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Grand Theft Auto V free @Epic Games Store



Not sure should I be happy for it or not?:joy:


wait the full price is only $5 US for you?


Regional pricing… Anyway, not planning to buy anything on EPIC anytime soon though.:upside_down_face:


I got the game and i also bought ancestors game


The Witcher 3-GOTY is only $5 after coupon.

So is Vampyr.


Epic is trying so hard…


wow, even cheaper for u than it was for me :joy:, and when i bought it it had a slight sale on it, like 10% or 20%


and succeeding i believe. I don’t believe they have to “beat” Steam, just build out a client base to become sustainable.

By giving discounts etc. they dont necessarily lose money, they just forfeit on profit, but meanwhile they build out a customer base and they get publishers to sell their games there, and then with time, they’ll become “legitimate”. And that won’t take that long either. Most ppl online have the memory of a donkey regardless. And to all newcomers in gaming (not to mention all the Fortnite kids), it’s just another store, just like Steam.

I’ve already spent more real money on Epic than on Steam in one year (in one sale actually, last one) than i have on Steam in the 8 years or so i’ve been on Steam. Not only does Epic allow me to spend real cash on their store while Steam doesn’t, but they offer actual regional pricing to Africa as well, which Steam in effect also doesn’t cuz Steam doesn’t make a difference between poor African countries and rich Gulf countries, and ofc developers dont want to give oil shaykhs reductions on their games.


Hehe those games are too cheap in my region for the coupon to be applicable.
Not that I was seeking to buy so its okie funny with the regional pricin though


Yes but they are really trying to and they are still buying everyone’s love with candies instead of actually offering a superior platform.

I have no particular love for Steam, it’s just practical platform for me as i have all my games in one place and steam is feature rich . All they have to do is offer a better service and i will switch. But they dont. They just try to bribe everyone into loving them.

I find that laughable. And a bit pathetic.


I’m a bit amazed at how everyone keeps saying their platform sucks while at the same time (I think @Gnuffi mentioned it once too), everyone forgets Steam didn’t become great in its first years itself.

EGS is slowly becoming better, and who knows, maybe in the end it will be better than Steam as well. I don’t rly care honestly. It’s just a place for me to get free and cheaper games. It’s just a launcher. It’s just something i use to launch games.

I’d honestly be surprised if with time, EGS doesn’t offer all the things Steam offers now, and it will probably take them way less time overall.

Steam is great now, and their latest changes rly made it that much better, especially the library-related ones.

I don’t think they are rly trying to “beat” Steam either, honestly. That wouldn’t be a very realistic goal. My guess is they’re just trying to carve out their own market share, and that I think they will definitely succeed in.

As for how they do it, i don’t see it as pathetic at all. If anything, it’s rly smart and savvy. In the end, business is like war isn’t it? It’s all about tactics. And especially this latest move, giving away GTA 5 while launching sales at the same time, with the $10 coupon, that’s nothing short of genius from a marketing perspective.

And the very least thing we should agree upon is that competition is healthy for the market and beneficial for the consumer. At the very least, it has given Valve a kick under the butt, and they have finally awoken, and we’ve seen A LOT of beneficial changes and changes in behavior from them, on so many levels, ever since EGS really started bringing the heat.


The difference is that Steam pioneered the whole idea of digital distribution in an era where online shopping as a whole was still in it’s infancy. Yeah steam started out pretty bad and I for one did not use steam until they fixed their shit, and they sure did.

EGS doesn’t have an excuse, everything is tried and tested, features exists to be straight copied over and we know what a functional online store requires. EGS does not have those things, they don’t need to develop anything they just have to get it done and they just are not doing it. “slowly getting better” yeah took them over a year to get a wish list function which was their only post launch upgrade and it’s such a low level importance feature it just seems like they’re taking the piss.

As I joked about earlier you could create a more competent online store in 30 minutes using squarespace’s tools.


I guess the difference is that all doesn’t bother me in the slightest :joy:

like i said, to me it’s just another place that sells games (and often cheaper for me) and gives a lot of great free games.

I’ve been playing For the King there recently. I’m quite amazed by that game, although it is simplistic it just has something to it that keeps you playing (only played 1 campaign, 7 hours long, reached the last boss place but died there :cry: tbh i didnt know what i was doing, lol, only had 2 party members and no one designated healer).

I just went to see and i already have 114 games there (mostly pretty good to great ones), lol, that’s pretty insane.

this i dont get though, i can see, buy, install, and play games there. i’d argue their store is definitely functional as is.


Lying down on the ground and rolling down a hill is a ‘functional’ mode of transportation, if all you want is to get down the hill.

Besides you’re the one started comparing them, I’m just saying they’re not comparable because the circumstances around their creation are so completely different.


I can only second what Frags said.

Opening a car factory and making cars without wheels because “you havent been doing this for very long and still need time to add wheels” is not an excuse.

Steam did all the “inventing” part so all EGS had to do was copy all the good features .


funny how neither of u are answering the part about how it is not a functional store though…

i dont believe so, i merely stated they dont have to “beat” steam


It’s not a functional platform not a store.



Do you not understand analogies?




You might not be comparing them but EGS from the day 1 was naming themselves as Steam’s competitor and what have they actually achieved by now? Nothing. Just shoving free games to everyones face while not improving at all.