a spot where you might not think you have an out like if already used double jump or missed nail bounce
but it’s all about opportunity which spell you (have)use, but the difference in spell dmg itself is sorta like this in the beginning, ground slam > scream blast > fireball
-this changes later tho where scream blast becomes stronger than ground slam but fireball still being the “lower” dmg(calling it low dmg feels so wrong lol),
but it all depends on your upgrades you get tho and situational needs, since fireball is easier to spam and scream don’t give iframes but has high dmg and ground slam iframes can be really really helpful in certain situations


dont have that yet, lol


woops, spoiler :flushed: -my bad bro :fist_right::fist_left:

^and this is why i could think you might have “stuff” that it turned out you actually didn’t :smile:


Ok, I FRIKKIN did it; it only took a few tries this time, and i didnt change my setup, the only thing i did was incorporate the ground slam rofl, thx @Gnuffi; i dedicate this victory to u :heart_eyes: (also, remind me to send you 10% of my winnings in Project Cars 2; i consider u my ingame manager :rofl::rofl::rofl:)

just a bit disappointed that they didn’t actually give me anything though, lol, was hoping for at least a pale ore


Congrats dude! Sorry I wasn’t there for you yesterday…I kind of lost the day building my first PC myself, which frankly is something I don’t think I’m going to be doing again.

In response to your Dark Souls question…Hollow Knight has difficulty spikes much greater than that of Dark Souls 1 and 2 (and Demon’s Souls)…I did everything in those games so I’ve seen it all (although I didn’t do NG+ runs) but Hollow Knight is definitely tougher in places. Just ask @HouGuard about the feasibility of dong the Pantheon of Hallownest.


Found a pale ore today when i realized there was a part of crystal peak which i hadn’t uncovered yet, and just now i also realized there’s 2 paths in the Mantis region which i haven’t gone in yet too, lol, so that will be my next objective, and then I’ll see about the waterways and maybe deepnest, and i need to try and start working my way to the second watcher also. It’s so weird how obvious things like that stay hidden from my eye sometime although it’s right there on the map…


Kind of have mixed feelings about the Watcher thing; i couldn’t interact with him so the only thing i could do was beat him up while he didn’t even defend himself; it feels kind of out of place; i hadn’t had the impression we were the aggressor in this world, but here it definitely felt like it…

it was also weird cuz i was expecting a vry hard boss fight instead, lol


The shock, the surprise… I found it funny too, given that there’s attached achievements to some of these non-fights. :slight_smile:


Well, for better or for worse; I’m now the proud owner of 43 rancid eggs :rofl::rofl::rofl: ; i figured at least i can’t lose these if i ever die without getting my geo back

still no idea wtf is their point though, lol, and i fear this might be a practical joke from the devs, lol


Congratulations. :clap: :confetti_ball: :clap: :clap: :tada:
I also apologize for being there reading your comments, but being unable to put any words down to help in your endeavor. Hope you’ll eventually conquer Hollow Knight. (or at least beat the final boss)

Thank you @xist for once again tooting my already quite inflated horn. :grin:

About the difficulty of Hollow Knight compared to Dark Souls, my opinion isn’t %100 valid since I’ve only beaten three once and played one up until the moth/butterfly boss.

Incredibly rambly difficulty text

Hollow Knight probably starts off easier than Dark Souls because Dark Souls demands you to learn and memorize your iframes and every enemies’ attack pattern. While in Hollow Knight, even after
you receive the double jump and dash I’d still say your moveset is kinda simple. But as Hollow Knight further progresses on it just keeps dumping abilities and charms that combo with each other. My biggest fault has always been having too much choice, and therefore being easily overwhelmed and frustrated. But the trial and error of charms was actually really fun with all their interactions and kept me fully engaged.

But yeah, in short. Beginning = Hollow Knight<Dark Souls.
End game = Dark Souls<Hollow Knight.


Seems like I need to try watcher knights again. I went poking around deepnest, but that place is spooky.


I went to the Royal Waterways now; it’s very nice and kinda quiet.


just beat the Dung Defender (i think his name was?) first try; an enjoyable fight (i guess he’s kind of ez cuz u have plenty of opportunities to heal with him, and one can probably avoid his damage quite easily too with some practice) :smiley:

and i found this

further down in the waterways, must be a boss too cuz can’t interact with him, but i left him alone and kept exploring for a bench cuz was scared, lol; spent my geo on more rancid eggs again, and then whenever i play again I’ll go see how tough he is, lol


Just note, if you find a coffin down there, and it asks of you to use a simple key. Don’t do that, for now.


Why do you keep buying rancid eggs?
I never used a single one in my playthrough, though I also didn’t find the guy you use them with until a good 3/4th or more into things.


You know, I don’t think he’s found the door in Dirtmouth yet.


well, i dont have a simple key with me, lol, but i did figure it must be a boss in there, rofl


i dont know what they’re used for, rofl, but i know it’s better to buy them than to lose my geo, well, i guess it is, somehow, lolololol