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Grand Theft Auto V free @Epic Games Store



So does anyone know, what’s the deal with the included starter pack? Is it just automatically applied and will pop up, or is there some activation code we need to use? Also, what does it supply besides the 1M?




Starter pack kicked in, basically got an “email” in game saying that I can purchase an apartment, garage, and various cars for free, so that’s nice. It’s a good start. Still haven’t gotten the 1 mill yet though, that could take a bit longer.


Repeating my question about which launchers the game is tied to, can you dodge the Epic launcher and just play using rockstar’s or do you need both, either, neither?


I’ll need to double check. I haven’t tried opening it just through the rockstar launcher, but I do believe that opening it through epic brings up the rockstar launcher. I’ll let you know in a bit.


if i remember right, even launching Jedi fallen order from Origin would still launch EGL, but not only am i not 100% sure i remember right, it’s also a different launcher, so might be best if someone can confirm




Well fuck that then.


I was about to say that if you can somehow avoid epic launcher i would consider a possibility of actually making an account and getting a copy BUT NOPE. My EGS virginity is safe for now.


disclaimer, not sure if this applies to GTA V
some epic games “requires” the launcher, in that if you have it installed, when clicking the exe it will open epic launcher, if you have it uninstalled (or have command line “fix” in the shortcut) it will not open the epic launcher
(also not sure what, if any, the command line short cut fix would be for gta V, i’ve just tried it with another game, Edit Finch i think it was which was -EpicPortal)


If you launch it through Epic it starts Rockstar and if you launch it through Rockstar it starts Epic.
I don’t think there’s a way to start the game without any launcher but I havent done a lot of research.
A bit annoying yeah, double launcher bs has been a pain ever since uplay on steam.


Looks like the EGS free games list might have been leaked.

Here Are The Supposed Next 3 Free Games

Civilization VI, Borderlands The Handsome Collection, & Ark: Survival Evolved.


wowee, big titles, let’s see if they improve their servers so that it doesn’t crash on a weekly basis for the next month.


Big up for the former 2 games right there, especially the first. Was always willing to try out that one if it so happens to be true.


I can see EGS crashing constantly again if this leaked list turns out to be true. If not, I wonder what other big/popular titles they might have chosen to fill up those slots.


Im so up for the third one yos (hope it is)


No Sekiro, not interested :see_no_evil:


LOL. I know the Sekiro feels, but that would be nuts.


I take leaks with a grain of salt, but if Ark is a thing, I’ll glomp Epic! (Just coz I want an owl mount). Osiris will just have to accept he’s not the only plushie owl in my life anymore.


In that case, Epic might actually got more Borderlands players than Steam… That’s a very evilly ingenious plan right there for tempting me to make the switch.:joy: