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Hollow Knight: Gods & Glory release date announced. (or the general Hollow Knight discussion thread)


Try exploring fungal wastes some more. The mapmaker leaves a trail of papers behind him, which might help you find him.


Progress! Thanks that helped me find him, now I have a map which helped me find a path. :smiley:


^yup, sometimes you might also be able to hear him humming without actually being visible, but if you can hear him hum, you are close :+1:

if you feel like you get stuck in an area or can’t find your way or the map guy, you can try leave an area and go back to town (provided you can find your backtracking path) and often the lady will have a map for you -depending on how far you got in the area you visited (just peeking your head in and out of an area won’t make a map available in shop)
it’s usually triggered by either exploring a large portion of the area, or defeating a boss without stumbling into Cornifer

and if all else internal gps function fails, try to remember the “maps”/areas are sorta square,
you can only ever go up down left right, and just knowing where you are in location to Dirthmouth help lead you back, if your overall main path is “up” for instance. But once you get used to the general 4 way position of this game’s “square zones”, it makes backtracking or getting your bearings a lot easier


Been ogling at this one for a while, might buy it mid January, question and without spoilers, is it blatantly obvious where the DLC starts? or is something you can stumble by accident like Ashes of Ariandel?


y by accident, u could actually never activate some if u didn’t come across them and dont fully explore (and even if u do fully explore u might miss some actually) and then don’t look up how to do it

and it’s not obvious at all cuz i actually don’t know which ones i’ve activated (except for one, which @Gnuffi kindly pointed out to me cuz i needed something @xist kindly pointed out to me to be able to beat something ingame [edit: and there’s also another one which i understand i did activate due to what i know of it, and that was also done just by playing the game and just exploring/naturally playing]) and which ones i haven’t (except for one of which i know [i think, from what i understand of it] that it’s rly rly endgame stuff [even though i technically ‘finished’ the game in that i got to the credits])


Cool, I like that, thank you kindly for your convoluted explanation :relieved:



i prefer explaining how i came to my conclusion regarding yr question given that the Hollow Knight specialists here might maybe disagree with me so i prefer they know what my ignorant answer was based upon, lol

although i “technically” beat the game i still vry much feel like a noob, lol


the dlc is sorta more like “stuffed in content”, some of them at least

  • Hidde Dreams just added some bosses and new abilities and couple of tweaks
  • the Grimm Troupe require straight up activation to even begin, so that one can be missed if not exploring and figuring out how to activate it(not hard tho)
  • Lifeblood again mainly just tweaked stuff added a little here and there, and a new boss, no new areas or such “big”
  • Godmaster is a separate zone + expanded area that’s added, just need to find the entrance, it’s by far the largest piece of added content, can be missed if not exploring
  • Hornet “campaign”, yet to be seen :open_mouth:, excited to find out how big and what this first paid dlc/expansion offers :star_struck:




ooooh yea baby :crazy_face: -team cherry ain’t done with Hollow Knight yet :heart_eyes:


Hornet campaign? Is that new DLC? Should I wait for its release? probably I should, now that I think about it, games usually get discounted for such things :thinking:


I guess about half the map explored isn’t enough for it to be available in the shop unless it only becomes available once he moves on from an area. :confused: Thanks for the tips.

Now I’m taking a break due to me being horrible at combat. The Soul Master kills me in like less than a minute. :stuck_out_tongue: Hopefully after my break, I’ll be able to focus more and kill him instead of the other way around.


imo don’t wait,
first of their is no announced date in sight yet
and it’s (supposedly) gonna be a separate story and new mode
third, hollow knight is awesome just as is, don’t hold out, and relying on cheaper discounts sometimes don’t work, some games keep their discount levels, others get lower discounts after updates/time :wink: (hollow knight been pretty steady on the 9€ discount so far)
whether it’s dlc, standalone expansion (or even free update) is yet to be fully confirmed, last i read some tidbits was it supposedly going to be so big it would not be free update and Godmaster would be the last free major content.

but the main draw should be “hollow knight is awesome” - “no date announced” meaning you should indulge yourself by throwing yourself deep into Hallownest as soon as possible :blush:


yup, he leaves by X trigger(some areas wont happen until you straight up find + kill the boss), and then map is available in shop. Which is why it’s always good to check the shop when in town just to not miss out, and “only” backtrack to get map when stuck in an area (might happen a couple of places where Cornifer can be harder to find)

remember, if you get stuck, you can always explore and upgrade and come back and beat someone’s butt later. Some bosses get down right trivial with couple of X upgrades, -tho if you don’t want to cheat yourself out of a potential challenge ofc just keep at it to practice :hugs:

and i can’t stress this enough, bosses might seem hard, or difficult to learn, but remember there is always several ways to kill/attack a boss,
and you get handed plenty of stuff to vary things up than just jumping a little and flailing your nail around :wink: don’t be discouraged by beating your head against a rock, but vary things up, if not just to keep it fresh so your approaches don’t all feel stale :smile:


Ah I see, I was gonna buy it at the normal price anyways, I just got the impression that hornet thing was gonna be more or less soon, but if things are like that I’m just gonna buy it in a week or so, thanks for the input.


Welp, beat Soul Master…knew that break would help. Now there’s a crystal mini boss keeping me from my bench… :cry: This game is messing with me, I swear. Why did I start playing this? Lol, I’ll get it eventually.


Wow. This game is in my “must play” list, and now it has even more priority.


Just finished the hollow knight fight and it was super cool. Now time to finish exploring the rest of the map :smiley:


finished the hive and dealt with their queen (i assume? not even sure, felt like it was a male, lol) on second try, got hiveblood, also got sharp shadow (@Gnuffi its damage seems on the lower side though and maybe not rly worth the two notches?); i do like that shroom charm that does damage over time after healing, although it’s pretty weak too.

map looks complete to me now, next i want to free last 3 grubs and check out that mirror in kingdom’s edge, and then i’ll see what that does i guess, and then i’ll need to see for that last dream warrior and some bosses i guess (looking at u fat bastard)

i have to say: the more i play this game the more i love it :heart::heart::heart:


As far as I could tell, he would only leave an area and move on if you saw him on screen, talk with him, but didn’t buy the map, then he leaves it in the shop. One area was driving me crazy because I couldn’t get to him due to physical limitations and I could hear him hum and scribble, and I saw the paper trail time and again. I went to explore other areas and came back and he was still there, humming and scribbling.