Hi look at my user title


Where and how much do I pay for a special title?


yes, you are

@delenn13 i suggest Dr. Spelunky, or Magic Spelunker or something along those lines


these are priceless and cannot be bought

took me years of constant, diligent mischief to earn mine

now i can finally stop and become a normal cow that just grazes in the sun and sleeps in the shade all day


@delenn13, you make me feel special. :slight_smile:

Thank you!


You need to thank @M00 too. He thought of the name…


If you want a special title, message me. If I approve, then I will change it.




There you go again tempting me with fancy titles.


i mean, if everyone suddenly gets “special” titles, doesn’t that kinda make them not special anymore :thinking: :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :man_shrugging: :face_with_monocle:

edit. aaand he just realized someone had been sneaky and snuck in some custom letterheading on the gnome’s “face” :rofl:


Only took you 5 days to figure it out.


that fast ?!? @_@ … :confounded:
thanks dear :hugs: (PS i love it) :blush:


Had mine for a while maybe I should change mine.


no, yours seems appropriate :joy:


Only on chrono.gg can a mod so perfectly define the user by their title.


All the fancy titles!


Really is the magic of our little community.



I think it would be more appropriate now to change it to the very occasionally here mod



You are always welcome to drop by more often and mod the hell out of us… :smiley: