Happy Father's Day Giveaway(Closed! Winners Notified!)

I have some extra keys that are burning a hole in my pocket. So here goes…

I have a real dad game…Well, almost real…

Octodad Dadliest Catch

Then we need some cake…

Eets Munchies

I read somewhere…someone wanted wanted this game…

JumpJet Rex

And this game…just because I can…

What do I have to do? I am sure you are asking yourself. It’s very simple. In Honour of Father’s Day…Just tell me about your dad… Maybe he played games with you or you shared a love of camping, sports, comic books, Star Trek, Star Wars etc. Or a story about him. Did he do something brave or just plain silly? Or a story about Someone else’s dad. Or maybe a teacher, counselor, Big Brother, pastor, priest etc that treated you like a son. Or someone you wished he was your dad or a TV dad. Or maybe your own kids did something special for you on Father’s day! Humorous, sad, crazy…I don’t care. Just no “Luke, I am your father” references. That has been so over done…

And then you pick which game you want. And please Pick one you really want…not to just get a game. You can only have 1.I will pick the best story Because…It’s MY giveaway!

You have to have been a member of this forum for over 2 weeks and have 4 badges. I want your profile gussied up

I will pick the winners on NEXT Sunday.25th of June…some time at my discretion.

Edit:I added some extra criteria in bold…


they all are just coming as error

And competing with my giveaway, NOT COOL BRAH :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Yea…Yours is prettier…I am not a HTML wizard… I have been planning this for Father’s day…because Of OctoDad. I will take it down if it’s really bad…

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what? lol why would you do that? we can cohabitate the giveaway space together, no harm in that, appreciate you doing a giveaway. Also not HTML involved, just the standard editing tools in the bar above where you enter the text

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Yea, I will figure it out later. I had to wait until after noon here because I didn’t know what game they were picking for “The Deal” and I didn’t want to compete with them.

But it was weird…I have posted steam urls before and they posted correctly…these wouldn’t…Oh well, it is posted.

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yeah they haven’t been working for some reason lately, oh well

I can get the ball rolling although I wont enter for any Games (even though some look good I am starting to get to many now). My dad works in the military, has all his life. He always used to play sports (mainly volleyball) and encouraged me to do the same, though I was never as good as him. We played a ton of board and computer games and sports together in my youth which I always appreciated.

Unfortunately just under a year ago he suffered from an unknown illness which has had similar effects as a stroke (blurred vision, lack of balance, slurred speech, degraded fine motor skills) which has been a little sad but he is doing the best he can and is staying positive. He has suffered from various forms of cancer over the years so this sort of thing isn’t new to him.

Sorry to leave this one on a bit of a downer, but he is a good guy and I wouldn’t replace him with anyone else.


Wow, very nice! I always wanted to play Bastion but never had the opportunity. So I dare to enter your generous giveaway :stuck_out_tongue:
The topic is quite the emotional roller coaster for me though, as the relationship to my dad is not the easiest.
I could probably flood the whole forum with that story but I’ll keep it short and simple:

After my dad kept terrorising my mum during their marriage and my birth, she had to flee from him with a one year old baby(me) and my two older brothers. What followed was an extensive legal debate about who is allowed to take care of me. I skip the details, but the result was that I had to see my dad for some years every month no matter if I wanted to or not until I was old enough to tell him myself what I want. We didn’t see each other for 10 years, then I decided to give him a chance and see him again. In the mean time I had a two week long trip with him and his(my) new family in the USA and next week I’ll visit them on their holiday in Sicily. I have to say the whole thing turned out rather well considering how our relationship started. He’s still not an ideal father as I can tell by the behaviour of my two younger half-brothers :wink:


Well my actual dad was an abusive ■■■■.
However I do have a very nice stepdad that essentially became my first father figure when I was 13.
He taught me arts and tattooing and definitely helped shape the person I am today. I don’t have much of a funny story but I love the dude and I’m very glad he’s still here.
Edit 2: Munchies was apparently already in my library, a pleasant surprise. So I’ll put down Octodad instead if possible.


Not that I dislike fathers day, it’s just out of the kinda unnecessary holidays I don’t remember ever celebrating it.

I have 1 good memory of my dad. And 1 bad memory of him too

Just like me my dad was and may still be very into video games and eventhough I can, I choose not to talk to him. Just like he chooses not to talk to me.

Don’t even feel like I know him anyways. And my stepdad, I have mixed emotions about him, I’m pretty sure deep down he just dislikes me.

But I don’t have contact with either so… I can share the memories, but I don’t want to add a bulk of text here so I’ll summarize them.

Good: One time I sat down and played video games with him. I think it was a Mario game from the N64. Memory is hazy

Bad: When I was a baby he put me in a bathroom outside and left me there for half the night… I remember that vividly. I learned that darkness itself is nothing fear, just what it hides.

My stepdad is a mixed bag of I barely know you and I don’t think I want to.

I don’t really want any of the games, I guess I just saw an opportunity to share this… might have been a mistake, but if I do post this… I don’t know… I guess just don’t pitty me.

Seeing how this is going I guess you may have opened the floodgates to emotional tales. Hope you can deal with them.


I think we can sensitive of that and be supportive. That’s what friends do.


My father was a jerk…
I just did a poll about Fathers and their sayings…

I bet I heard each of these about 40 times or more growing up…

Keep crying, and I’ll give you something to cry about.
Go ask your mother…
Do you think money grows on trees?
Were you born in a barn?
It’ll put hair on your chest.
As long as you live under my roof, you’ll live by my rules
When I was your age I had to walk barefooted to school in 10 feet of snow up hill both ways!(we lived in Florida.)


@Truly Make sure you list the game you are interested in or not…

My bad, I’ll add it.

TIdbit, It is not Fathers Day here, our is in September

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Cool. Then you can have another giveaway…

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My dad’s a karate expert so he can kick your dad’s ass anytime and he’s an FBI agent so he will put your dad in prison afterwards and he works for Nintendo and he tells me everything about all their new games and I even get to play some of them but I can’t tell you anything because it’s a secret, so there. hah!

I don’t even need any of your stupid games!


So IOW…If you told us, you would have to kill us…or your dad would…Right?


I already said it one hundred times…

Luke I am NOT your father!


Can’t you get a joke?

I do not want any of the games. Bastion is awesome and I hope the one winning will enjoy that one a lot!
Octodad is also great and a lot of fun coop!