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Grand Theft Auto V free @Epic Games Store



Yeah I couldn’t even load the launcher to play my own games, let alone access the store. Managed to get in now though, even claimed my GTA V copy.

Anyone want to play the online mode sometime? I haven’t played in forever.


403 forbidden heh
Well am try again later ya lol

Edit: My fren said he got the game through the launcher continuously refreshing oof

I guess they took down the store completely lol but i dun have the launcher installed atm cba


btw, claiming this game also gives u a $10 coupon for purchases $14.99 valid for 6 months, and using it during the sales immediately gives u a new one


They really want me to get Control don’t they, lol. Joking. Can’t run it, yada yada.


Or just have on the library, you know like many freebie games :rofl:

It’s a good thing, but I wouldn’t recommend hopping on online anytime soon as it will be full of griefers right now, lol, I mean, above the average*


We play in our own lobby so we don’t have to worry about people like that or the crazy amount of hacking. When we want to play with others we just do the random minigames things likes races and such.


Anyone able to C/D yet if the epic edition of GTAV runs only through epic’s client or if it needs a Rockstar account linked and client strapped on aswell?
Or if possibly you can just get the game registered to a rockstar account and not bother with epic once installed?


Private lobbies were basically the only way I ever played, since you can still do missions with randoms


I’ll let you know… tomorrow. Downloading right now but the speeds drop down to nothing constantly so I probably wont get to start it today.

I don’t know what Oku and Yaz are but Indir is apparently download speed


gonna try this again on the morrow. No love today.


if you are having problems claiming the game through the browser (error 403 on chrome), try another browser, mozilla or even edge, i just did that and it worked



Thanks, Geeky :heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation:


In some Epic Games Store games, you can just straight away launch the exe files in the folder I believe. The one that didn’t work so far was that Yooks Laylee spinoff, but it’s been a while since I’ve last used that tactic.


At previous check, launcher was stressing like:

I tried the second browser link in the main post and claimed the game smooth as butter. The coupon came up too.


Yeah I just got it super easy once I got up, with the voucher I am very tempted to grab Griftlands, what are your thoughts on it @M00 (i think i saw you talking about it somewhere)?


I personally love it. I have 29 hours in it atm. I finished the campaign once with each of the 2 characters and am waiting for the 3rd one to come to the game though i could easily put more time in right now (and might soon, possibly) in playing with the 2 first characters cuz there’s still so much left to explore cuz there’s 2 branching paths to follow with each character (or at least 2 or more different endings).

And as you can see below, i still have a lot of stuff i can unlock with the 2 first characters as is, and they’re still adding content to those too i believe.


The game is very polished, basically plays like a finished product.

It’s basically play the spire but with a pretty cool story (several stories which branch out), dialogue, choices, and different ways to go about things.

There’s also a rly cool feature in that you have 2 different decks which you use throughout each playthrough, one for dialogue and one for combat, and you can choose what to use in some cases depending on what might be best or depending on who you want to possibly try to keep on yr side etc.

There’s actually too much to explain, lol.

I think it’s a great game.


Can’t use the voucher for Griftlands unfortunately, have to spend 14.99 to qualify and Griftlands is only ~12 or something. I actually really considered doing it myself, since Klei mentioned that anyone who does buy it on Epic store also gets it on steam later.


did they? that makes me even more interested, and yeah its hard for me to tell as I cant see the US price


I just went to buy now and it applied the code for me


Well that’s just straight up unfair.

Although your base price is actually higher so I guess that’s why it works.