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Hi look at my user title


LOL. Wow.


I’m okay with my title, it fits me well. Wether it’s likes, game keys or head, I always like to give back. :two_hearts:


I think we can all agree that my title is clearly the best



I only noticed my title tonight and omg I feel special T_T


Awww! You’re gelatin! Time to ship you to developing countries to feed the children. :clap:

Come to Brazil! :brazil:


Looool xD

I’m already in my own developing country :sob:

But I’m on my way, no more encouragement needed :heart:


Only took you a week :joy:


We is sloth slow at noticing things, lol.


Looks like someone saw fit to bestow me with a title, so I just wanted to say thank you. I like it.


We wondered how long will it take for you to notice :smiley:


So how long was it?
I noticed it when I posted my “fine art” for today, I don’t think I had it yesterday?


You did @Fraggles Hee hee. Glad you noticed before anyone told ya. :heart:


I was betting with someone that you’d be much faster recognising the change. So much for being perceptive, might as well change the title to “The unperceptive Game Master” :unamused:

jk, glad you like your new title


Approximately 3 days. It was a group effort. :heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation:


You mean me or…?

And congrats on noticing, @Fraggles! Haha :yellow_heart:


Haha congratz on the title ^^ This community is awesome