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Hollow Knight: Gods & Glory release date announced. (or the general Hollow Knight discussion thread)


Take a SS of your map, hide it with a spoiler warning though.



i can’t post the zoomed-in map as that doesn’t fit on one screen and not sure there’s a point to this one though


it has 2 benefits, each useful at their own situation
Increase shadow dash length,
Adds 1x nail dmg to shadow dash
some places the bonus length can be yummy, some places the addition of what amounts to an extra nail hit while escaping dmg can be yummy, -sometimes both
depends on the situation, fight, user, but it can be pretty handy
it doesn’t get the fragile strength damage, but only your nail, so if your nail does max dmg(32) at 4th upgrade with charm, shadow dash will “only” do regular nail dmg of 21. Normal nail dmg lvls 5, 9, 13, 17, 21 <-- shadow dash sharp shadow dmg


i don’t get this, when i would shadow dash through bees in the hive, which i can kill in one blow, this would not kill him; i have to shadow dash 2 or 3 times through them to kill them; that’s what i mean

edit: nevermind; i rly need to learn to read the whole post first :roll_eyes:

i do run with fragile strength (and heart too, lol)


i just checked, Hivelings have 18hp, so if you aren’t on 4th nail upgrade/pure nail, you can’t 1shot them without fragile strength


I don’t recall using Sharp Shadow in the main game, and its damage is equivalent to your nail (without charm buffs) but…post game there are battles where you’ll struggle to find opportunities to attack if you want to stay alive and are dodging a lot. It’s moments like those that Sharp Shadow is useful because it enables you to avoid damage and deal it at the same time.


it’s hard to tell if you’ve discovered all areas since the zoomed out map is less detailed, give me a sec


Map looks complete to me…


i mean the individual areas,
you can have the general area “shaped” in your book zoomed out, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you’ve got all the little nooks and crannies mapped out in each individual zone


i mean, in any case i’ll soon found out cuz i’ll soon just start googling stuff to see what to do next at every step

i’m just gonna go for the stuff i said before, freeing 3 grubs, checking that mirror in Edge, killing some bosses i left, and one dream warrior, trying more colosseum, and then i guess there’s dream bosses, or whatever those r called, and then from what i’ve seen i won’t be able to rly progress unless i focus on gathering more essence, which i guess i’ll have to look shit up for…


here is the full map

Full Map/Area Spoilers

^i just took the previous “spoiler less” map and screenshotted in my map from godmaster (hence the jagged edges not overlapping completely at the bottom of Mantis/Sewers)

and here is the full complete ULTRA MEGA SPOILER FILLED map from some on the steam community

Warning MEGA SPOILER will ruin your sense of exploration!


you can get all essence from doing the dream root trees, dream warriors, and dream bosses, there is way more essence in the game than you need
Dream warrios = those tomb thingys you got told about/map markers
dream bosses = some bosses you have beaten before, that you can beat again (note how their corpse might still be there for you to dream nail)

Bosses you might want to revisit

Slight Dream Boss "reveal" spoiler

False Knight
Soul Master
Dung Defender (only gives essence on first defeat)
Broken Vessel
Zote (only get essence on first defeat, tho you might have cause to try beat him a couple more times)


Out of interest, because of the drive to accumulate essence, did anyone ever use the dream gate warp thingy? I certainly never did…


yup, plenty of times even, it gets to be a wonderful form of quick transport when you were exploring and either wanted to get across the map fast for a specific reason(when you sorta knew where you wanted to go to-from tho),
or just teleport to a Stag station for all-round quicker travel than having to run back to a stag station each time
-especially if i didn’t have my bench saved a neat location at some point where exit-save would have been pointless :smile:


Huh, I never used it because it wasn’t free…silly me.


it’s 1 dream essence per use… comn, don’t be stingy paying the toll :wink:
i think i found there to be like 3200 dream essence total, and you only need 2400 for full “quest”, and ofc you don’t actually lose the essence when you go to the seer so you have plenty to spend
+here and there you even get free dream essence from trash mob kills to spend :blush:


Why do you think I have all these Megalixir in my pockets? RPG- Inventory-itis…something for which there is no cure!


hahah, yea, that encumbered feeling is all too familiar

i will admit tho, i might have tried to dream warp a couple of more times than i should, during a certain quest, before i realized it didn’t only say not to use stags, -probably 5 essence out of pocket for no good reason right there :rofl:


y, i use it either to get back to a boss who is kicking my ass quickly or i leave it open in Dirtmouth in case i die and feel i might maybe lose my geo since i might as well use the 50+ rancid eggs i have, lol


from memory, it seems like this is the same i got