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Hi look at my user title


pets everyone in chat except Elmo, coz, you know, a bit of fire and all


This thread is amazing.
Please let it go down in the history books.

My title is out of love because I have so much love for this thread xDD


It’s better than yours.

I can’t really read it. opens notepad, increase size And now I am very jealous.

no one else please ask me for it otherwise I will be doing it all day and to be honest its not really my place to do it.

Have a nice day.

My day is ruined!


Sorry I can’t quite hear you over the sound of my AMAZING title

I agree. And, to enrich this statement, I’d like to state there are two paths in the good Chrono life:

  1. Be a helpful and present community member. Aid those in need, share PG-13 memes and host giveaways. Go down in the history books as a saint.

  2. Lmao guys can I has a dumb title plox have an elmo. Become a huge community meme.



Well this was a strange read


I guess there is only one way to describe this thread


You’re not wrong. At this point I’m half expecting to wake up and log into Chrono and everyone has some sort of new weird title.

Edit: my idea is not great


Oooh… Lookie lookie. So Accurate, no? =^_^=

@DontBeSilly and @Enki It’s official. :heart:


I think titles are, and/or should be like nicknames (not online handles), you don’t get to pick them yourself. Should be reflective in some way of your personality or accomplishments. Having none of those though I don’t think I’d like a custom title really.


That’s a good point and makes alot more sense than what I was saying.

Surely you could have some sort of board game aficionado title?

I agree though, I don’t think I’ve really done anything here to warrant a title for myself. It’s fun laughing at the current shenanigans though.


Yes, it’s mostly just good fun. ^^

Although, I do like petting people and animals - even dangerous cranky, bitey ones like my best friend, lol. :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, that’s why I started the Ghostwriter Adventures thread. Specially to pet people and to get back into my creative mojo. Been polishing up one for Frags in my head today. More petting imminent. ph33r!


Took you long enough to notice, :rofl:



Tell me about it. I had to tell her…:rofl::joy:


@delenn13. @Enki

Gimme a break will ya!? :stuck_out_tongue: I seriously had the brilliant idea to cut off the old canvas off my camper bed, at 2 am, and re-upholster it with a large sheet and many pins. Halfway to greatness already - will make another attempt later. The final mod will involve an eyelet making tool - those metal ones, and studs or brads to fasten things together. (Yes, I’m a little crazy, but I like to see if when the idea hits, if I can make it happen).

@DontBeSilly Aw! :heart: is pleased. ^^


I’ll start wearing purple immediately


This sounds amazing. Show us all the glory in pics

P.S: am jelly of your title.
And also the fire queen’s title
And also the sloth
And pete’s is just great


Poor @RaccoonV


@Pylinaer Mweeheeheehee! None shall escape!