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Google Captcha in login


wow, :confused: i get logged out just by closing the tab chrono is in (without closing the actual browser) :confounded:, only on shop tho, stays logged in fine on forum


Same here, stay logged in fine on forums, but logged out of the store every time the tab is closed.


Oh man, that’s unpleasant. I never actually close the tab because I keep it pinned (Chrome), but when I closed it, I did get logged out too. I can’t duplicate it however, I’m now still logged in even though I’ve closed and re-opened the tab a few times.


i see, must be some of that heretic black magicks

heresy; -confirmed


I still haven’t seen the captcha at all… I get logged out in like 2-3 weeks. The funny part is I travel a lot so I use my phone probably half the time and didn’t had to log in there too. I shut down my PC everyday btw.

And this reminds of @Gnuffi in Humble bundle topic - haven’t been logged out from there for year and a half :slight_smile:
Using chrome + win 10 pro


never empties cookie jar,
i smell someone’s cache burning
stale cookies? all must go! :ghost:


I use iObit System Care which is pretty good at cleaning cookies … :slight_smile: No idea what’s going on when I clear this stuff every 2 days forced by the program.
It might actually save the log in ones … rly no idea how it works


if ya stayed logged in, noway it’s doing a half decent job of clearing cookies that’s for sure :wink:
i get logged out just by the default firefox/chrome cookie clearing on browser exit lol (which is what i intended ofc when i enabled those. ahh dat sweet sweet tin foil hat fits so snug)


Damn, it seems to be the case, but I’m not complaining :stuck_out_tongue: I’m not too frightened by you guys yet :smiley:


honestly can’t tell you when it started, some years back as wide-eyed youngin when a couple of cookies bit me in the arse.
ever since then i’ve always accepted the “hassle” of having to log in again every time i closed/opened browser, because baking fresh from scratch became a priority
(surprisingly also less issues with IE back then when often clearing cache lol. And the fact youtube utterly f’d my search/“suggestions”/settings, meant there was little custom setup lost in recent years anyway)


We just pushed a fix for the logout bug today. The token lasts for 2 months, so the only time you should be logged out now is if you wipe your browsing data or change your password. Let me know if you see something different than that.


Came to the community page via the store page and was logged in, went back to the store page and clicked the coin and I’d been logged out. Could just be a carry over from before you fixed it (if that’s a thing, I know genuinely nothing- can you tell?) but thought it was worth mentioning in case it’s not. Although that turned out well the last time :joy:

Also I noticed before all this that when I logged in on mobile it logged me out on PC and vice versa. Idk if that’s intended or what but since you’re sorting this stuff out it’s vaguely relevant. If these are both non issues feel free to totally ignore me, I’m the kind of pedantic a-hole that emailed Origin to tell them some text was broken on their installer :grin:


The getting logged out between devices is what we pushed a fix for yesterday, so you shouldn’t see that happen anymore!


Oh, great, I thought it was just the browser. There is a very good chance I skim-read something important :sweat:. Thanks for getting back to me so quickly :slight_smile:


on firefox i’m still getting logged out by just simply closing the individual chrono store tab (not the browser)
don’t know if it’s specific to firefox or just my setup (tho chrono store is the only site that logs me off my simply closing tab, as all other sites keep login data until my browser closes entirely)
minor “bug”, since personally i’m fine with having to log in each day, just thought it might bared notice in case other still has the issue with just closing tabs(which shouldn’t clear data, unlike my setup for exiting browser completely, there it makes sense)


Huh, just tested this and not able to reproduce. What version of FF are you running?


firefox 54.01 64bit(which is not the newest version i’m aware, had to rollback after the 55update caused some issues for me on a ton of places)
and i do have that whole “clear data/cache/cookies” enabled, but upon browser exit not tab.
so i get it might just be some local issues only applicable to me, just wanted to put it out there in case others still encountered it on their firefox
and if it’s solely due to me having rolled back to the previous release, then i’ll happily suck it up even more (since it’s not that big a deal, personally for me, having to log in each time)


If it helps I’m running firefox 55.0.3 (32-bit) and staying logged in. But I never had a problem with being logged out.


I want to know as well, why chrono uses these draconian tactics?



Next time try reading the thread.