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Hollow Knight: Gods & Glory release date announced. (or the general Hollow Knight discussion thread)


wtf i never realized it costs essence omg, lol, i’ve probably used it dozens of times by now


i’m sitting at 1000 although i already killed 4 or 5 dream warriors (still have 1 i know of to kill), so getting to 2400 seems not that ez honestly, but y, like i said, i’m gonna start looking stuff up to get this all done


7 dream warriors -these are (imo) much easier than the dream bosses (warriors vary between 100-200 essence)
dream root tree in each zone, some zones even have 2 (dream trees are like 20-40 depending on the zone)
then after that you only need to kill 3(out of 5) dream bosses(dream bosses give like 300 each), and the rest is gravy

or you can ofc just kill all 5 dream bosses, skip the dream trees, and couple of warriors too,
either way there is plenty to go around


y dream warriors are a lot easier to beat than second hornet or the hollow knight, for example, in my experience at least


Beating failed champion is sooo satisfying. Definitely took way too many tries.


yea feels pretty wicked surviving that 2x dmg and frantic swings :smile:
and he can definitely be annoying sometimes if he decides and gives “bad” behavior and wont jump in a nice way and just keeps jumping backwards :blush:
well done :+1:


got the remaining grubs, killed fat bastard, beat a dream warrior, got another one on my map still

Godmaster unlocked; great stuff XD (i think i should try and get

major spoiler

the other endings

and all upgrades and shit first before focusing on this @Gnuffi??? i got to soul warrior on my 2nd try after having disabled nail upgrades on my first cuz i had no idea what i was even doing, lol [i thought the nail represented bosses which were somehow “nail-related” or whatever and thought that by selecting nail i would only fight 1/4 of the bosses to try, lol], so y, i think getting my final nail upgrade first will make this a lot easier though it was pretty ez to get that far anyways; i just wasn’t familiar with his move set at all, can’t even remember fighting this dude, lol)

love this game so much :heart::heart::heart:


he is somewhere in soul sanctum, it’s quite possible you haven’t even fought him if you never upgraded your fireball :wink:, and not so much “technically” a boss, as a type of “elite enemy” perhaps, (given you meet them multiple times and not just once). This is how Godmaster eases you in to things. Imo it’s pretty well balanced, with their selection enemies starting out slow and easily manageable, and then gradually building up, perhaps to the down right mean :smile:,

Spoiler reply

getting the other endings “after eachother” definitely is something to do, especially to get the true end,
and doing the regular non godmaster endings is ofc way easier :smile: (tho you might have been locked out of some depending on path/progress taken which would require a fresh game)

and, i dono i thought maybe it could have been pretty obvious from the word “bindings”, they “bind” your various abilities. Now this has a reason, and you do get something for making through the trials with a certain amount of bindings, whether or not that is worth the hassle for anyone/you is another thing (i’m not sad i skipped that). Because it might definitely not exactly be easy with a couple of those binding restrictions :grimacing:

you can jump between Godmaster and Normal game just fine, so you can do whichever you want in whatever order, reason i recommend clearing all stuff in Normal first is so you don’t miss out on anything before interacting with it in Godmaster (case in point spoiler reply for instance)

tho getting “everything” also helps you with not only your encounters in godmaster, but also to sorta better get what’s going on and some of the new you meet
but while you probably don’t have much exploring or collecting left to do, depending on your comfort zones; you might find part of the palace aptly named, perhaps a bit too much. And if you feel like it’s banging your head against a wall, that might not even be considered an unreasonable sense of frustration. Tho it is (unfortunately?) needed for the final truth to reveal itself

i bid you the best of venturing on your final ordeals, and a wonderful joyous experience

indeed, :heart_eyes: i feel like i could continue ranting on about how wonderful this overall experience is, but i’ll better wrap it up or discobot will start to message me about about hogging the topic :joy:


did the trial of the conqueror, killed all dream warriors i could find till now (Elder Heru or whatever his name is didn’t even appear on my map for some reason???), upgraded to pure nail, killed all bosses i still had to do, Fat Bastard, the spider, the crystal dude, now all i know is of one dream boss i marked, gonna see about that and then will have to look up what else i can do (i know there’s other dream bosses but didn’t mark those for some reason; maybe i never went back to their spot in the first place)


I think the Watcher Knights are going to be the death of me…why can’t they ever synchronize for me…noooo they just have to do complementary attacks one rolls/bounces the other attacks…They are actually killing my enjoyment of the game, guess I will go find something else to do until I can upgrade more…though I’m not sure what I have to upgrade at this point…I’ve maxed my nail, have all nail arts, have upgraded all magic attacks…not sure I will be able to defeat them…is there an alternate path past them that allows me to skip them?



i had a lot of trouble beating them to but in the end i did get them with only 2 or 3 nail upgrades, without using any nail arts (never ever used those, lol), and i only discovered the shriek 2 days ago, lol, well after beating the game, rofl

there is something u can do to make the fight approx. 13-17% easier though, lol, i suggest u

minor spoiler

explore a bit just outside the space u fight them in

[@Elocin30 @-ing u cuz edited my post]

Slight spoiler

If you mean the chandelier trap to kill one, yeah found it.

That helps a bit…but still die before the 4th one spawns :cry: so it doesn’t help much.


r u sure u rly have all nail upgrades though? that seems questionable to me at this stage in the game; is that even possible?

honestly now that i finally have all upgrades (also after having beaten the game), it seems to me this fight shouldn’t be as hard as i remember it, like, at all


I have the pure nail so I’m pretty sure


I even killed the nailmaster/nailsmith(I get them confused) and got the purity achievement.


hm, k, i only got the pure nail like 3 days ago, lol


I found that your down + A is helpful in the watcher knights fight. It’s big enough to generally hit both of them and does pretty good damage. The watcher knights don’t have that much health. That said, they are a pretty rough fight.

Also, are you dream nailing them before the fight starts for the free mana?


if you have everything, they “should” be a cakewalk, since there are never more than 2 at a time and they only need like 6hits each at that stage

possible fight strategy
Strength charm, shaman stone, dreamwielder, -rest for kicks and giggles (or whatever you fancy, quickslash can even be handy if you use nail alot)
each Watcher starts with temporary pause stance, which lets you dream nail to near full mana or full if you are quick
then their first moves will always be melee if you are standing close enough to get the engage started, pretty much providing you 3 free hits, 1 on starter, jump over as he starts his attack -nail slash down, and free hit in the back as they have a fixed moveset.
With pure nail and Strength charm this almost cuts their hp in half, if you don’t make all 3 hits, don’t worry, just bait their engage and jump over and get the free hit in the back
when the “balling” then starts, you evade on vertical, dash to either side, vertical bounces don’t sway much. and wait for them to unfold, for the horizontal rolls you spam that fireball like there is no tomorrow as long as you know both get hit, this is straight up free dual dmg, as it will hit both, dmg them while balling (nail dont dmg during ball only spell does) and depending on their trajectory they can even get hit by 1 fireball multiple times each.
rinse repeat when they unfold, bait attack, monach wings/jump over (or even shadow dash through if you are comfy with the cd) and stab them in the back
should you get “cornered” by 2 or feel uncomfortable during vertical bounce you can ground slam, for dmg and temporary iframes, and then maneuver back to the “get them to swing, jump over - stab” spam spells
as you notice i say spam spells, with Shade Soul (or even the other upgraded spells landing hits, you dmg them immensely, and due to their paused stance on wake up you can get free soul to spend on those spell spam each fight segment
they have around 200hp each, your nail+strength does 32dmg your Shade Soul +shaman stone does 40 dmg(and ofc penetrates/can hit both), so that’s like 3nail hits +3fireballs per watcher and dead(a good groundslam does like 80dmg with shaman stone btw). Should be “easy” enough to do with the free mana you can get from Dream wielder wakeup stance dream nailing each segment, and then ofc trying to line the fireball up to hit both watchers per segment leaving very few actual nail hits left with your full upgrades
as long as you can get comfy with the “bait” their attack windup and jump over and slash them (either down or in back) you should have a fairly quick fight with all those upgrades


down + b; y, especially cuz of invincibility frames


I did not realize I could get soul from their corpse…that will help a bit

Ugh, I believe that that is the charm that Divine is holding hostage atm if it’s the one I’m thinking of…I gave it to her last even though it’s the one I use the most cause it was broken at the time

Oh this would be helpful…I will try this


yea strength charm is technically not needed since you have pure nail (fight is balanced to be with 1-2 nail upgrades i think) specially since it’s one of those fights you can make light of with spell spam, but it will obviously help make the fight even more trivial adding 50% dmg to your pure nail, so not a terrible idea to get it either way
(PS, Strength charm don’t add dmg to Nail arts, as they have fixed dmg values depending on base nail upgrades)

if you notice their corpse resurrect by getting filled up with the infection/infected soul, there is no risk while his “introduction” happens, as it’s ofc a scripted event, and you can use this to move into position safely,
and after they are “reanimated” they then get up and “wake up” to actually be able to fight, you wont be able to hit them with the regular nail during then, but will still be able to dream nail him, they are then “fully awake”/ready to fight after their annoying scream (and you should be done dream nailing them by then, ready to dodge/avoid their attack)
(all of this ofc doesn’t take long btw, maybe 2seconds window, if that, -even if the description maybe make it sound like it’s a long theater stage opening affair.)
Basically dreamnail them as they get up and learn the timing to have the dream nail swing(s) done as their scream ends/right before (this is why Dream Wielder charm is helpful since it makes dream nail significantly faster)