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Grand Theft Auto V free @Epic Games Store



From some other rumors I collect, the games could also be Killing Floor 2, Pyre, Spintires, Mudrunner, and Next Up Hero.(the first one is actually highly possible imo)


as expected


This is why i play on an invite/friends/private server. sooo much easier, as i can still queue for missions with randoms.

Anyone want to play sometime?


No way… you joke me.


Star Wars: The Clone Wars


Borderlands if is not given during this time, sooner or later will.

Didn’t Gearbox recently update those titles to ditch steamworks for their shift infrastructure to allow cross-play between different launchers?

Also, because of Borderlands 3 exclusivity and the way Randy Pitchford always gives high praise to Epic, I believe it’s a matter of time.


that ended already, so it would have made way more sense to do that back when it launched or something like that


I know, but by that time the games required steamworks, so maybe that’s the reason they were not given away.

But what I meant by the exclusivity thing is that there’s a good relantionship between the two companies, so I see Borderlands being given for free a normal thing.