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Hollow Knight: Gods & Glory release date announced. (or the general Hollow Knight discussion thread)


I’ll get back to it when i can; busy moving stuff for my mom atm, though i’m kinda thinking whether maybe it would be better for me to first explore the royal waterways (I reached the ancient basin through them but didn’t even get a map for the waterways yet, so i obviously have a lot of exploring to do there) and Deepnest (i just discovered it but there was a dude there who warned me that i better be prepared b4 entering there, so i’m kinda scared).

So should i go explore first and hope i find some shit that makes me stronger before taking on this fight or just keep going at it right now?



Have you fully explored the Watcher Knight area first? Don’t want to say any more for risk of spoilers but that might balance the fight a bit better. Otherwise, that’s the way Metroidvania’s work…bump into a wall? Then go somewhere else, upgrade your nail maybe? New Charms?


I found the chandelier thing that kills one y, lol, but that was like right at the end when i was about to stop trying last night; i guess I’ll give it a few more tries today or tomorrow, whenever i can, and then we’ll see if i feel it goes better or not (often things go better after a night’s sleep cuz u adapted to it more during the sleep cycle); if it turns out to be too hard still (though it shouldn’t i rly got quite close at times), i might go explore the waterways first

my nail got upgraded twice already, but now i need 2 pale ores and i have 0 atm, lol


And your charm loadout? With two upgrades and the chandelier down I think you should be able to push through.


depends; i’ve tried different things, i usually run with the map thing, the geo collector, the additional damage when hurt, the spikes when hurt, the steady when swinging, and the increased speed

so for this fight i think the best thing is additional damage when hurt, spikes when hurt, lower mana cost for spells (for fireball usage), and 4 additional (but all blue) hearts and no option for healing (i dont rly find time consistently to heal; sometimes i get one off ok and 2/3 of the times i get one off but then they roll into me before i can jump…)


Can you screencap the charms you have available to you?


i have 24 atm, dont rly know how to take screenshots right away nor where they go when i do, lol (i can google that shit though but no time right now anyway the movers are about to get here anytime with some of my moms stuff, lol)


F12 and upload to your Steam gallery? You can always delete it afterwards.


Deepnest best accessed involuntarily. But other than that any place you CAN go you should go, there’s no place that you’re able to reach that you’re not “meant” to be in. There’s no set order other than the limits set by your available skills so push on into whichever space you fancy. One of the many brilliant things about this game is the immense variety in paths you can take through it. So far I’ve not spoken to 2 people who’ve taken the same path as of yet.

So just go forth and explore, only turn back if you find an obvious obstacle you can’t move past.



Have you explored The Fungal Wastes and met the trader Leg Eater? If so go repair Fragile Strength there. That charm is a lot better than Fury of the Fallen.

Worthy of consideration would also be Stalwart Shell, Quick Focus, Grubsong and maybe Longnail or Soul Catcher. I am not good enough to avoid being hit entirely, so I factor in Soul acquisition and healing in my strategy.


I have, but it’s quite a ways off and i find it’s not worth it for a boss fight cuz u get one shot (and Eminem I am not) at it only then and then have to make the trek again

hm y, i’ve tried combining some of these with quick focus for quicker healing too, but only once i think, maybe i should give that a shot again some time too

i find that the problem with this fight is that it lasts quite long; u can perform very well for a good period of time and then suddenly they start hitting u and it all goes downhill very fast, lol; they are quite hard (sometimes almost impossible) to avoid when they attack simultaneously with different jump trajectories and from different sides for example


Yeah this is an endurance fight, go into it and adapt your tactics with that in mind. I often favour glass canon sort of setups, focusing on damage output to finish a fight quickly before I get worn out by it. That doesn’t work here unfortunately.


y it’s very mental; once they hit u and yr completely cornered u just start swinging and it’s just a boxing match, rofl, and that actually does work with some bosses in some instances for a few seconds till u find an opening to get out, but not here; the key rly is to stay composed and ignore whatever went wrong and immediately go back into the rhythm of avoiding all hits, which is valid in any boss fight, but i find it so much harder here, lol

I have to ask though, and I know this is a shit question cuz it’s such a meme, but i’m serious cuz i’m kinda scared of Dark Souls, lol, so how does the difficulty in this game compare @Fraggles? @Gnuffi @xist (I don’t even know if Gnuffi and Xist have played Dark Souls, lol, but i do know fraggles has played the 3rd one a lot [and finished it too, i think])

I’m asking cuz someone was complaining in some post online that they had gotten through Dark Souls and that this was so much harder, but ofc I know u can’t rly trust what “someone” said online, hence i’m asking u guys, lol

I do think Dead Cells is a lot harder than this (but have very limited experience with the game)


Very hard to say. The games are too different in my opinion, people just see tough bosses and they immediately say that’s like dark souls!! But they don’t look at what makes the bosses hard, the mechanics at play and how they differ. Just by being in 3D a game is immediately inherently different to a 2D one. That’s not to say they can’t have similar challenges to them of course.

I played Hollow knight before I played Dark Souls. I beat every necessary boss in Hollow knight but gave up on many of the optional ones. I just felt that those were simply game content that wasn’t really my cup of tea. But thanks to the game having so much other stuff, mainly the exploration, I still felt that I got more than I expected out of it.

Dark Souls however stops you in your tracks until you’ve overcome the challenge and so in order to get to explore the next area I had to measure up, so I did. In the end there were a couple of Dark Souls bosses I was stuck on for days*, one I took a week to beat. But I suspect I’ve gotten better now thanks to getting put through the wringer and I’m looking forward to going back to Hollow Knight again and see if any of my dark souls experience carries over in any way.

Anyway, I’m going to say don’t be afraid of Dark Souls, it’s challenge is greatly exaggerated. Yes it’s a hard game, there were points in #3 early on where I really did not enjoy the game at all. For almost half the game the combat of Dark Souls was something I endured only because I, again, really enjoyed the exploration. Thankfully the game was so interesting to explore that I kept at it until a point where I started enjoying the combat as well.

So my advice is go into Dark Souls not afraid but determined.

*Not 8h work days sort of thing, would generally try 10-15 times before being too tired to continue and take a break with another game. Then try again tomorrow.


That’s great advice :smiley:


regarding charms, Fury of the Fallen is almost useless if you aren’t doing a 1 life run
i’d second the opinion of getting fragile charms repaired but if you want straight up charm recommendations for the fight, that’s gonna depend on playstyle
also, the boss(es) are much less daunting than they appear once you figure out their shtick (and since you already removed 1 from the fight you’re well on your way)
In fact that is probably where the game is a bit “like Dark Souls”, figure out the boss and/or their pattern and you’ve already overcome half the battle -if not straight up ready for a serving of :cheese: :smile:
for this i could recommend stuff like

  • Shaman stone, Spell Twister, Dream Wielder and “whatever” for your last slot, like Grubsong maybe, this would be a highly mana/spell oriented setup (or swap one for Thorns if you really like that charm?)
  • you can also go with Fragile Strenght/Unbreakable Strength, Dream Wielder and Shaman Stone for an allround setup if you use both fireball and nail evenly in that fight
  • if you are uncomfortable with that, you could swap one of the damaging charms from above setup, for something like Stalwart shield which increases you iframe window slightly when you’ve been hit and then maybe add Steady Body, or yea even Thorns as the last slot -unless you forgo the 2x1slot charms for a 2slot charm like Fragile Heart
  • you could go for the "i think this will make me last longer"setup with full charms for extra lives/Masks, but it’s not really in your interest to drag the fight out or make it last “longer”, speed is your friend here tbh
  • Baldurs shell would likely just “break” during the fight (the shield don’t last forever, needs refreshing/shield breaks not the charm)

i’m assuming you went the “regular” path to get there, meaning you should have Monarch Wings, combined that with Mantis Claws should give you ways of avoidance, but i’ll say again -“speedy kills” is really effective here
but you can also always just stick to bouncing up and down if you feel that’s safer :+1:

and mind you, there is absolutely nothing wrong with going exploring, finding more “stuffz”, and coming back later, with the potential of making it an even easier fight if that makes things better for you :hugs:
(pretty sure i ended up exploring so much, by the time i got back to Mantis Lords i was way overpowered :blush:)

-hope i didn’t spoil too much


Dude, I found the Mantis Lords to be very ez honestly, i got them on my third try, they are very ez to simply avoid and just hit whenever u can; even if that fight would go on twice as long it would just stay ez cuz u can just avoid them

i have another problem rly and i think without that problem i would already have beaten these Watcher Knights; whenever i just hit left on the analog stick to face the left side and immediately let go, about half the time more or less, i will immediately face right instantly after letting go, it’s as if when i let go of the analog stick and it resets to the neutral position, it detects a slight “right” input and so i face right when i intend to face left, so ofc whenever i have both Watcher Knights facing left and on the ground and i want to hit both with a fireball, half the time my fireball goes right instead of left, hitting nothing, and sometimes i hit right with my nail instead of left too, just hitting air instead of the enemy, so a lot of opportunities for damage are missed that way, frustrating me in the process, and ofc frustration negatively impacts one’s performance also

im rly happy with this controller, it’s a wireless xbox one controller, vry expensive to get here, in local currency it costs 1200, so it’s like u would pay 1200 euros/dollars for it in your own country, rofl, and i only got it cuz my mom got it for me, and it works fine in all games, it just started doing that in Hollow Knight, but i guess i just have to deal with it. If i find a well-paying job again I’ll be able to get a new one later…


yea that doesn’t sound particular fun in those tight spots
but, what if i told you, you didn’t have to hang on the walls at all here
don’t know how much of the fight and mechanics i can/should spoil,
but some bosses tend to give you a proverbial “hiding spot” for when peoples “fear instinct” kicks in, but just like other games, going straight at it, can actually have advantages/provide openings of its own, that then doesn’t get you stuck on the wall here (which agree sounds a bit worse in your situation)
if you notice i recommend the charm Dream Wielder for this fight, (granted i would for a bunch of other fights too), but that’s because this fight lends itself to Dream Wielders particular function/opening
that loads you up, then with dodge, double jump and then the “bouncing down”(either of them) means you don’t really have to get stuck in the “hiding spots” in this fight, for if/when wanting to fireball, -or if you are just going straight up slashing that is

btw you can use keyboard or dpad if your stick ends up giving you way too much hassle in this (x1 should be better dpad than on x360 i think right? would probably suggest trying it out where necessary compared to your stick trouble)


hm, y, i must admit that i haven’t rly been using the dream nail to fill my mana at all, the same goes for the ground slam; i think my problem is that i tend to stick to what has been working for me and then i fail to try to implement newer abilities cuz i dont see the point, but i guess the ground slam might work here, though i guess one must get the timing exactly right for that

i know but the dpad feels so unnatural after years of playing with analog sticks now, lol; i did think about it yesterday but as soon as my thumb touched it i felt like nah this isn’t it, lol, but i guess i should try at least