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Hi look at my user title


It’s better than yours.

Have a nice day.

elmo feels quenched by this silly title thanks to the Chrono team for fueling my world domination plan you guys are great


Wow way to dunk on the rest of us who don’t even have unique titles with your fancy shmancy two of them.

JK we love you anyways :heart:

Next you’ll figure out how to set a flaming Elmo Jpeg as your title.



Hihihi nah. It’ll be a flaming elmo GIF. :fire:


Sorry I have you beat @coralinecastell


Joking :wink:


And, thus, the Third World War began.


Where can i get Sloth related title?


Done, my one and only, no one else please ask me for it otherwise I will be doing it all day and to be honest its not really my place to do it.


You get what you wish for I guess.

@PeteMcc I didn’t know you community leaders could do that. Neat.


Yeah I found out a while ago just never used it.


That was as fast as it was literal :smiley: Thanks!


Huh, I had to edit mine in the browser to get my Community Deleter title.
Although I suppose we all know how well that ended…


Well I mean we’re still here so…


Awhh I want to be special too


What title do I even have?


Oh yea, that’s right. That’s me.


I want to be Mahou Shoujo :sob:


Ha now mine is better


I see that I am causing unrest among the common folk.




You can read mine as “am pathetic”