Happy Father's Day Giveaway(Closed! Winners Notified!)

Welp. My dad has been pretty weird for a long time. I used to enter my room with a glass of lemonade, it was my birthday (15 June ;). ) and here comes the “fun” part. I somehow managed to drop the glass and my dad entered my room pretty fast and asked what happened, he then looked at the floor for a long time saw the broken glass and asked me… “Did you peed yourself?” I started laughing Haha.

Sorry for my bad English :frowning: still I’d love to get bastion :3.

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(imagine a nasally voice when reading this) eeeh excuse me commenter your joke is about Luke and Darth Vader and the gif is quite clearly KYLO REN and Darth Vader. Please fix immediately or forever be known as a n00b geek. We cannot have such inaccuracies in our sacred forums


You are wrong here, that is clearly Luke cosplaying!


(nasaly voice again) eeeh excuse me commenter that cannot be true. In the Star Wars Universe as it is quite clear that Darth Vader had been dead well before the existence or the notion of Kylo Ren existed so this clearly cannot be Luke cosplaying as him. Geesh if you don’t know your Star Wars lore don’t be making jokes about it. These anachronisms make me so mad :rage:

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He obviously used Force Vision to find an intriguing character to cosplay. Common, everybody knows that.


I would comment again but I feel I have derailed this enough, well played sir


Yes, it was a nice little duel :slight_smile:

Darth Sidious approves!




I’ll join for bastion I guess.

I don’t have a particular story about my dad so I’ll just tell you about him.

He’s very…logical. And not great with kids. He served as the disciplinary of the family until my sister and I were old enough to have actual, rational discussions with him. I admit, during that time period, I feared him. But when I got older, I began to pay more attention to who he was and what he was saying. More importantly, I started paying attention to how he was saying it. He uses logic as the basis of his argument and morality and emotion to shape it. He can deconstruct a situation down to its basic parts to identify a crazy or illogical argument. Basically, I got my deep-seated conviction of logic from him.

But more importantly, he taught me about Honor. To do what you’ve agreed to do. When he first talked about it, I was so young I just shrugged it off. But the conversation stuck with me. When I was about 16 I realized something: If you remove religion or an afterlife from life’s equation, the most important thing to have is your honor. To be a man who fulfills his agreements regardless of the situation. Add religion to that and it becomes even more important, as you have an agreement with God to follow him and his word.

And now, as I grow older and am readying myself for college, I’ve realized how he’s shaped my life in another way: Finances. He was blessed (no other word for it) with an upper-middle class life and now he’s using his position and his financial power to make my life so much better. He paid for my first car. He’s paying for my college. He’s paying for my laptop to take to college. He’s paying for my food, my internet…my life. And he’s not asking for anything, only that I do the same for my kid. Sometimes I try to think about how my life would be if he wasn’t paying for all that, and I realize just how much he’s done for me.

My dad and I never had the relationship that movies want to idealize, and maybe he was a little controlling for most of my life. But that’s more than made up for by the concepts he’s taught that have become ingrained in me, and what he’s done to help jumpstart my life.

I love Dad.


I don’t mind. Derail away. Once the giveaway is over…Who Cares? It’s a giveaway not a solution to World’s problems.(Wish a few gifs would solve it…but it won’t.)We need some levity in this day and age. I dread reading the news anymore.

Let the “funnery commence”…


My dad was never too close to me. We were too different. I was a type of intellectual and my dad was rather a person who prefers to work with his hands. But despite all that, he always tried to be there for me. I could always ask him for help and support.

I enter for Bastion.

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Thanks for doing this. Thanks to @PeteMcc for your giveaway.
I sure would love Bastion! I played the demo but couldn’t buy the game.
My dad’s nice, but sometimes he gets angry. And he supports the family, so I can’t be mad at him.


I have nothing to do with the giveaway, this is all @delenn13 . Also you need to talk about your father to enter @Pontifex. Them’s the rules.

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I’m talking about your giveaway not this.:expressionless:

Yeah the joke is done and therefore so am I, also if i actually keep going I might get an actual person that is like my troll comments getting peeved for derailing the comp thread, though saying that now, I think I am still derailing it, but eh, TAKE THAT YOU FORUM TROLLS!


I signed in for JumpJet Rex, but then I saw that I needed 4 badges…guess that’s what I get for being a lurker. Ah well; I’ll tell you about my dad anyway.

I just became a father myself, and my dad is the benchmark for what I think good dads should be like. He’s patient, allows me to make my own mistakes, and never pushes advice on me (but he’s there to offer some should I request it).

The only thing I wish was different? Playing games with me. I’ve been playing games since I was 5, and he used to play with me. He was so GOOD, it seemed, but in reality, I just had no idea what I was doing. I think he lost interest once I was old enough to figure some things out.

I plan on playing many games with my son. I’ve even purchased a few specifically with him in mind, even though it’ll be years before he can play them.

You have 4 Badges

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Just joined the forum.

Better luck next time…I still have keys to giveaway …another time…


No worries! It’s what happens to lurkers.


Hey there, its not a story really, but my dad has this farmer soul, he works in insurance but he love to harvest and stuff, when he saw me playing something like Battlefield 1 or any AAA game with outstanding graphics he asked if it was a movie, a game, a tv show haha
Also, he loved all the information and references of Che Guevara in MGS, so he is kinda interested in that game
Pd: i would love to get Bastion, good luck

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