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Hollow Knight: Gods & Glory release date announced. (or the general Hollow Knight discussion thread)



Ultimately, I know I “cheated” my way into grabbing achievements that probably aren’t possible played properly, but once I knew I’d toppled Nightmare King Grimm and finished the game, I was comfortable that with practice I’d be able to get everything properly given time. I just wasn’t prepared to tolerate the frustration of Steel Soul and multiple playthroughs just to round out some achievements.

As ever my respect for you only grows. Hail Gnuffi, I am not worthy of your Radiance!


I caved and got it with 7 mins to spare…LOL I got it from Humble though…same price and I got a Win/Linux download. Does anyone know if Humble update their downloads if there is an update? I KNOW GOG does.


I think they do, since they advertised the updated game image in the store:



OMG mantis clip!!! (aka wall jump)



oh yeah, now i can start doing shit for real :smiley:


There’s just something really cool about flying around, always love games where you can zip around quickly and through the air… Fortunately crashing into walls in this case you can just casually slide down… Otherwise, imagine the brain damage.


made it to the city of tears; now the game has rly started to open up and is so much more enjoyable for it!


I need to get back to it too… as I am one of those guilty of not having finished the game yet as well.


oooooh where’s @xist at, giving me all this shit about not finishing this game yet???


I think it’s a rather difficult game. I just haven’t gotten back to it after getting stuck on several boss fights…

(just not skilled enough, even after getting some more skills/shards/upgrades/etc. Been a bit afraid of going back in since then.)


omg this game is so huge, the more stuff i keep discovering the more completely new areas open up in front of me; it’s rly intimidating


Yeah, it’s huge indeed and going back and forth is part of the fun - at least for me. The world is pretty well done in general. I hope I will have the time to finish it soon though, because I kinda stepped a bit back from it like months ago. Have fun with it though - every minute is worth it!


Dat Mantis respect though :smiley:


Getting my ass kicked by the Watcher Knights over and over and over and over and over and over again atm, but I feel i can get them and will keep going at it…





That incidentally was also my first big roadblock my very first time through. Even now when I recently went for the speedrun achivements, wasted like 6/7 minutes on unnessary deaths against them.


you ain’t gonna kill many watcher knights playing rocket league :wink:
:rofl: :hugs:


it would be so ez with my car though…

y i mean tomorrow lol