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Grand Theft Auto V free @Epic Games Store



yes, they are obviously failing and have achieved nothing at all


What they do is what a populist politician would do :slight_smile: buy votes of gullible people with gifts without doing anything of any actual worth. Ye people vote for you .

I personally find it offensive.


i dont vote for them. I say thank you for the free games; i enjoy those i want to play.

i say thank you for accepting my money (pretty upsetting that steam wont), thank you for regional pricing (pretty upsetting that steam wont)

for the rest, right now, i play games on their launcher and i honestly have no complaints whatsoever; sure there are features which would be nice to have, and i imagine with time we will, but it honestly doesnt make a difference to me atm.

like i said, it’s just a launcher to launch some of my games, no biggie


My reaction to this argument


dont be silly man


The regional pricing for me got me blinking too. Everything is my wishlist is either below coupon-age, or discount just under coupon-age. Hee hee.

In good news, my launcher actually opens today. These poor servers on a universal struggle. Wait til next big Steam Sale.


You need a Rockstar account. I’m still unable to play the game because I have a rockstar account but can’t remember the password and they won’t send me a recovery email.
Might have to make a new account I guess, fun times.


check your spam folder; i had same issue few days ago and they sent it immediately, but then there was an issue where whatever new password I’d choose, it would keep saying it was too weak, even though i made it completely insane with symbols, numbers, everything, but then i saw there was an option to cancel the change as well and so i went looking for the old one in my saved passwords and found it


Not there or in my regular spambox (outlook might as well not even have a filter). It’s been a few hours now so I guess they have overloaded servers.


For the future, i would encourage you to use a password keeper program. Its especially useful for those accounts that only gets used once in a while.


Yeah I really should be using something like that. Anyway I recieved the email 4 hours later, so it’s sorted now.


that is some 4k high quality GIF. my goodness.

In other news, how does Vampyr compare to Vampire the Masquerade? I feel like I asked this forever ago but with the sale on Vampyr… Also not a bad price on superliminal either.


Intergalactic Quality is what the creator (of the gif) calls them


That’s certainly what it looks like! holy moly


They’re different. Vampyr is only 3d person and is not an immersive sim. You play as a doctor turned vampire.

The map is divided into 4 districts and each one has a person that is the pillar of that district. Through he game there’s always a choice you have to make that involves each pillar. There are also other people who you can interact with that give you side missions. Since you’re a doctor, you also have the opportunity to cure people around the city. Depending on the choices you make, each district can become more healthy and or hostile and they also affect the ending.

You gain XP by going through the main and side missions and also by killing/saving citizens. With XP you can unlock new vampire abilities.

The story is good IMO, but the game can get a bit tedious due to the fact that there’s no fast travel between districts.

Another thing is the combat. Some people found it horrendous, others thought it was fine. For me it was fine really. If you choose the powers “correctly” it can become even better and easier.

Finally, the performance. It’s not that great. Moving around the city you can experience stutters and fps drops. Depending on your machine, it can be smoother or not. For me it was not game breaking. Overall I think it ran fine.

In the end I liked the game and can easily recommend it. It’s very story driven and atmospheric. There aren’t many vampire games out there, so if you like the theme, go for it.


It can only be considered a gif if you set it to loop, otherwise it’s just a fancy video :clown_face:


Chrono converts gifs into videos…

Edit: no it doesn’t, I’m an idiot.


Indeed. I love their games, but not the bare-bone platform.:joy:


Actually no, at least to my knowledge it doesn’t. From my understanding, your video links to imgur, and imgur is the one that has some gif to video converting, lots of “gifs” from there turns into gifv, mp4 or webm videos. You can actually modify the link of some to make into actual gifs.

This is the link of your “gif” :rofl:

Change it to .gif and hopefully you have a stronk internet.


case study from my post in comparison